Overview of Candy Candlesticks (Kandy): specifications, user reviews

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Firm Candy has entered the market of home appliances for a long time and successfully proved itself. But before you buy a Candy fridge, you will not be hampered by an expert opinion about the company itself and its products. In the review you are also waiting for the description of the best models with rates and user reviews.

Logo of the Kandi manufacturing company, which produces refrigerators and other household appliances

Content of the material:

  • 1About the company and products
    • 1.1Model line of Candy refrigerators
    • 1.2Pros of assembly
    • 1.3Internal filling
    • 1.4Innovations
    • 1.5Defrosting
  • 2Browse popular models
    • 2.1CCDS 5140 WH7
    • 2.2CKBF 6180 W
    • 2.3CKBC 3350 E
  • 3Faults in Candy Refrigerators

About the company and products

Officially, the country-manufacturer of "Candy" technology is Italy - the head office of the company is located in the picturesque city of Brugherio. But factories for manufacturing products are scattered throughout the world. For 100% confidence in the European origin of technology, look at the markings.

Sticker with specifications for one of the models of the refrigerator company Kandy

Today, 5 million units of household appliances are produced per year. The range includes functional washing machines and dishwashers Candy, kitchen tiles, ovens and refrigerators.

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A range of household appliances for the kitchen and bathroom from the company Kandy, including refrigerators

The company sells its products in tens of thousands of outlets located in more than a hundred countries. The lion's share of the "Kandy" production comes off the assembly line for export.

Model line of Candy refrigerators

Candy appliances are designed to improve the quality of life. To this end, the company's engineers create diverse models to satisfy the demands of even the most demanding user. By type of installation there are stationary (detached) and built-in refrigerators. Single-chamber, two-chamber, multi-chamber versions - there are models for every taste. And, the buyer can choose a single-door body, and a variant with two doors or give preference to a chic Side-by-Side model, which opens like a cabinet.

Model Kandi three-chamber refrigerator with a main compartment with two swing doors

In the production of all the above types of refrigeration equipment, advanced technologies are used and innovations are introduced. They stand guard over the freshness of even the most "capricious" products.

Pros of assembly

In the refrigeration technology "Kandy" first of all they are attracted by their classical forms. The colors are chosen in the most pleasant and warm colors to harmonize with any interior solutions. Modern materials with cushioning properties increase the durability of the structure, provide low vibration technology and excellent noise insulation.

Regardless of the country of production, the refrigeration equipment is assembled exclusively from Italian parts. The entire process is accompanied by quality control at each stage of the assembly. Users appreciate this positively, referring to the technique of Candy as a reliable and durable. It is practically proved that the equipment from "Kandy" for years does not need repairs.

Experts are also positive, saying that for the trouble-free operation of refrigerators, no special maintenance is required. It is enough only to comply with the instructions in the operating instructions andrules for using a refrigerator.

All models of "Kandy" are made without the use of harmful materials and substances. Refrigerant is gas - freon brand R600a.

In all refrigerators of Kandy company refrigerant is a safe gas - freon of R600a brand

Important! Freon R600a is safe for humans and the environment. It is non-toxic, does not enhance the greenhouse effect and does not destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Internal filling

An important contribution to popularity is the enviable capacity of the cameras, both of which are both basic and freezing. Shelves, containers, boxes have many modifications and sizes. Depending on the purposes of use and location, the accessories can be metal (lattice), plastic or glass.

An example of the correct location of products in Kandy refrigerators of standard configuration

Fact! Like all world and domestic leaders, for manufacturing glass shelves, Candy uses tempered glass. Such sturdy shelves are capable of withstanding low temperatures and high loads.

Also, users note the convenience of the Multibox system, located on the door, which includes egg trays, oil cans and other appliances.


BioSafe is a branch in which the Biocold Futura system is installed. Such a system is a "paradise" for products. In branches with this system, drinks and food are stored many times longer without losing freshness and taste. Leaving in BioSafe meat, cheeses and even just kneaded dough, you can not worry about the freshness of these products for a long time and take out portions as needed.

Modern models of Kandy refrigerators are equipped with a compartment in which the Biocold Futura system

Turbo Cold - this system operates on the principle of constant supply of cooled air flows. Functionality is provided by the fan built in the top of the main compartment. The fan blades are driven by a compressor. The cold air flows freely circulate through the chamber, entering all its parts and sections. This restores the temperature balance after the next door opening and increases the effect of low temperature on the products stored on the shelves.

Dual Cold - no less useful invention, installed in two-chamber models. This technology creates a dual cooling circuit between the freezer and the refrigerating chamber, distributing the air between them. The system is included in the work, if necessary. In addition, thanks to Dual Cold, you can control the temperature conditions in each compartment separately.


Depending on the model and its pricing policy, the defrost system can be manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Many models are equipped with No Frost technology, virtually freeing users from hassle with defrosting.

Browse popular models

Consider the characteristics and features of models, which are preferred by the majority of domestic users.

CCDS 5140 WH7

Stand-alone refrigerator on electromechanical control, the body is made in white. Class A energy efficiency corresponds to a flow of 272 kWh per year. In the construction of 1 motor-compressor. Dimensions of the body in width, depth and height are 55x58x143 cm, respectively.

Model of a small two-compartment refrigerator Kandy CCDS 5140 WH7 with a top freezer without boxes

Defrosting: in the freezer - a manual type, in the main compartment - a drip. A day in the freezer can freeze up to 2 kg of products. The volume of both chambers is 204 liters, of which 166 are on the main chamber, and 38 - on the freezer.

Overview of the closed two-compartment refrigerator with the top freezer Kandy CCDS 5140 WH7

The shelves are made of glass. You can outweigh the door. Noisiness - up to 42 dB. Climatic class is ST. The cost, according to YandexMarket (October 2017), is 1, 65 rubles.


I use 3 months - for this time there was not a single problem. It was pleasantly surprising that in the freezer the maximum minus can reach 30 degrees - the real power, though at the same time in the other camera only +3. If you score the shelves under the strings, it takes the temperature slowly. It works quietly, and given the price, what can be a claim.


My parents are frantic without a refrigerator. Immediately used the function of rearrangement of the door, because it was decided to put it not like the people, in their own way. Mom and Dad - wild designers, as you do not come to them, something changes. They boasted that the refrigerator is easy to move, because on wheels, although I did not attach any importance to the purchase, it turned out that I guessed and pleased. They do not complain about the noise (maybe they sleep soundly). The price is just a song.

CKBF 6180 W

Another stationary model, but with the lower location of the freezer.

  • Control - electromechanics.
  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • Number of compressors - 1.
  • Number of doors and chambers - 2.
  • Dimensions: 60x60x185 cm (WxDxH).

The correct placement of food in the two-chamber refrigerator Kandy CKBF 6180 W

In the freezer compartment is installed "Know Frost in the main - drip defrost. The total volume of the cabinet is 278 liters. The capacity of the freezer is 76 liters, the remaining 202 liters fall on the refrigerating chamber. Noisiness - up to 43 dB. The price is 17 240 rubles.

Ira Savelieva

I've been looking for a roomy and functional refrigerator for a long time, in which there would not have been any unpleasant odors. Before that, I had Atlant, and although I cleaned it every week, it smelled terrible, so I sold it. This model was bought already on the recommendation of friends, we came, looked, sniffed - we liked it. In the rest, too, everything suits - and how the shelves are made, and the freezer from below is very comfortable, well, the price is 5-10 times lower than for the technique of cool brands.

Sima Orlova

I am satisfied with everything. Of course, there is not enough ice generator, which I was spoiled by its predecessor, but has already adapted to freeze ice in single-use packages. Vegetables and fruits are stored for a very long time - I am a fan of buying food in advance and do not run afterwards for shopping for one carrot. The husband took his soul away, having hung up his magnets from all over the world - on the door there is where to go for a walk.

CKBC 3350 E

A modern built-in refrigerator with a bottom freezer. Management, as in the previous versions, is electromechanics. Energy consumption - class A +. The compressor uses gas-isobutane (refrigerant R600a) as a refrigerant. 2 chambers, 2 doors, 1 compressor. Overall dimensions of the case: 54х54х185 cm.

Model of the Kandy double chamber refrigerator CKBC 3350 E with the bottom freezer and the presence of a large compartment

Defrosting differential: in the freezer, manual, in the main compartment - a drip. There is a function of autonomous preservation of the cold up to 16 hours. The total capacity is 274 liters. Noisiness - up to 42 dB. The weight of the construction is 60 kg. The price is from 28 000 rubles.

Faults in Candy Refrigerators

Since the models considered by us do not assume the presence of a digital display, there are no error codes that could be decoded in the instruction. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most likely breakdowns of the Kandy refrigerators in the chart below to know how to act in a critical situation.

Breaking Signs and Removal
The starting protective relay failed The appliance does not freeze. The motor starts for a couple of seconds and turns off, clicks from the rear wall are audible. The problem is eliminated by replacing the relay.
Broken thermostat As manifested:
  • the device does not work at all;
  • works, but "resting" too long, and in the chambers increased temperature;
  • works non-stop or makes short pauses, while the technique is very cold and the products freeze.

It is necessary to replace the faulty device (thermostat).

Refrigerant leaks

A common problem with the flashing of the red lamp (or the control panel), the temperature rise, the formation of snow or ice on the walls, the prolonged operation of the compressor.

It is necessary to call a specialist to eliminate leakage and fill the system with freon.

Sensor malfunction Problems with the temperature: too low or, conversely, higher than the preset temperature. The failure is removed by replacing the sensor with a new one.
Compressor failed The motor starts and turns off, the relay clicks, and the cooling is completely absent (in the model with one compressor). The compressor can not be repaired, therefore its complete replacement is required.
Breakage of the control module

This problem is typical for models equipped with electronic control. When the board burns out or fails, the device does not function correctly - the buttons may not respond on pressing, all the lights flash, a constant signal emits, the temperature inside is too high, etc.

A firmware or a complete replacement of the electronic board is required to solve the problem. It is not recommended to undertake this work independently, because with a full breakage of the board due to unsuccessful repairs, buying a new one can cost half the cost of the entire refrigerator.

The result. You have familiarized yourself with the advantages and model range of Candy refrigeration technology. Despite the positive feedback and good technical characteristics, the devices can fail. For this, we gave the example of the most common problems. But then we will say that with proper care and observance of the rules of operation, any refrigerator, even a Chinese assembly, can serve its time allotted to it. Good choice!

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