How to grow leeks seedlings: from sowing to harvesting

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Growing sprouts of leeks has recently gained considerable popularity among summer residents. This vegetable liked many of its taste qualities (tender smell, piquant sweet taste) and the ability to easily adapt to different climatic conditions, yield a rich harvest. In cooking, leeks are used in both raw and canned, marinated, salted and dried form. In addition to pleasant taste, the onion has useful healing properties.

Beneficial features

The chemical composition of leeks includes a large amount of protein, vitamins B2, Bj, B, C, PP and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, nickel, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron). Due to the high content of ascorbic acid, carotene, potassium, and low content of burning essential oils, this the dietary product is used to improve metabolism, increase appetite, improve immunity, and also to treat many diseases.

It is used for diseases:

  • rheumatism;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • obesity;
  • salt deposits;
  • gout;
  • atherosclerosis.

How to grow leeks seedlings?

Methods of growing onions: a non-irrigated method (direct sowing into the soil) and a seedling method. Direct seeding in the ground is used mainly in southern regions with a long warm summer. Here the soil warms up faster. For other regions it is more acceptable to grow onion seedlings.

The best place for planting onion seedlings

Cultivate onion seedlings on well-treated lowland fertile soils, seasoned with organic fertilizers. A weakly acidic or neutral soil is suitable. You can also grow on well-moistened loamy and sandy soils. Unfavorable soils are heavy clayey soils. To fertilize the land use superphosphate, potassium salt, compost, urea.

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Cultivation of seedlings from onions

To cultivate onion seedlings from seeds, a preparatory stage should be carried out. It consists in special processing of seeds. Seeds are placed in hot water for 20 minutes, then in a cold water. For rapid germination, the seeds are soaked for three days in warm water. After the seeds are poured they are left to dry.

Seed sowing

Planting of onion seeds is carried out at certain times. For growing seedlings, boxes are used that can be put up on the window, and it is better to begin seeding in mid-February. In greenhouses, crops are produced in mid-April. And at the end of April, you can sow seeds on the beds, while covering the film.

In small boxes or other suitable containers, prepared for landing, they fall asleep specially prepared soil, but not up to the top. Seed sowing is performed in rows with an interval of 5 cm, and furrow depth should not exceed, see. Subsequently, cover with a film and put the boxes in a dry and warm place. The temperature regime of the room should be maintained around +25. When the first shoots appear, the film needs to be removed and the temperature maintained at daytime to +17 and at night +12. In this mode, onion seedlings are kept for about a week. After a week's exposure, the seedlings are transferred to a different temperature regime - by day +20 and +14 at night. Such a regime is maintained throughout the entire cultivation phase of the seedlings.

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Care for seedlings

Based on the conditions in which seeds are grown, the first sprouts may appear on the 10-20th day.


Leek is a culture that requires moist soil. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that the soil does not dry up. But at the same time, do not over moisturize.

Sprinkle the sprouts of leeks with warm water, carefully, so as not to damage the stalk. But one watering can not do it, seedlings need to be fed. Fertilizing fertilization can be done one, but two are better.

To strengthen the root system and thickening of the stem, it is necessary to trim the leaves so that their length after trimming is 10 cm.

Immediately before planting the seedlings in the soil, it is necessary to conduct a gradual hardening, take to the street, while reducing watering. After six weeks there is a landing in the open ground.


Planting onion seedlings in the open ground is made in late April and early May. On pre-prepared and fertilized plot planted seedlings in rows, deepening a little more than it was in the seedling boxes. The roots and leaves are slightly pruned.

For good growth of leeks and convenient hilling during the growing season, the distance between a number of growing plants should be at least 10 cm, and between rows - at least 50 cm.

Growth Technology

The technology of growing onions through seedlings includes the main two factors: nursing and feeding. Care of young plants is especially important. Do not neglect the weeding and loosening of the soil. Watering and top dressing of plants should be carried out as necessary. Abundantly watered and fed mainly only during the growing season, in the first half.

A good fertilizer for onions is the droppings of birds. It is used in solution: 0.

After a good rooting of the seedlings, fertile soil is poured. The hilling is carried out after two months and repeated as necessary before harvesting. Before hilling it is useful to add wood ashes to the rows. It is necessary to conduct timely control of weeds.

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Harvesting and storage

To harvest, depending on the variety, start from August until frost. The shovel plant undermine, pull out of the ground. Remove roots and 2/3 of length shorten the leaves. The leek tolerates frosts well. If you leave it in the earth for the winter, it will winter well and shoot in the spring. For better wintering, plant the soil with soil, fill it with peat and lay with branches, preferably coniferous.

Store the leeks in the basement all winter, at a temperature of 0, with a humidity of 80%, prikopav in a vertical position in the wet sand.

When storing leeks, not only does not reduce the content of ascorbic acid, but on the contrary even more.

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