How to raise a brick plinth on a concrete foundation

When using brick can raise the cap on a concrete foundation. But to cope with such a task, the master is required to understand the essence of the process of the construction process. Otherwise, all the theoretical ideas of the customer may well remain unrealized in reality.

Bricklaying must start strictly at the corners. Only the correct exposure it gives preconditions for further success in the general case. For that initially these sites should be put on the dry row of bricks, pre-planned a width of the cap itself.

The angles were as smooth, folding them desirable to produce with the help of high-quality construction level. Also, thanks to roulette to make accurate measurements on all sides of the subsequent base frame. On the walls it is important to identify their possible curvature. If there is, the surface of the concrete foundation is desirable to pre-align.

It should be noted that on the quality of bricks depends reliable design socle system. And if the material is chosen correctly, follow its instal

lation has the potential to be made thorough.

To associate itself with the concrete foundation plinth use 2 types of flooring roofing material, namely:

  • on a pre-heated bitumen or special mastic asphalt;
  • using a burner to which the surface itself is treated with a starting component.

should verify the accuracy of the work undertaken in order not to deviate from the guidelines given after laying 3-4 rows of brick plumb. The solution was applied under moderate material layer, about 20-25 mm. Thus, a sufficient bonding between each construction part, which gives it sufficient strength parameters.

When using a similar method plinth construction on a concrete foundation can be raised to a level to which the customer himself wishes such work. However, it should be prepared to ensure that similar work requires special laborious, time-consuming and expensive.

If with all that potential customers are willing to tolerate, then it makes sense to start the whole complex capital repairs. When thoughtless approach to this process, the end result is unlikely to please the one who lightly got into such an adventure. Therefore, this decision should be based not only on the emotional impulse, it must be dictated by rationality and reason!

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