Juice from apples for the winter, obtained from a juicer: tips, recipes, description

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Very tasty and healthy, made by hand natural juice from apples for the winter from a juicer. A fascinating process will tighten even the most unemotional to the conservation of women, when they will prepare juice from apples for the winter of. The resulting product will please all members of the family as simply pleasant nectar in the morning, and addition to the festive dishes.

Useful properties of apples

Apples contain various vitamins and minerals, among them: vitamin A, B2, C, G, potassium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium salts, folic acid and others. Regular use of apples strengthens the immune system, makes the walls of the vessels strong, thereby preventing the penetration of toxins, restores strength. Apple is considered one of the vitaminized fruits, its beneficial effect on the body and not count. But the main factors worth mentioning: improving vision, removing effusion, a remedy for anemia, stimulating mental activity, preventing disease Alzheimer's and cancer, normalization of the cardiovascular system, protection from diabetes, dental and bone health and many other positive properties.

Which variety to choose?

To select apples for juice, one should start from their variety and desired taste. To obtain abundant pulp and less liquid, it is better to take apples with a dense structure, such as, Freedom, Antey, Cosmonaut Titov, Elena. The resulting nectar will have a sweetish-sour taste. And, here, lovers of sourness are suitable varieties: Nizhny Novgorod, Verbnoe, Antonovka. It is the sour apples that are advised to preserve for the winter. Tannins contribute to the long-term storage of juice in cans.

It is not recommended to mix the varieties of apples for juicing, and also to use summer and early-ripened apples.

Apple juice with other ingredients

It should be noted that this fruit is most useful in its raw form, but it will not lose all its usefulness when canning. Procurement of apple juice for the winter through a juicer is much more beneficial to the body than the purchased juice. It is natural, without any harmful additives and preservatives.

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This fruit is the basis for the preparation of all the combined juices. Depending on the variety and percentage of ripeness, it is possible to add sugar in the recipe.

Apples are universal and perfectly combined not only with other fruits, but also with vegetables. To prepare juice from apples it is possible in the pure state, and also with addition of a raspberry, a pear, currant berries, carrots and others.

To beginners housewives did not ask the question: "How to preserve apple juice from a juicer? and the experienced ones have definitely taken note, below are the most popular cooking recipes for this elixir.

To prepare juice from apples through a juicer for the winter, it is not necessary huge work and an uncountable amount of free time. It is enough to single out one evening hour for this procedure.


Apple juice for the winter through a juicer without pulp


  • apples - 3 kg;
  • sugar - 50 g (or to taste).

Technology of preparation:

  1. Sorted, not spoiled, fresh apples cut into four parts, remove the core with bones.
  2. Fruit is passed through the juicer.
  3. The resulting liquid has a turbid structure and requires filtration. At home, the role of the filter can be performed by gauze, bandage or a clean piece of cotton cloth. From the remaining pulp, you can make jam.
  4. Expressed juice put in a saucepan on a fire and brought to a temperature of about 85 degrees. To boil it is not necessary to bring!
  5. Preheated liquid is poured into jars and covered with a lid. Next is the process of sterilizing the cans with the contents of 20 minutes. Then roll up the lid and it's ready!

If there is no juicer, the mincer can perform its role. Only after this, the resulting pulp should be wrapped in a cloth and put under a press.

Some do not want to lose precious vitamins in fruit and juice volume, so they close it with the pulp, without filtering. You are given a prescription for such a preparation.

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Opaque apple juice - video

Apple juice with pulp through a juicer for the winter

Ingredients for a three-liter can:

  • apples - 4 kg;
  • sugar - to taste.

With 1 kilogram of apples, about 800 grams of juice is obtained. Depends on the maturity, grade and stiffness of the fruit.

Technology of preparation:

  1. Apples wash, cut and remove the core.
  2. Pieces squeeze on the juicer.
  3. The resulting mass is poured into a saucepan and placed on a stove, languish on low heat until it boils.
  4. Boiled liquid with pulp is poured over cans and screwed with a metal lid. Banks do not turn over.
  5. Before you ready the result.

For those who wish to perform the conservation of apple juice after a juicer with the addition of some other fruit / vegetable, a prescription for preparing apple-carrot juice is offered. In the same proportions it will be possible to close the other desired fruit instead of carrots. Being a source of vitamin A, carrots favorably affects the eyes, cardiovascular system, digestive organs, kidneys, liver. Also, its use is recommended for people with diabetes and suffering from increased blood pressure.

Carrot and apple juice for the winter


  • apple kg;
  • carrots - 1 kg.

Technology of preparation:

  1. Wash and cut into slices of apples.
  2. Peel the carrots and also cut into pieces.
  3. Initially, in the juicer, we impose apples, after squeezing, the resulting mixture is drained separately.
  4. Now turn carrots. The same thing is done with her.
  5. Stir the juices in a saucepan, put on fire, allow the liquid to boil. From the boiling point, you should wait another 2-5 minutes. In this case, constantly remove the formed foam.
  6. In pre-sterilized banks pour the mix, roll them up, turn them over and let them cool under a warm cloth until the next day.
  7. Vitamin Cocktail is ready!

Why do I need to sterilize cans for juice?

Sterilization is the cleaning of containers for canning from bacteria by means of hot steam and water. This process is necessary to avoid the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria even in the absence of air. To avoid disease botulism, use vinegar, which in most cases is used in canning, but when creating provisions from apple juice, this component does not figure. Therefore, before turning the apples, they are thoroughly washed.

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Tin lids boil all together. They can withstand temperatures of no more than 150 degrees Celsius, so placing them for a long time in full heat is not recommended.

A bit about a suitable juicer for a housewife

Before you start producing juice, you should pick up a juicer. For an ordinary housewife engaged in provisions in several cans for the family, delve into the super characteristics of the equipment is not worth it. Here, the time and effort spent on obtaining apple juice for the winter from the juicer will be significant. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the productivity of your juicer for taking away free time for canning. The household juicer must be intended for solid vegetables and fruits, and then what it is will be manual, mechanical or electrical will already affect only the time spent for cooking.

Juicer with own hands to help gardeners and gardeners

If there is not a professional juicer in my house, but I have many apples, you can make it yourself. The resulting design will perform the function of the press. Pros of this creation is that in 10 minutes you can get the same juice from two buckets of cake. Stages of building a huge juicer:

  1. In an aluminum pan, with a volume of 10 liters, a number of holes are drilled at a distance of not less than 5 mm from each other.
  2. A pan - a colander is placed in a vat, larger in size and in which an opening is made for draining the liquid.
  3. All this mechanism is placed on the frame, which is attached to the metal pipes that are buried in the ground. The jack will rest against two welded corners at a distance of half a meter from the ground.
  4. The piston will be a die made of wood a few centimeters smaller in diameter than the pan.
  5. The pusher is a log, the length of which is the height of the whole structure

Usually, when cooking juice from apples for the winter from a juicer at home, cooks prefer to leave the flesh. As a result, the resulting liquid is too concentrated. In winter, such a product, preferably, diluted with boiled water.

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