Why tapestry is necessary for growing blackberries

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Juicy and sweet blackberry unpretentious, equally well tolerates dry heat and wet cool weather. Expands quickly, so the tapestry for the blackberry helps organize the order and facilitates the collection of berries.

What is the use of trellis?

Varieties of fruit bushes are very many, you can pick up directly growing and with weaving shoots that require little support to develop normally and bear fruit.

The garter of the blackberry on the trellis will help to place the seedlings in a strictly limited space, as well as:

  • will save part of the crop from contact with the earth;
  • will ensure a normal air movement, so that there are no conditions for the development of mold and fungus;
  • will accelerate the ripening of berries that get enough sunlight.

Read the rules for attaching blackberry shoots to the support to avoid deformation and improper development of the crown of the bush.

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There are certain rules when creating trellises for blackberries, it is not difficult to perform them, you do not need certain skills from the gardener. But after erecting a supporting fence for weaving bushes, we can expect significant changes:

  • care becomes more comfortable;
  • Easier to cut off branches and to clear bushes from dry leaves;
  • loosen the ground and water;
  • remove weeds;
  • to introduce fertilizers;
  • harvest faster;
  • it is easier to prepare the plant for wintering.
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Options trellis

The most popular erections in the garden are two-lane and one-lane trellis. The two options have the same number of fans, but with one wire you will often meet in small areas, when several blackberry bushes are planted for the needs of the family.


A high trellis with two parallel wires is preferred by professional farmers who take into account temporary factors for caring for the bush and harvesting, try to minimize the loss of crops and maximize the space.

Variants, which can be a trellis with a single wire tension set: in the form of a fan, horizontal or inclined. Tapestry for blackberries with their own hands, subject to basic knowledge, is erected in a short time.

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Two-lane trellis for the blackberry is, of course, an advantage. Parallel wires allow to form a bush better, which positively affects the development of the plant and increases the yield.

Distribution received several designs, they all take the name from the capital letters of the English alphabet (T, V, Y). The bottom line is that horizontal bars serve as a support for powerful shoots, which need to be laid out on both sides of the bush.

The most technological design of the trellis is the Y-shape. Racks are mobile due to the hinged fastening, which facilitate "work" with the bush of the blackberry.

What should we build trellis?

How to make trellis for the blackberry with their own hands to avoid mistakes, probably the main issue for gardeners. You can buy ready-made designs for every taste, but when there is a desire to try your hand, there will not be any difficulties in the work.

Quality materials for the trellis design will significantly affect its durability.

It is necessary to pick up poles (, -3 m) of wood or metal, taking into account the future load and wire.



  1. Dig pits with a depth of at least 50 cm to install the pillar. The span is about 5 m.
  2. Pour brick crumb or gravel to the bottom of the grooves to prevent shrinkage of the column and install it, ramming the ground.
  3. Plot on the column places the rows of wire, observing between them a span of 60 cm. Stretch it as much as possible to exclude loosening and sagging.
  4. Plant blackberries at equal distances along the trellis.
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If you make an effort, the work will not take long. Photo trellis for blackberry can be found on the Internet and special literature to choose the right option and form the upcoming task.

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