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A healthy, beautiful plant begins to ache uncontrollably. The first sign is the change in the appearance of the leaves. It is necessary to find the reason why the dracaena's leaves dry, the leaf turns yellow, or the tugora is lost. The centuries-old development has adapted the plant to the climate of the tropics. At home, the root cause of illness often becomes improper care.

Signs of Dracaena Diseases and their Elimination

On a healthy plant, the lower leaves die physiologically inevitably. However, the leaf should have already lived more than a year, dying begins from the tip itself and lasts a long time. The drying tip needs to be cut so that it does not spoil the look of the flower. After the plate withers 2/3 it can be removed, but the scar remains forever on the trunk. By the number of strips on the trunk can approximately determine the age of the dracaena.

All other signs indicate a dracena disease. First of all, the appearance of the leaves changes. They can:

  • yellow completely;
  • dry out from the tips:
  • dry out along the edge, with spots along the entire surface;
  • yellow and lose tugor.
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An attentive host, at first signs, can determine the causes of the illness and eliminate them.

The dracaena yellow leaves, what should I do?

The reasons for the yellowing of young greenery are many. It is necessary to exclude the circumstances preceded by yellowing. Thus it is necessary to consider, the plant reacts to insult not at once. Between the wrong action and the reaction takes at least two weeks. Of course, this applies to chronic cases. If the plant is frozen or dried in stone, the reaction will follow quickly.

With improper irrigation, the roots can rot and can not cope with the nutrition of the plant. If watering in cold soil during the rest period is carried out without waiting for the drying of the earth's coma and abundantly, it is necessary to examine the root system urgently, cut the damaged roots and transplant the plant. Overdrying the soil leads to a similar effect.

One of the causes of yellowing can be excessive care. If dracenu is often bathed in the shower, then it is necessary to drain the sinuses of the leaves. Sometimes yellowing starts for this very reason.

The optimum temperature for a flower is 18 - 22 degrees. Long-term maintenance in a cool room will worsen the work of the roots and nutrition of the leaves.

Dracaena yellow leaves turn in case of pest infestation - spider mites, scabies, thrips. Control measures for pests - first wash with soapy water and vodka. Later, the use of insecticides.

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What if the dracaena turns yellow on the top of the head? Remove the flower from the open window, it stands in a draft. If at the same time the remaining leaves faded - the direct rays of the hot sun fell on the vertex.


Leaves begin to roll up into a tube - the plant is frozen, it can be saved by spraying with warm water and transferring it to a warm room.

If the yellowing of leaves goes in mass, the color changes insignificantly, the green color turns pale, remember, when the soil was changed, the plant was fed. He may not have enough nitrogen nutrition. But when nitrogen is overfeeded, the plant loses its resistance to fungal diseases. Need a measure.

What should I do if the dracaena's leaves dry?

The most widespread ailment of dracaena and the first signal of danger will be the drying out of the tips of the leaf blades.

Dracaena needs additional fertilizing. In the spring summer period, nitrogen is more necessary, by the autumn potassium and phosphorus.

But all fertilizers should be contained in the complex feeding, only the percentage composition should be selected according to the season. In winter, nitrogen from the fertilizer should be excluded.

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Often, the reason lies in the climatic conditions of the content. The plant of the humid tropics does not tolerate dry air. That is why the plant is recommended to spray the more often, the warmer in the room. It is unacceptable to install a pot with a plant close to the battery. Rescue the position of the aquarium, a pallet with moss or an air humidifier. The tips of the leaves need to be cut, the dead part will not be restored.

Why do the dracaena dry the tips of the leaves along the long edge and there are spots? Such damage is a sign of diseases associated with decay, fungal. They are called differently, treated with fungicidal drugs. Border lesions should be removed.

If the spots are soaked, the disease is bactericidal, it is difficult to cure. It is better to take the top of the plant, disinfect and root again.

When a flower not only turns yellow, but leaves fall, the tugora is lost, it can not be saved. Most likely, the root system is completely destroyed by the Dracaena disease.

To prevent the death of the plant, the disease must be eliminated, guided by the first signs. Top dressing with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers makes the root system of the flower resistant to diseases.

Video on the treatment of dracaena with drying leaf tips

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