How to make a switch pass their own hands?

If you installed the lighting device in a long corridor, and want it to be turned off at both ends, you'll need a special switch, switch the power supply from one pole to the other. The same principle can be used if you are going to power the lighting device at the entrance to the room and the bed or near your desktop.

Then you can turn off the general lighting is already lying in bed or turning on a table lamp on your desktop. The stumbling block for the implementation of this scheme is the relatively high cost of such electrical appliance, and to you they will need two, so much more profitable to produce a passing switch with his own hands.


  1. The operating principle of the flow switch
  2. The method №1. Dvuhklavishny switch
  3. Method №2. one-button switch
  4. video ideas

The operating principle of the flow switch

In contrast to the usual for us two models and one-button switch for lighting, communicating switches issue included two provisions. For the operation of the circuit uses two walk-through switchIn which you are operating and working lamps.

Block diagram of such a circuit is shown below:

The operating principle of the flow switch
Figure 1: The principle of operation of the flow switch

As you can see in the diagram from the electrical. wiring for circuit breakers connected. phase wire and zero is conducted directly to the lamp or the other. lighting equipment. If we trace the connection from the junction. box, the phase is fed to the input of the first transfer switch. Next two. independent wires terminals A and B are connected to the first device. homonymous pin of the second switch. From the output terminals of the second switch terminal is supplied to the phase of the lamp. The second terminal of the lamp is connected the neutral conductor.

Of course, that the above connection method requires additional costs for the cable connections between the switches themselves, but its functional justifies them with interest. Due to the structural features of this switch does not break the chain of any one of the positions, so it is properly called a switch.

In everyday life, due to the use of such switches in stairwells to disable spans from different angles they are called marching switches.

If you decide to implement such a scheme at home or in the office, but do not want to overpay for a passing switch, it can be made from cheaper dvuhklavishnogo device. Next we look at two techniques that will allow you to make a passing switch hands.

The method №1. Dvuhklavishny switch

This method allows you to get a checkpoint. switches from conventional dvuhklavishnyh models. This is especially useful if you do not. You want to spend time on the complex changes of their design or you do not. corresponding tool.

Dvuhklavishnaya model the flow switch
Fig. 2. Dvuhklavishnaya model the flow switch

To implement this model, the flow switch, you will need two dvuhklavishnyh devices, connecting wires and the light source.

Gathering all the necessary, follow this sequence:

  1. Turn off the power to the panel by means of the circuit breaker - it will prevent electrical damage during assembly work. It will be more reliable if at the same time you turn off and the zero and phase conductor for the respective lamp.
  2. Connect the first dvuhklavishnyh switches to the phase wire three-wire cable. To do this, release the clamp on the switch and slide to mine. Clamped vein to obtain reliable contact with minimal resistance to electric current.
  3. Each of the output contacts are also connected via the wire. Further guide them to the output terminals of the second switch dvuhklavishnogo.
  4. From the opening of the second terminals of the switch wire to pull the instrument lighting.

If the lighting system is carried out in the framework. overhaul and replacement of all lights and appliances in the house, then. power distribution Stroebe walls. Otherwise, you can do without. an outer seal in the duct. In the case of long distance between. switching points, wiring do a better three-core cable. Because for. intermediate wire optimally consumed three wires.

It should be noted that the above method works with simultaneous switching of two keys, so every time you need to operate with two buttons, turning them in the opposite position.

Otherwise, the logic circuits and broken the next time you simply will not be able to turn off the light bulb. Therefore, if other members of the household may neglect the similar switching device is better to alter the design on one-button option.

Method №2. one-button switch

If you undertake to alter dvuhklavishny. switch to the one-button switch to the structural change in the position. terminals, two switches, it is desirable to use the same type, or at least similar. in design and size. Be sure to pay attention as to whether the. design deploy movable contact breaker group so that they are in the first position up the rear one contact, while the second. opposite.

The procedure of manufacturing the flow switch with a single key is as follows:

  1. Before carrying out installation work be sure to disconnect the power supply to the corresponding portion of the circuit. If you disable only one machine, be sure to check the voltage indicator.
  2. If you want to switch the current out of the box, first remove the bezel and remove the clamps. Then loosen the knots in the box, remove the core. Unscrew the connection wires and remove the switch from the lighting circuit.
  3. If you are using the new switch, you can skip to the previous item. Then go directly to the dismantling of electrical contacts with a polymer or ceramic base.
  4. With a screwdriver disassemble the device, separate metal plates - changeover contacts.
Disassemble switch
Fig. 3. Disassemble switch

Depending on the design of the circuit breaker. You will need to unscrew the screws, pull the spring out of bed or disengage. Castle.

  • On. ceramic or polymeric based arranged fixed contacts. One of. They need to expand by 180 °, to shut himself when changing keys. a second contact.
expand one of the contacts
Fig. 4: expand one of the contacts

But such manipulation is not possible at all. switches, some variations will have to finalize the contacts - solder. an additional bus to elongate slats. Therefore, in each model, you need to understand in detail.

  • On. entering a phase wire jumper to equate potential on both. terminals.
Fig. 5: jumper
  • Tu. Repeat the same procedure with the second switch, to get the two in-line. Collect all the elements in reverse order, but instead of two keys. set one, which in size can move freely on the present. mount.
  • Install. both switches under them in boxes. One connected to the output terminals. wires to the corresponding terminals of another. pair of contacts to be connected. individual wires.

Before starting the job, it is advisable to check the quality of the circuit when changing. To do this, rang the chain on both pairs of contacts - you should have almost zero resistance in both versions.

Otherwise, one of the key switches bushing is loosely fitted in a predetermined position, respectively, will need to switch to sort and correct the problem. If you plan to lay wiring, actual three-core wire so it will be much easier to work with.

video ideas

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