How to get rid of the smell in the fridge and remove the stench

The cooling unit is often a hotbed of unpleasant odors, so sooner or later every owner has to think about how to get rid of odors in the refrigerator.

First of all, it has to deal with the causes of its origin, and then to select among a variety of options for the optimal solution, starting with the people's money and ending the use of consumer products chemistry.

The content of the article:

  • The causes of odors
  • People's ways of dealing with the "flavors"
    • Detergents and disinfectants
    • Means available - absorbents
    • Combinations of odor
    • Natural flavors for aggregates
  • Household chemical stench win
    • Preparations for the cleaning and disinfection
    • Different absorbent materials
    • Modern high-tech devices
  • Deodorization of the new unit
  • Removing ingrained stench
  • Getting rid of the mold and its fragrance
  • Prevention of unpleasant odors
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The causes of odors

The stench from the refrigerating chamber can be triggered by various factors. It often appears during storage products without containers or packages.

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The food having a characteristic odor, such as fish, it spreads rapidly, due to which the entire compartment will soon be fragrant.

Open cold storage of products with specific flavor

If the products are stored in the refrigerator open and semi-finished products with specific flavor, very quickly closed freezer filled it is not always pleasant smell

The danger is storing food for a long period. It must be remembered that the low temperature slows down the process of decay, but can not stop it dramatically.

Spoilage Products from a low temperature

food spoilage may occur if the refrigeration equipment does not support the required temperature due to a fault or wrong settings exposed

Extremely unpleasant factor is the failure of the refrigeration unit or a power outage. This may lead to deterioration and main contents of the freezing chambers that will cause the rapid development of resistant microorganisms and "putrid" odor.

Sometimes the reason of occurrence of stench can become irregular or substandard cleaning refrigerator. If he rarely cleaned or thoroughly enough, then on the working surface in the sewage system or a rubber door seal may appear colonies of bacteria or fungi.

Odors and promotes indiscriminate loading shelves. In this case, difficult to monitor the status of stocks, whereas even a small piece of moldy bread or rotten fish may issue a disgusting odor.

Freezer stuffed with food

The cause of the unpleasant smell from the freezer may be a large number of products stored therein, which prevents free air circulation

Newly purchased home appliances peculiar peculiar smell of plastic. Especially this sin inexpensive aggregates, which are used for the production is not too high quality polymers.

However, many consumers complain and industrial flavor that is felt even close to the elite models of reputable brands.

People's ways of dealing with the "flavors"

There is a plurality of available tools, to effectively refresh the air in the enclosed space.

Lemon air freshening

To flavor the internal space of the refrigerator well at night put in a closed chamber slice of lemon or other citrus fruit

Detergents and disinfectants

neutralizing fragrances will help the known substances widely used in the household.

An effective method for disinfecting, cleaning, and absorption may become the stench wiping shelves and walls 6% solution of vinegar, taken in equal proportions with water.

To enhance the action recommended also for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator container with this composition or with a piece of moistened abundantly therein wool.

Various types of vinegar

Strong acetic solution is undesirable to use if the working surface of the refrigerator deposited anti-microbial coating. It is also desirable to ensure safe use vinegar for household appliances surface, causing a small amount to an inconspicuous portion

No less an effective remedy is lemon juice. For purification, it is recommended to mix one part squeezed citrus and two parts of water. Expressed disinfectant has a composition consisting of 1 tablespoon of fresh juice with 10 Art. l. vodka.

A teaspoon of ammonia per liter H2O (water) will effectively remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the refrigerator, so you can get rid of even severe stench. After treatment should ventilate chamber, leaving the door open for a few hours.

Means available - absorbents

This category includes substances that can effectively absorb odors. The list is quite large. The drug is considered a proven charcoal: his pieces in a saucer placed inside the chamber. An alternative to serve 8-10 tablets crushed activated carbon.

Charcoal to remove odors

Efficient absorbent, collecting and neutralizing the negative smell is coal that can be placed on a saucer or download a suspended container

A good absorber stench - the usual dry rice. In a bowl or other container is filled two handfuls of cereals, which should be changed every two days.

The adsorbent can be a rye bread, cut into thin slices and spread out in the corners of the refrigerator. At the same role can perform the slices of raw potato or half an apple.

Food-adsorbents are placed for 10-12 hours, otherwise they will become sources of infection and spread of odor.

Wash the refrigerator before placing adsorbents

In order to achieve effective results, before using any of the methods should be thoroughly rinsed chiller and dry it

An effective means of absorbing "flavors", is baking soda. Powder filled saucers, which are placed on one or more of the refrigerator shelves.

The same effect has the salt, the better to give preference to its coarse-grained modifications.

Combinations of odor

Here are two home-effective prescription drugs with absorbing and refreshing properties.

Recipe # 1. A little lemon or lime is cut into two halves, the pulp is removed. In the resulting "cup" is filled soda, which can be replaced or ground wood activated carbon.

Kozhurki filled in suitable supports are mounted on the shelf of the refrigerator, where it maintained throughout the week.

And lemon soda to neutralize odor

For the preparation of the simplest means of neutralizing unpleasant odor in the refrigerator require soda and lemon - inexpensive components are always available on the market

Recipe # 2. Glass magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) is mixed with the same amount of baking soda. The mixture is irrigated tablespoon of water and 5 drops of essential oil of citrus or tea tree. The resulting composition is decomposed by open jars and placed into the unit.

Presented aromatic mixtures are easy to prepare and use. They can be used effectively to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently remove the unpleasant smell from the refrigerators of different brands.

Natural flavors for aggregates

By means of this species include substances which have a strong pleasant aroma. They do not eliminate odors, and even more so do not destroy their causes, but good enough disguise them.

Overcome outsider "flavor" to help dry spices and herbs. For this purpose, well suited cinnamon rolls, fruit cloves, turmeric, dried basil or thyme. Selected spice or spice mixture is poured into the salt, which is set open in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, after which its contents are replaced.

Coffee as a natural flavor

Coffee in the form of grains or milled powder is often used for freshening the air in the refrigerator. It is also possible to put in a cup of freshly brewed beverage shelf, after turning off technique

The most popular flavors are homemade dried lemon or orange peel, and pomegranate peel.

Some authors offer home tips for driving unpleasant "flavor" apply onion or garlic. These vegetables certainly have a pronounced odor, and fitontsidnymi properties that contribute to the destruction of bacteria. At the same time, their fragrant hardly pleasant, so when using the required caution.

Household chemical stench win

there are a large number of finished products produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers in a refrigerator for air freshening.

Means prefabricated

Means and prefabricated products are fully prepared for use, easy to use, effective in operation

Preparations for the cleaning and disinfection

For products manufactured by the chemical industry, are special wipes, cleaning sprays and gels, as well as flavors and adsorbents, absorbents.

Examples which may be mentioned are popular means as:

  • OdorGone;
  • Top House;
  • Oro Fix 02012;
  • Clean Home;
  • ZOOL ZL-377.

Quality products for the care of appliances offers a well-known German manufacturer Top House.

Means for care of refrigerators TopHaus

In addition to individual agents, in the range of manufacturer Top House claimed a convenient and functional set of three popular products: wipes, cleaning spray and air freshener (+)

Among these wipes are made of environmentally friendly materials. In their dry form is used to remove static electricity, and wet - for getting rid of complicated contaminants including fat spots.

An effective drug is freshener that does not require flushing. It can help you not only to thoroughly clean all parts of the unit, including rubber parts, but also to eliminate unpleasant odors.

odor OdorGoneMade of water-based, allow you to quickly get rid of the stench. Available in a wide range of tools are used not only for domestic use but also for the fragrance in airplanes, office buildings, public spaces.

Universal converter OdorGone odors

Universal converter OdorGone odors is not only suitable for the removal of irritating odor refrigerator, but also to eliminate extensive and diversified range of negative aromas, sometimes manifested in living conditions

Certified products of this brand, passing strict controls differ impeccable environmental friendliness. They are completely safe to health and even recommended for use in children's institutions.

cleanser ZOOL ZL-377 packaged in a convenient bottle equipped with a sprinkler, which provides child lock. Not having a perfume spray neutralizes odors even complex, and also allows you to remove a variety of stains without problems.

ZOOL ZL-377 perfectly disinfects the surface: it not only eliminates bacteria and fungi, but also prevents the development of mold. Means non-toxic and does not leave stains on the walls after application.

Means for the care of freezer and refrigerator

Means ZOOL ZL-377 is suitable for the care of the refrigerator and freezer, as well as the outer surface of a refrigerating machinery (+)

Oro Fix 02012 - cleaning formulation intended for treatment of internal and external surfaces. Thanks to a convenient bottle shape means you can easily put on a separate section of the refrigeration unit, including rubber gasket.

Spray penetrates deep into the dirt and dissolves them completely without damaging the coating. Simultaneously with the removal of stains and disinfection compartment, it allows you to neutralize even stubborn odors. An important advantage is the fiscal cost.

The gel-like preparation for the care of a refrigerator in a line of products Clean Home It has an extended composition comprising hydrogen peroxide, and active oxygen ions. This contributes to the effective elimination of germs and gives the surface a white, removing even inveterate stains.

Household chemicals in anti-odor

To care for the refrigerator and eliminate the negative odor can use different means for dishwashing and cleaning of the oven. It is important that does not contain abrasive particles in them, which can damage the surface

The composition, which does not require flushing, not only makes it easier to clean, but also helps to get rid of odors, making a note of freshness in the air of the working chamber.

Different absorbent materials

In addition to the cleaning agents, manufacturers offer a wide range of adsorbents and flavors, which are stacked on a shelf units or stuck to the walls of the compartment.

Popular egg-shaped adsorbent

In department stores and household chemicals can find a huge range of facilities for air refreshment, have a different color and design

The active ingredient devices odor absorbers - adsorbents - typically a filler, which is impregnated with a composition comprising the smallest particles of charcoal or activated carbon.

The main categories of such agents include:

  1. Air fresheners with dispenser. The kit includes a device for such removable filters that allows to change the source node as soon as the coal ceases to absorb odors, settled in the refrigerator. It offers two packages, each of which is designed for 2 months.
  2. Balls-fresheners. Budgetary instruments, inside which is a silicone gel. Typically, a set of three fields suffice for a whole year.
  3. Absorbers in the form of eggs. Convenient device that can be used as an adsorbent, and the indicator. When unacceptable increase in temperature inside the compartment of the device changes color from blue to white.
  4. gel adsorbents. The structure of such means includes lemon extract and extract from seaweed and some further modifications are introduced silver ions, which gives the mixture a disinfecting effect. The gel is poured into a transparent container, allows you to monitor its consumption, and put in the cooking chamber for quick absorption of odors.

We gained a lot of popularity, and all kinds of industrial air fresheners, has a rich flavor.

Modern high-tech devices

We should also mention the ionizers and ozone generators. Such devices have excellent disinfecting properties and effectively fight appeared "incense".

Ioniser for refrigerator

During the term of ozone or ionizers desirable to open the refrigerator. Letting in fresh air, can reduce the effectiveness of those instruments that destroy microbes and unpleasant odors

In some modern models of refrigerators initially provided air handling functions with ozone. If this option is not available, a high-tech device can be purchased separately and then attached in the inner space.

Deodorization of the new unit

To get rid of the "flavor" of plastic, typical of new household appliances, sufficient to carry out a complex of elementary events.

First of all, the product should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, adding soda or detergent. This helps to eliminate odors and allows disinfect work surfaces.

new refrigerator

Special attention should be given a new refrigerator. Prior to connection to the network it is necessary to thoroughly wash the inside and outside, and then well dry

Prepared by the refrigerator it is recommended to leave the door ajar for 1-2 days for a full airing, and only then switch on the appliance to the mains. For additional disinfection chamber may be treated with an alcohol or vodka.

Removing ingrained stench

Polymers have unpleasant feature to quickly absorb different flavors, remove that manages with great difficulty. Particularly difficult to get rid of the stench of rotten meat have absorbed and spoiled fish, which happens when a power failure during a prolonged absence of the owners.

To remedy the situation, we must first turn off the refrigerator and get rid of the products. Thereafter it is necessary to carefully handle the inner and outer surface of the water and vinegar or means for washing.

Particular attention should be paid to the following elements:

  • of sewage system;
  • container for draining water;
  • rubber parts.

It is also desirable to push the equipment to rinse well the floor, the better to use special preparations for neutralizing odors.

With strong "fragrances" repeatedly recommended procedure repeated at least 2-5 days, and the refrigerator door and window in the room, it is better to leave open.

If, however, the stench is not removed even after regular washing, it is necessary to disassemble the drainage mechanism. This operation is better to entrust the masters, contact the service center.

Regular maintenance of refrigerator

At least twice a year to carry out a complete defrosting device. The main working chamber weekly cleaning

After treatment, it is desirable to put on each shelf saucer with absorbent means and / or to put flavors.

With a strong stench is better to give preference to industrial preparations, which have a more pronounced effect.

Getting rid of the mold and its fragrance

A lot of trouble delivering Moldy fungi colonies which can stay in the refrigerator. They are not the only sources of unsightly stains and musty spirit, but also can cause allergies, respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.

Effective means: a combination of vinegar and baking soda

For self-deliverance from the mold, you can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Suffice it to wipe the surface of a soda solution and then apply vinegar solution; rinse mixture preferably through a while. Treated shelves and walls best dried by UV lamp or a hair dryer with a flow of hot air

As the smell of mold quickly eats into the plastic, even after the withdrawal should take advantage of adsorbents and / or flavorings.

When the surface treatment agent used should not be made on the basis of poisonous substances such as copper sulfate. In this case, even a thorough remover does not guarantee food safety.

Prevention of unpleasant odors

To the refrigerator always smelled fresh, enough to observe a number of basic rules. First of all, you need to regularly handle the main camera, not forgetting the rubber gasket and work sites.

Despite the No Frost system, you should periodically defrost the freezer, well cleaned its surface.

Care freezer

Freezer also requires attention. The surface of the compartment, as well as containers and trays must be cleaned regularly, special preparations or water with the addition of vinegar

It is important to keep the products on the shelves in an orderly fashion. This will allow time to notice provisions expiring. To prevent odors, food should be placed in a closed form in containers, bags, cling film, foil.

Boxes of fruit and vegetables should always be dry; fruit, which is planned to put in the refrigerator and should be carefully wiped.

It should control the level of humidity in the refrigerator. Condensation on the walls of the unit triggers the development of microorganisms and mold growth that causes bad odors.

Spilled liquid on the shelf of the refrigerator - milk, soup, syrup, jam - you must collect the cloth immediately.

Proper storage of food in the refrigerator

Each product in the refrigerator should be kept in a special place in a sealed container or bag neatly packed

Before long trips it is desirable to completely empty the camera equipment, especially if the apartment is left unattended.

In the absence of hosts occasional failure can have fatal consequences, leading to the deterioration of a large number of products and is difficult to output stubborn stench.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the video presented below describes the most effective way to eliminate unpleasant odors:

To prevent unpleasant odors that may occur in the refrigerator, it is important to pay particular attention to preventive measures. At the first sign of the stench need to find out the reason of its occurrence and to take corrective measures. Then, without delay, it is necessary to process the surface using one of the popular or equipment and place the adsorbent or air freshener.

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