Plant asters on seedlings: when you can start planting

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Tell me, when to plant asters on seedlings? I bought varietal seeds, but I'm afraid that the bushes do not have time to flourish in all its glory - we often are already very cold in August.

Such simple in appearance, but full of charm multi-colored heads aster - the most frequent resident in the garden beds. Not capricious, easy to care for, abundantly flowering, annual large-flowered and cute little perennials... What more could a florist want? However, they can not admire their blooming not all and not everywhere, but all because the aster has a very long vegetation period. Even the earliest variety takes at least 3 months to grow a crumbly-seeded bush and tied buds. In the northern regions, asters just do not have enough summer and warmth for flowering, so the culture there is grown in a seedling way.

Even in the warm south, the flower is grown through seedlings, which makes it possible to approximate the time of its flowering and even timed it to a certain date.

When can you plant asters on seedlings? Before embarking on seeding, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  • regional climate;
  • varietal accessory.
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Specific timing of sowing in selected regions

Seedlings aster is in the room on average about 2 months. This is the time it takes for the seeds to rise, and the seedlings grow well. Then, at the end of spring, when warm weather sets in and the soil warms up, the bushes are moved to the flower bed. In principle, these flowers are cold-resistant enough to grow in any climate, but the main goal of the seedling method is slightly different - to bring flowering closer.

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Depending on where the flowers will be grown, the landing time moves slightly or approaches:

  • in the central regions, seeds can be sown already in early March;
  • in the Urals it is better to postpone the sowing until the end of the month;
  • on the Siberian expanses and at all to transfer landing on April.

As for the warm southern regions with a prolonged summer, there it is possible to plant asters on seedlings at the beginning and at the end of spring, in May, just in the latter case it will blossom in autumn.

Varietal differences in sowing

Each variety has its own vegetation period. Early species of asters need up to 3 months to form buds, therefore, to obtain early (summer) flowering, it is more expedient to sow seedlings in March. But seedlings of late varieties of plants that blossom in the middle of autumn, you can safely plant in May.

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In other words, the earlier the aster should bloom, the earlier it can be sown, and vice versa.

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