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In a narrow sense, arbors are places where people gather and talk among themselves. Hence the name. In a broad sense, they represent a place where people meet, relax, play board games or eat. Previously, gazebos in cities were installed in almost every yard, so that the neighbors around the house could gather and sit in peace. Do they need to give? Undoubtedly, we need. After all, sitting with neighbors, with relatives and friends, in the open air is a pleasure!

What are gazebos

Pavilions are distinguished by types of structures. As a consequence - by function. They are:

  1. Closed.
  2. Open.
  3. For cooking barbecue.
  4. A living plan.

Other arbours can be of various forms:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • multifaceted;
  • round.

The most common are closed gazebos. They have a base, a roof and walls. Their main advantage is protection from wind and cold. In private gazebos you can gather all year round, almost in any weather. Summer vacationers are reliably protected from mosquito bites, and on an autumn rainy evening from cold raindrops.

Open gazebos are considered to be the simplest. They look very nice: a small base (possibly with a lift), a canopy or a roof, which are usually smaller in size than the base. There are no walls, so it's best to stay in the warm season.

There are summerhouses for barbecue. It's more interesting, because the "barbecue" can be open or closed. At the closed arbours for a barbecue necessarily there is a chimney, differently in it it will be impossible to be. And in open pavilions, meat can not be fired especially, especially if the weather is very bad.

And the last point is the living plan of the arbors. Very often they are put in gardens. These are beautiful pavilions, for the ornamentation of which plants are mainly used. Most often, for this purpose, grow campsis, climbing roses, ornamental honeysuckle, clematis or other curly species, so that by braiding the sides and the roof of the gazebo they create a cozy recreation area.


For the construction of such arbors do not need a lot of money and effort. It is only necessary to build a skeleton from improvised materials (branches, sticks) and plant climbing plants. Green "builders" finish your work themselves and will decorate the gazebo with magnificent flowers. Even the nondescript frame of the gazebo will become invisible.

When installing a gazebo living plan, you need to select plants that can survive in winter in your climate zone.

Examples of summer cottages with photo and description

We bring to your attention examples of interesting arbours for cottages with illustrations and descriptions.

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Closed options

The photo shows a fairly spacious gazebo, the walls of which are made of slightly tinted glass. Please note: the door and windows are sliding, that is, open sideways. The arbor is octagonal.

But the version of the gazebo with a small terrace. Everything is made of wood: a porch, a terrace and a gazebo itself. Doors and windows are sliding, of slightly tinted glass. Rack walls, which speaks of the summer destination.

Sliding doors and windows are in demand due to the fact that they do not take up much space, merging with the walls.

Gazebo-teremok looks very original, it is made of logs. Tinted windows. Because of the unevenness of the ground, under the gazebo are stones - it seems that they not only level the base, but also add beauty.

And this gazebo is like a house. In this version there is an entrance and 8 windows. More like the style of old Europe. The arbor is decorated with two benches.

The following picture shows a gazebo more interesting, and, probably, more expensive. She looks more like a small living room, done in a design way. Look at what's inside: and a sofa, and an armchair, a table, vases, a lamp.

Here is a photo of one of the arbors, only from the inside. No, this is not a living room, but a real summer-house! The table and benches are made of tree trunks. There is air conditioning and stove. Perfect for a big company, at any time of the year.


Approximately this is how beautiful arbors from an open type tree look. Specifically, this gazebo has a small roof and a base, built above the ground, on the supports.

This gazebo has a canopy. Very nice looks next to a small artificial pond. Take a closer look: in the arbor there is even a small kitchen where you can cook something and immediately eat at the table.

Another interesting version, made in the style of Ancient Rome. Perhaps you watched films about Guy Julius Caesar, where he sat with his assistants and discussed further plans for conquest of the lands. Then the gazebo were just like this: curtains, canopy, sculptures and flowers.

In this photo - a simple and beautiful gazebo, made in a natural style, against the background of the forest. The canopy rests on the treated tree trunks.

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This version is made in the style of samurai Japan. A simple miniature gazebo, against the backdrop of nature. By the way, near the arbours of this style will be very good to plant cherries, better - felt grade. They beautifully bloom, and yes even a gazebo in Japanese. Great combination!

Living pavilions

Here, just, just a simple version of the "living" gazebo. A small skeleton and a lot of campsis form a whole canopy.

This gazebo is also made with the help of plants. Only here was used another curly form, which was then tonsured and gave the gazebo such an amazing appearance.

Another version of the gazebo living plan. It is small and simple. As a help plant, wild grapes are used. In the photo, the gazebo looks simple and beautiful.

Do you see these rhombic bars? They are very good to use, so that wild grapes would be easier to cling and crawl up, forming "living walls".

Gazebo of a live plan with a swinging sofa.


As stated earlier, barbecues are open and closed. And in those, and in others it is better to have a chimney. When frying meat, a sufficient amount of smoke is emitted, which, if the chimney is not present, will spread along the area. We offer to view 8 photos of summer and garden arbours, where you can fry barbecue.

A photo of an open gazebo made of white brick, equipped with a stove and a chimney.

That's what a well-equipped stove looks like. Even there is a sink to wash your hands.

And this is an example of a closed arbor of a barbecue.

Build with our own hands

To build an arbor alone, you need to determine the type of gazebo, size, materials and so on.What do you need:

  • project gazebo (plan future work);
  • Construction Materials;
  • instruments;
  • measuring instruments.

First, select the place where you begin to build a gazebo. It is desirable that the soil is firm, otherwise it will start to sag. Calculate your budget to understand: how much you are willing to spend all this. If a little, it is better to create a "living" gazebo or a simple open.

It is not necessary that the gazebo in the country house is expensive, the main thing - beautiful and comfortable.

Nobody forbids also to build from improvised materials. Let it be sticks, branches, unnecessary remains of construction and finishing resources. Logs - also in motion.

No one will give you a log for the sake of logs. This is illegal, and the construction of the arbor can result in administrative or criminal liability. Still, it is better to order construction materials and quietly start construction. It is more rational to build with helpers, because the arbor is not a doghouse, it is bigger. Accordingly, it will be more difficult to build. Construction of a gazebo for a dacha with your own hands is a great work, calculated for at least two people, even if the gazebo is small.

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Let's start building

So, everything you need has been collected, now you can start building. The construction of any building, of course, begins with a foundation. It can be made of wood or poured with concrete.

For example, you build from boards or logs. If the arbor is rectangular, then the opposite sides should be equal, and the corners are straight. If the square - all sides are equal. Round gazebos from boards and logs can not be built: you need a brick or an elastic covering (just to wrap it).

Entrance to the arbor makes a spacious width of 1 meter.

If you are building a gazebo of a closed type at the dacha, considering the stay in it all year round, then there should not be any crevices. Building a roof is the most difficult thing. First you need to build a frame, and then cover it. Be sure to keep in mind: the water must flow somewhere.

When building a barbecue, start with a stove and a chimney. The furnace is best constructed of stone or brick. Furnaces are also sold separately, they tend to be small in size, and the chimney can be taken out even in the window.

An open gazebo for the dacha is constructed most easily. Roughly speaking, only the foundation, supports and canopy are needed. But exact measurements have not been canceled.

Strengthen the material with nails, but best of all - self-tapping screws. Everything is more reliable. By the way, when you build a canopy for a summerhouse of any type, secure the flooring tightly. That is, that between the flooring and the hat of the self-tapping screw there was a washer and a rubber ring. Then the roof will not leak.

We equip the gazebo

Have constructed, but it yet all - it is necessary to equip it. Only after this you will have a ready gazebo at the dacha.If you need light in it, spend electricity, install lamps and at least one outlet (useful).Put the furniture: a table, chairs or benches (you can also do it yourself). Are there any unnecessary stools or bedside tables? Carry everything that fits in there.In summer cottages are often put the couches so that you can not only sit, but also relax in a lying position. Guests will appreciate it!

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