How to connect xbox 360 to a TV (old and new) + video instruction

Having become the lucky owners of the popular set-top box from Microsoft, users often wonder how to connect the xbox 360 to a TV. The variety of connectors on both devices can confuse their owner. The same questions arise in the case of xbox one, to which this guide is also suitable.


  1. HDMI as the Least Choice
  2. We connect the console through the component cable
  3. Using VGA Interface
  4. SCART - as an alternative to the HDMI port
  5. Composite cable - as an opportunity to play on an old TV
  6. Video instruction

HDMI as the Least Choice

The easiest way to connect your xbox 360 to your TV is when you select an HDMI port.

HDMI port

Through it, both image and sound transmission occurs. This ensures high quality video and audio. The maximum possible picture resolution is 1080p. If the cable is not included with the xbox 360 console or is not included with the xbox one, you can purchase it at any computer hardware store. The connection procedure itself is as follows:

  • Both devices turn off;
  • Plugs are removed from the cable (if any);
  • The wire is inserted into the HDMI port on the TV and console;
  • Devices turn on and on the TV receiver the signal coming through the corresponding HDMI port is selected. The image from the console should appear on the screen.

In this way, it will be possible to connect the set-top box only with modern TV models. It is not possible to connect the xbox 360 to a regular TV via the HDMI port, due to the absence of the latter.

We connect the console through the component cable

Connection through a component HD AV cable is, at first glance, the most difficult, since it involves the use of a large number of connectors. Often, users fear the failure of equipment in the event of an error in connecting wires.

HD AV cable

This cable, as a rule, is included in the package of the previous console model, and is also attached to a later console. It will allow you to connect the xbox to both a modern TV model and an older one.

When connecting, the following order must be observed.

  • On the A / V connector, select the position corresponding to the characteristics of the image output device (TV for normal definition and HDTV for increased). If the maximum picture format supported by the TV device is less than 480p, set the TV position.
  • Insert the plugs into the color-appropriate sockets on the TV receiver. At the same time, the yellow connector is not connected to the high-resolution device. If necessary, connect the xbox 360 to a conventional TV that does not have the ability to transmit a high-definition picture, only the yellow, red and white plugs are used.
  • Next, the other end of the cable is connected to the console connector with the corresponding marking (A / V).

If for some reason the image is not broadcast on the screen, you will need to additionally check whether the plugs were inserted correctly. A good connection will allow you to get a 1080p image, as with the previous version. Also, this method solves the problem of how to connect the xbox 360 to an old TV receiver.

Using VGA Interface

Connecting using a VGA HD-AV cable is likely to require the purchase of the latter in store, because it is not included in the delivery of the 360th model, as well as missing from xbox one.


If there is no VGA input on the monitor, the problem is solved by purchasing an adapter. When everything you need is available, connecting an xbox to a TV will be easy.

First, you need to attach the wire to the console. This is done through the already familiar A / V port. Secondly, the VGA plug is inserted into the corresponding input on the output device.

After that, wires for audio transmission are tightly fastened in the audio jacks (white and red). If you have problems with the image or sound, you should check the tightness of the joints. As a result, such an xbox 360 connection to the TV should provide a high-resolution picture.

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SCART - as an alternative to the HDMI port

Another way to connect xbox 360 and xbox one to a video device is to use a Scart adapter. It will also have to be purchased separately from the console. The advantage of this method is the simplicity and lack of probability of making mistakes. This is also a great answer to the question of how to connect the xbox 360 to an old TV receiver. Connectors of this format are available even on devices with a kinescope.

Adapter scart
Adapter cables

This method allows you to transmit both sound and picture through a single socket. It is recommended to insert cables into disconnected devices.

Composite cable - as an opportunity to play on an old TV

Connecting the 360th model or xbox one to the monitor using a composite cable, it is worth remembering the significant limitations in picture quality. The maximum possible resolution does not exceed 360p. For this reason, this method is not suitable for owners of TVs with high image quality. But it solves the problem of how to connect the xbox 360 to the old display.

The process is quite simple:

  1. First, the wire is inserted into the socket of the console.
  2. Next, the yellow plug is inserted into the corresponding socket on the TV, and the white and red in the sound slots.

If the TV does not support stereo, just insert one of the audio connectors.

Composite cable

Video instruction

For those readers who prefer even greater visibility, a video will be useful, which contains an overview of the main ways to connect the console. It gives a competent description of all methods and a recommendation for choosing the best connection methods.

From a wide selection of connection methods x360 box and xbox one to the TV, any user will be able to choose the most suitable option. Even in the absence of modern technology, it will not be difficult for the owner of the console to use it not even on the most actual device: often gamers take a prefix to the cottage, where it is possible to connect the wiring only to the old TV and enjoy the game process.

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