Saturated compote of apples for the winter

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There are quite a few recipes for preserving compotes. Each mistress has her favorite and habitual way of cooking, the same can be said about fruits. After all, the taste qualities are different for everyone: someone can not live without strawberries, and others have an allergy to it.

However, there are simple fruits that are sure to grow in every garden - these are apples. Rarely does not like fragrant juicy apples (by the way, for allergic people they are also available if you avoid varieties of red shade). It is about these fruits and will be discussed, or rather about how to cook from them a rich compote for the winter.

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Preparation of ingredients

For sipping compote fit all varieties of apples. This is of no fundamental importance, after all, the fruits most often used are at hand. However, it must be taken into account that the acid varieties require a little more sugar and vice versa.

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To apples in the sunset had a beautiful appearance, they do not need to be cut. It is enough to remove the core with a special device. The result is an unusual apple - like a whole, but with a neat, round and through hole.

Such apples from compote can be used for filling when baking pies.

A special feature of the recipe is that it is necessary to fill the jar completely with fruit, therefore the number of apples depends on the volume of the container. Typically, three-liter bottles are used, although you can roll the compote in a 2-liter can. Then apples need less. This also applies to cases when compote is preserved from several types of fruits, as well as in fruit and berry variety.

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In order to slightly diversify the taste, you can pour 1 tbsp into the bottle. gooseberries, previously washed and peeled from the tails. This will give the drink extra sweetness. Although the compote of some apples is also quite tasty. If gooseberries can not be obtained, this item can be skipped - this will not be affected in any way by the harvesting technology.

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The process of step-by-step sequencing

First of all, it is necessary to prepare containers. Banks should be washed well with soda and rinsed, it is not necessary to sterilize them. Now you can start harvesting:

  1. Fill the bottle with apples (if desired, add gooseberries).
  2. Boil the sugar syrup: add 400 g of sugar to, liter of water.
  3. Pour the boiling syrup apples in the jar.
  4. Sterilize the compote for no more than 15 minutes.
  5. Before you roll up, add citric acid on the tip of the knife under the lid.
  6. Leave the compote to cool at room temperature. Do not wrap up!

Due to sterilization, compote can be safely stored for many years even in the conditions of an apartment.

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