What to do if the refrigerator does not freeze

Let's see today why the wrong temperature is created in the refrigerator chamber. Sometimes you will not understand with your hand, tactile sensations are too imperfect - the sixth sense urgently requires checking. .. What to do if the refrigerator does not freeze, how to check. If the power cord is intact, electrical outlet is available, read the review further!

Freon circulation system - no frost

4 freon conditions allow devices to pump energy. Refrigerators take heat in the compartment, throwing away the excess. Similar to household split systems.

Water couples in the

system Unclear things begin to confuse newbies: they are too lazy to do the right experienced craftsmen. In the freon circuit of the compressor refrigerator, it is not without reason that there is a water filter. If unsuitable, there will be no frost. That's how it goes. Each refrigerator works by going through four states of freon:

  1. Compression;
  2. Condensation;
  3. Extension;
  4. Evaporation.
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Compressor busy compressor, if the filter that goes after, defective, the motor hums. Louder than usual. Condensation is carried out by a coil located behind the refrigerator. Freon vapor settles, turns into moisture. The process takes place under high pressure, accompanied by a surprisingly large amount of heat. The back of the fridge is so hot. It is cooled by kitchen air, by natural convection. More is required.

Freon turns into moisture, now you need to pass the liquid through a capillary tube for expansion. The pressure decreases, the liquid reaches the evaporator, passing into a gaseous state. Taking away the sea of ​​energy of the refrigerator. The cycle is repeated again. The evaporator temperature is negative.

Now see what happens, get inside the moisture. Often seeps, characterized by incredible penetrating power. Passing through the capillary with freon, it becomes ice. The diameter of the tube is a fraction of a millimeter. Soon it turns out a strong tube that interrupts the circulation of freon. As a result, the compressor attempts to push the gas through to the condenser, fails. The motor starts to buzz hard. Thaw out the refrigerator, then turn it on again, the unit will freeze until the formation of an ice block recurs.

Water removal filter is busy. Looks outside with a thick copper tube. The master, filling the freon, must first check the leak tightness of the path with a leak detector, pump out the medium before a vacuum is formed, replace the filter in parallel. Violation of the technology increases the chance of eliminating the damage not fully. The process will be repeated quickly in a matter of weeks. The first days the refrigerator will work properly.

Vacuum pump should be used before the injection of freon. A thin environment will help clean the tract of contaminants, including water droplets. Sensing a vacuum, the most common liquid of the planet, evaporates even at low temperatures. Hold the channel for a rarefied long period of time. Quarter of an hour. The capillary is thin; allow time for contaminants to pass through the narrow element to clean the system. Otherwise, the result will be the same: the first days of good work, then a breakdown of a similar kind, which was eliminated by the master.

What will happen, fill an inexperienced master of freon too much? The channel operates at elevated pressure, which means that the conditions for normal evaporation and condensation of the refrigerant are violated. The gap seams, tubes, coils. Insufficient amount of freon will lead to the fact that the modes of the refrigerator will no longer be maintained, the temperature will be higher than necessary. Thus, we smoothly derive the second reason why the refrigerator does not freeze.

Freon leak

Do not worry, modern freon is not poisonous, explosion-proof, if a leak occurs. The gas concentration is low even when the tubes are broken. However, the pressure drop in the freon current system is still a very common reason that the fridge does not freeze well. There may be air inside. The compressor will work cheerfully, no cold is produced. The unit deprived of freon rotates blades, to sense - zero. The difference from the previous case - the visual equipment is working properly. The compressor turns continuously.

The situation is normal, the thermostat does not record the passage of the threshold, therefore, there is no shutdown command. Can you recognize if water hit the system? Indeed, it is difficult to measure the level of the strained buzz of a compressor motor with unaided hearing. Therefore, turn off the refrigerator, after a while, when it is completely defrosted, reapply power. If the equipment does not work out the mode, all chances are that freon has spilled out. Also called the cause of a faulty thermostat( read below).

Masters use the Diagnostic car kit to repair auto air conditioning systems. There, work is carried out with freon under similar conditions, through a special technological entrance. We do not recommend using the kit on your own at home, refilling, diagnosing the condition of the equipment, even if the car brand R134a, a replacement for dangerous R12, is identified as a freon brand. Do not freeze the refrigerator with the described signs - call the master!

The compressor is broken

The lights in the chambers are on, the fridge is worth the dead, refuses to freeze, the compressor has broken.

Bad NoFrost Refrigerator

A feature of NoFrost is the location of the evaporator in the space between walls. Nearby there is a fan, with special channels that drive the air into the chambers. NoFrost consumes more energy, units show an increased noise level at the same price. Moisture vapors, concentrated by the camera, quickly settle, covering the evaporator coil. Periodically, a special heating element performs heating, defrosts the refrigerator. The excess liquid is drained into a special container that serves as a collection of water. From there, the content is removed by natural evaporation.

Fan fails - notice the following symptoms:

  1. Failure of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.
  2. Refrigerator too warm.
  3. Modes are wrong in both compartments.

NoFrost systems produce combined, one tandem operates and serves both cameras. There are separate. They differ in the number of compressors:

  • for combined ones;
  • have separate two compressors.

Subtract information, studying the technical description of the refrigerator. Based on the specifics, in any situation, say whether the cause of the failure is in the fan. Of course, the root of evil hides in the disruption of the freon circuit( two-compressor refrigerators have two circuits).What to do with the refrigerator, wrote above. An indirect sign of fan failure is the reduction of noise, which is well heard with the door open. It seems that today the refrigerator is too quiet - most likely the fan has broken.

Incorrect settings

Suppress a smile, read the section. Nord three-compartment refrigerators outlived their own. Had a middle compartment special. Too warm. From above, the freezer gave a good minus 20 ºС, from below the refrigerator worked normally, in the middle it was strange. We believe that there could be a department for drugs( wine).No fridge stopped freezing - the conditions are different. The size of a small compartment, the temperature was regulated to 15 ºС.This is what pharmaceutical refrigerators look like.

The temperature is chosen by doctors. Storage conditions block the growth of bacteria. Some species survive deep freezing, but many dangerous representatives of microflora reproduce much more slowly.

Before using the device, subtract the purpose of the existing cameras, the possibilities of how to configure the equipment. Will save from a lot of errors. Questions concerning drops falling on the freshness area pallet will disappear, having noticed the appearance of ice, it’s time to sound the alarm.

Thermostat - a sensory organ of the fridgeIt seems that the settings have been checked, freon is innocent, what should I do? On external signs the thermostat broke. Rather, the sensor is unusable. Try to adjust the system to another mode, will anything change? If not, the sensor is definitely broken, the compressor is periodically turned off by a signal from a special thermal switch, which ensures that the motor is protected. In this case, the temperature will be as low as possible from the list that the equipment is able to receive. The situation is significantly different from normal modes.

If the temperature does not remain constant when changing the settings, the matter is rather in the measuring circuit. Sensor readings are incorrectly evaluated. In older models, the usual bridge, which sets the mode, in the new electronics assesses the output signal of the sensor. It is necessary to look at the specific electrical concept of the refrigerator. If you have a fridge-freezer, there is ice in the food compartment, look for the cause in the thermostat, control knobs.

Touch control is able to malfunction, the chips incorrectly decode the signal. It does not need to be explained to an experienced master, another refrigerator will not be able to fix it, it still finally breaks the product! Read the portal Your Technician. Contrast the greed of repairmen with your own knowledge. Begin to really save. Authors repairing home units with their own hands. Golden hands help save time, save money.

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