Which irrigator is better to choose for braces? Useful Tips

Those who have installed braces need to pay special attention to the oral cavity, since this design greatly complicates the procedure. We need not only toothbrushes and special brushes, but also other devices that simplify the cleaning of the oral cavity. Well-deserved among consumers are irrigators.


  1. Do I need an irrigator for braces?
  2. What are the irrigators for braces?
  3. Bracket Irrigator Selection Criteria
  4. Additional features and functions
  5. Features of use
  6. Recommended Models

Do I need an irrigator for braces?

Some people think irrigators the advertised means without which it is quite possible to do. But this is not so. This is a small device that copes with brushing your teeth and gums with a directed stream of water. The procedure is much more effective and safer for the oral cavity than brushing. The device has 1 or 2 pumps that collect liquid, sometimes mixing it with air to form micro bubbles. They well knock out the remnants of food from hard-to-reach places, which is important when wearing complex bracket designs.

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This treatment helps to extend the life of the braces and maintain healthy gums and teeth. If food gets under the construction and is not removed, then over time it begins to destroy the enamel and becomes a source of infection.


Irrigators are used after brushing with a toothbrush; medical solutions and balms can be used for filling.

What are the irrigators for braces?

The irrigator cleanses the oral cavity professionally, rinses the areas under the braces, braces, the places where they adjoin the enamel. Spot processing helps to carry out high-quality cleaning of the castle, while ceramic structures are not damaged. The action of the device is identical to the use of a dental brush and floss. There are models with different interchangeable nozzles.

Irrigators are divided by jet mode:

  • Microbubble.
  • Standard or mono jet.
  • Throbbing.

The main classification is by type:

  • Portable.
  • Stationary
  • Flowing.

Bracket Irrigator Selection Criteria

In order for the device to serve for a long time and live up to all expectations, you need to choose the right model. The assortment is very wide, the designs are diverse in function and design. It’s easier to focus on the types of irrigators in order to correctly determine the purchase.


Equipped with a capacity that holds up to 300 ml of water for 1 procedure. The operating mode lasts up to half an hour, if the battery is powerful, it lasts up to 1.5 hours. They have different modes and nozzles, easy to fold and carry.


  • light weight;
  • convenient on trips;
  • makes little noise.


  • the pressure of the jet is inconvenient to regulate due to weak current;
  • batteries and battery need frequent replacement;
  • fragile, quickly breaks from blows;
  • has a small number of modes;
  • holds little water.


It is advantageous in that water can be used in unlimited quantities, since the device is connected to a tap. It has a built-in filter that purifies water; a reservoir is not provided in the device. It is a thin handle with a nozzle and a hose for water, with an adapter for a tap. It works due to pressure.


  • small size, more compact than other models;
  • unlimited use of fluid;
  • disinfects water;
  • does not require recharging batteries.


  • Do not use special rinses;
  • one way to feed the jet;
  • frequent filter replacement required;
  • removes not all impurities.


The most convenient devices, work from sockets, large sizes. There are compartments for storing additional nozzles, a solid tank for water. Even on small models of this species, it is at least 500 ml. Very powerful, equipped with different modes and pressure adjustment, which is very important for cleaning devices such as braces.


  • you can choose the pressure of the jet;
  • the pressure is easily adjustable, a large selection of options;
  • guaranteed quality care.


  • vibrates violently during operation;
  • big sizes;
  • quite noisy;
  • only works on the network.
Stationary irrigator

Additional features and functions

If you buy irrigators for braces, dentists recommend paying attention to the number of modes and their functionality. In addition, aspects such as:

  1. Tank volume.
  2. The number of nozzles.
  3. Jet formation method.

It is also worth paying attention to the size of the bowl. The smallest volume is 600 ml; it is enough for only 2 procedures. For travel and business trips it may not be enough, because care for braces should be constant.

Jet modes

There are 3 modes, each of which has its pros and cons.

Throbbing. Water is ejected by a thin stream and pulsations, up to 1200 micropulses per minute. It produces weak hydraulic shocks that cleanse plaque. It is recommended for patients with gum problems.


  • ripples are uniform and safe;
  • additionally massaged gums;
  • blood circulation is improving;
  • plaque is removed even in hard to reach places.


  • often have to change nozzles;
  • It is quite expensive.

Micro bubble. The irrigator mixes liquid with air bubbles, this helps to better remove food residues between the teeth and under the braces. Water saturated with oxygen blocks infection, prevents infection from developing.


  • helps to cope with inflammation;
  • strengthens the gums;
  • quickly cleans places under braces;
  • disinfects the oral mucosa.


  • it's expensive;
  • quickly fails with poor maintenance.


The device resembles an adapter for a crane; it is usually connected to a water pressure system. It is safer to use a capsule with a disinfectant. Cleans the irrigator with high quality, but is more suitable for the prevention of caries or inflammation than for treatment.


  • the device is easy to use;
  • It is inexpensive;
  • Does not require a power outlet.


  • constantly need access to the crane;
  • uses only tap water, which is far from always high quality.
Braces irrigator

It is important for people with sensitive gums to pay attention to adjusting the speed of the water supply.


Models are equipped with different nozzles, each of which has its own purpose.

  1. Standard. A curved neck and a small nozzle, covering 1-2 teeth. With cleaning braces copes, but less quality.
  2. Orthodontic. It perfectly cleans any structures, copes with braces locks, sanitizes the places of their junction with teeth and gums. Elongated nozzle, curved neck with tapered tip. The jet is thin, but strong.
  3. Massage. The rounded head with bristles strengthens the gums. Helps to restore the oral cavity after surgery and treatment by improving blood circulation, removes pain. Promotes faster addiction to braces.
  4. Periodontal. For cleaning braces is not suitable, but it is recommended for patients who have a problem periodontal. But you shouldn’t completely abandon such a model, the nozzle removes plaque from the teeth and the structure well, due to the elastic bristles.

Dentists advise using massage irrigators after installing braces to reduce discomfort.

Features of use

There are some more subtleties of use that should be considered when buying an irrigator. Experts recommend:

  1. To purchase nozzles with an orthodontic tip, its shape is the most convenient for cleaning braces.
  2. Qualitatively copes with pain after installing this device rubberized massage brush.
  3. It is advisable to buy a device with a large tank to do high-quality cleaning, regardless of domestic conditions. This is especially important for those who travel often.
  4. Modes need to be changed from time to time to vary the pressure on the teeth and gums.

It is very important to choose the right liquid for treating your mouth. It can be not only water, but also special solutions. Of the most common that are good for cleaning braces:

  1. Means for leaving: "Donfil", "Oral-Bi", "Waterpeak".
  2. Fluoride-containing fluids to strengthen enamel.
  3. Rinses for the treatment of gums.
  4. Solutions with a hypoallergenic composition.
  5. Liquids with deodorizing extracts to eliminate odors.
  6. Healing solutions: with salt, hydrogen peroxide.

Recommended Models

Certain models of domestic and foreign manufacturers have already earned high praise from customers.

  • Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20. Produced by a German company, very high quality, easy to use. Capacity - up to 600 ml, equipped with a system that protects against leakage. Works in 2 modes, 4 nozzles, compact. Perfectly cleans braces. Price - within 5 thousand rubles. Cons are not fixed.
1. Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20.
  • Donfeel OR-820D compact. Domestic production is in high demand. Micro bubble system, high ripple frequency. In addition to nozzles, it also includes a periodontal brush, devices for cleaning the tongue and nose. Large container volume, waterproof. Price - up to 4 thousand rubles. Cons: it does not connect to the water supply, nozzles do not rotate, there is no automatic shutdown.
2. Donfeel OR-820D compact.
  • Waterpik WP-450. American development, road version. Stylish design, small size, light weight. 2 operating modes are provided, the pulsation and pressure of water are regulated, 4 nozzles, including and orthodontic. According to customer reviews, who wear braces, perfectly cleans hard-to-reach places. Cost - within 5 thousand rubles. Cons: a small tank, not a very powerful charging battery.
Waterpik WP-450
  • Waterpik WP 100. Model of the American company, original design, compact. Micro bubble technology, 10 levels of adjustment of the pressure of the jets, 7 tips. There are devices for cleaning the tongue, rinse aid spray. Cleans braces well. Price - within 6 thousand rubles. Cons: a small compartment for storing additional nozzles, does not attach to the wall, a small tank, a short cord. Difficult to find service centers for maintenance.
Waterpik WP 100
  • Panasonic EW-DJ40. Model from a German company. Strong pressure of a pulsating jet, a large volume of fluid, a capacious cover for nozzles. High-quality sanitation of the oral cavity. Convenient for business trips. The price is about 3 thousand rubles. Cons: nozzle in 1 instance, problems with cleaning the tank, the batteries run out quickly.
Panasonic EW-DJ40
  • Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX 8281. Portable development from Germany. Effective airborne system, the flow of the jet is regulated by a button on the handle. Compact. The battery lasts for 2 weeks with daily use, a strong flow of the jet, two-way nozzle installation. The price is 5-6 thousand rubles. Minus: small tank volume.
Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX 8281

Irrigator is a very useful invention, but requires careful selection of the model in the presence of braces. When buying, you need to think about which nozzles are needed and which ones are not, to estimate the optimal pressure of the jet, to find out the cleaning technique. It is advisable to consult a dentist who will take into account the condition of the teeth and gums, advise you to choose a rinse fluid.

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