We buy a thermos for food on the site of AliExpress


Lunch is an important meal that should not be missed. But because of the work does not always get a normal meal. Constantly eat in cafes and restaurants - it's quite expensive, and sandwiches can not replace normal food. You can take ready meals from home, but by lunch time it is already cooled and tasteless. What to do?

There is a great option - use a thermos for food. He keeps the food warm until lunchtime. In addition, the thermos can carry both liquid and solid dishes. This is an excellent alternative to various food plastic containers and cellophane bags. And the width of the neck allows you to eat directly from the thermos.

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In a set with a thermos, as a rule, there is a carry bag, a plastic spoon and a fork and a cover for them. Everything is hermetically closed, so the thermos perfectly copes with transportation. It is for this reason that a thermos for food is most often used in hikes and crossings.

Advantages of a thermos for food:

  1. Hot lunch. Now at work there will be only hot food. And no longer have to go to various cafes and restaurants.
  2. Simplicity. The thermos is easy to use and transport.
  3. Purity. After use, the thermos is easily and quickly cleared of food residues.
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A thermos for food is an excellent choice of office workers. After all, food will always be warm and tasty. But how much does this adaptation cost? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, this product costs 2290 rubles. Quite a high price.

However, on Alyekspress the same thermos for food costs only 1340 rubles. This price is great for this product. In addition, this investment will more than pay off in the future. But why is the price of domestic and Chinese goods so significantly different? After all, the characteristics are absolutely the same.

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Characteristics of Chinese thermos for food:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • height - 16 cm;
  • capacity - 600 ml;
  • diameter - 1, cm;
  • color - silver;
  • The kit includes a thermos, a bag for storing the thermos, a plastic spoon and a fork, a cover for them.

As you can see, a thermos for food is exactly useful for all workers who want to eat normally. Now there will not be fast and cold snacks. A thermos for food is best bought only from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, it is he who offers this product for a fairly low price.

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