Delicious recipes for the winter: pear juice through a juicer

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To get a vitamin drink at home, you can prepare pear juice for the winter through a juicer, the recipe of which is simple and unpretentious. Until recently, pears were not often used in canning until many varieties of this fine fruit were taken out. Now you can make blanks not only in summer, but also in late autumn.

Importance of pears in the diet

The abundant content of folic acid in pears puts them on the first step among useful fruits that have a positive effect on blood circulation. Thanks to this component, the pear is recommended for pregnant women and children. Also this fruit is rich in iodine and potassium. The presence of such components causes the heart to work rationally and to function stably in the circulatory system. Pear has a positive effect in the disorder of the intestine and it affects the general work of digestion. Having eaten a pear, you can get rid of severe pain with gastritis, heartburn, cholecystitis and the like.

Different recipes of pear juice for the winter through the juicer will allow you to enjoy healthy substances in the cold season. Naturally, the freshly squeezed juice from the pear is much tastier and more favorable, but there is no possibility to use it daily. Billets of this syrup is better to do by oneself at home, because no one is responsible for the quality of the store goods. In addition, juice from the counter is stuffed with preservatives and additives, which are not suitable for everyone. Those who want to improve their health with pear shop juice, can even do themselves harm.

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About pear juice and its preparation

Prepared by own hands pear juice at home for the winter supports the body in the right rhythm, sets the mood, improves the overall condition. Compote and juice from pears can be drunk as an antibiotic, because this fruit contains arbutin with restorative abilities. Get and preserve the juice can be with the pulp and in its pure form. Useful components in both cases are preserved. Recipes for rolling pear juice for the winter are quite diverse, and the main ones are presented below. To create provisions, the following kitchen utensils are needed: a juicer or a juicer, a knife, an enamel pan, a metal sieve, a crusher. The selection of pear variety is also of great importance. If you have free time for conservation in the summer, then at your service: Williams summer, Lyubimitsa klappa, Ber Giffar, Yellow summer. Autumn season offers you a variety: November, Michurinsky beauty, Larinskaya, Krasnobokaya. Pear juice closer to winter can be obtained from the Conference and the Severyanka. All varieties are perfectly amenable to hot processing and are unpretentiously behaving in the process of preservation.

With 1 kg of cultivar pears obtained, a liter of juice, and with 1 kg of wild - liter.

Juice from a pear for the winter through a juicer with sterilization

Cooking process:

  1. Pears wash, peel and cut into pieces.
  2. Put the fruit in the juicer and get the juice.
  3. To dispense the received drink on banks and to sterilize 20 minutes.
  4. Clogged and ready!

Juice from a pear for the winter through a juicer without sterilization

Cooking process:

  1. The washed pears are cut into slices.
  2. Get juice with a juicer.
  3. Boil the resulting liquid in a saucepan and boil for 10 minutes, taking off the foam.
  4. Pour boiling syrup over the bottles and tighten with lids.
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Juice from a pear for the winter through a meat grinder

Recipes through the juicer pear juice for the winter are the easiest and affordable, but not everyone can afford to purchase an expensive device. For this, there are ancient methods of obtaining juice, and the juice comes out incomparably rich and tasty.

Cooking process.

  1. Peeled pears to grind in a meat grinder.
  2. Filter with a sieve and a wooden press or the resulting gruel should be placed in gauze, folded twice and squeezed with hands.
  3. Cook the resulting pear juice for 15 minutes. Pour into jars and spin. You can also sterilize unvaried juice in cans. The result will not change.
  4. Pleasant consumption.

Pear juice for short-term storage

Cooking process:

  1. Remove the core from 1 kg of fruit, cut into parts
  2. Put on the bottom of the pan and fill it with 300 g of sugar. Leave for a day to isolate the juice. At the end of the allotted time, the resulting mixture is cooked.
  3. Allow to cool and push through a sieve. Then they are boiled again and poured into jars, they are clogged. The resulting pear juice contains pulp and is stored for up to 2 months, preferably stored in a refrigerator or in a cellar.
  4. The juice is ready to be taken.

Pear juice in a juice cooker

Cooking process:

  1. Pears wash and remove the core. Large pears are divided into parts, peel should not be removed.
  2. Undressed or sourish fruit can be diluted with sugar to taste.
  3. Prepare the sovochark to work. To do this, the lower tier needs to be filled with purified water. Insert the container for the future juice and on top set the shelf with the pears. Put the device on the stove and wait for the juice to be obtained after 25 minutes.
  4. After an hour, the juice, in theory, will be ready. You can turn off the sovocharku.
  5. Point the pear liquid in a saucepan and boil it. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  6. After boiling the contents, pour over, pre-sterilized, jars. Bon Appetit!

Getting juice from a juice maker is a long process, for which it is necessary to allocate half a day. The liquid from the tap will be emitted gradually in small portions.

For those who wish to dilute the pear taste with other fruits, a step-by-step description is provided below. In this recipe you can understand how to make pear juice with apple. Apple can be replaced with other fruits, and even use berries (raspberries) or vegetables (carrots). This variant combines not only taste, but also produces a complex of vitamins in one glass.

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Juice from pears and apples for the winter

Cooking process:

  1. Apples and pears wash, take out the core.
  2. Pour half a pan with water and fill the rest with fruit. Cook over low heat. Add sugar if desired.
  3. After the ingredients are welded, let them cool down. Then pass through a metal sieve to squeeze out the juice.
  4. Squeeze the squeezed juice again in a saucepan for 20 minutes and pour over the jars.
  5. Vitamin cocktail is ready.

What is better than a juice maker or a juicer?

This question is purely individual. Someone wants to get results faster, someone better. In order to choose the necessary recipe for pear juice for the winter through a juicer or with a juice maker, you still need to consider some characteristics of these two devices. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, each sokovar will be able to choose something that is closer to his liking.

Pear juice according to the recipe of grandfathers - video

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