How to cut a circular hole in the tile usual nazhdachkoy

The tile is often necessary to cut holes and outlet pipes. Especially when it comes to repairs in the bathroom. There are several common ways to accomplish the task. That will be covered in today's article.

The hole cut in the tile

1) grinder. This method is best to use when you need to cut a large hole in diameter. Proceed according to the following algorithm:

a) Note the marker circuit which need to cut.

b) Replace the grinder special nozzle that is designed to work on dry surfaces.

c) Proceed to cut. Note that the hole cutting process must begin with any tile edges.

d) Do not interrupt, performing cutting. Continue on the opposite side is not recommended. In this case, the hole will uneven because line can not come together.

2) jigsaws. This tool is convenient to operate when cutting holes for the outlet. This cut does not necessarily make smooth. He still block the outlet. There are a few tips that will make it easier to accomplish this task:

  • Mark the cut on the tile border.
  • Often marked contour coincides with the tile edge. In this case, it is recommended immediately to process tiles.
  • Next proceed to the cutting of circular holes. This procedure is performed on the inner contour marking. Thus, it becomes possible to observe all sizes.

Additional Information! Subject to the above rules to cut a hole in the tile as possible and by using a hacksaw. However, it should be borne in mind that the use of this tool, would adversely affect the final result. The cutout can get the curve.

How to make a cut-helper tools

For many people, there is no jigsaw or grinder. In this case, the hole can be drilled as follows:

1) Make the marks on the tile. For this purpose, you can use a marker or pencil.

2) Place the tiles in the warm water. Thus, it becomes softer.

3) Make a furrow along the contour using a glass cutter. This process can not be interrupted. At the same time on the instrument can not be much press. In this case, you can damage the tile.

4) Deepen furrow tapping Reza glass cutter.

5) Cut a part is required to remove. This can be done with the help of pliers.

6) In order to align the holes, you can use sandpaper.

By following the above tips, you can make a smooth hole in the tile.

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