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A simple oriental spice is used not only in the preparation of delicious dishes, but also in cosmetology, as well as pharmacology. Aromatic and clove oil rich in active ingredients, the properties and uses of which are given below, have conquered the hearts of people for many centuries. It is used to prevent serious diseases and maintain female beauty, as well as health. Recipes along with regular execution of conventional procedures create a stunning result.

Production technology

From the clove tree growing in the south of East Asia, the essential oil of cloves is made. It has a tart spicy smell with notes of fruit sweetness. After contact with the taste receptors, the oily drug leaves a bright, fresh aftertaste. When it is produced, almost all parts of this exotic tree are used:

  • flowers (buds);
  • kidney;
  • branches;
  • leaves;
  • fruit;
  • shoots.

To allergy sufferers, as well as those suffering from hypersensitivity, cosmetologists recommend using oil obtained only from the kidneys. It is valued for its healing characteristics, because it does not cause irritation of the epidermis.

Flowers are harvested before they ripen and completely dissolve. This principle applies to fruits.First, the crop is dried naturally or on special plants. Using water-steam distillation, manufacturers from the liquid receive valuable fractions of the plant. With this technology, clove oil is produced all over the world, and contains about 85% of eugenol. This is the main component of the ether. It is widely used in cosmetology and perfumery.

It is worth noting that with 8 kg of non-blooming flowers, only 1 kg of oil comes out. Sadly, but to get the same amount of product, you need to process up to 15 kg of fruit.

Unsurpassed properties of the oil

In the commercial sphere, surrogates of essential oil of carnation are gaining momentum, the application and properties of which differ from the original. Therefore, the hostess needs, at least according to external characteristics, to be able to distinguish between them. Aroma oil, extracted from the kidneys of the tree, has a light yellowish tinge. Over time, the mixture darkens and becomes more saturated. Unfortunately, in the same brown color, manufacturers paint the hood from leaves and twigs. At the same time, vegetable fat from shoots does not change its dark shade.

Pregnant it is contraindicated, because it affects the hormonal background of a woman. In addition, some components of the product are responsible for maintaining the tone of the uterus.

Since carnation contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, fats, minerals and tannins, the essential oil obtained from it is useful for:

  • nervous system;
  • female organs (restores the menstrual cycle);
  • immunity;
  • digestion;
  • the brain (memory and mindfulness);
  • respiratory tract;
  • oral cavity;
  • bones and joints;
  • muscle tissue.
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This tree is referred to the family of Myrtov, evergreen plants. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the antibacterial property of clove oil.The volatile substances of the ether are capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria and microbes, which is extremely necessary during the flourishing of influenza or ARVI.

Doctors advise taking a few drops (twice a day) inside during the entire period of the illness. To do this, drip 2 ml in a teaspoon of honey and dilute the substrate in ½ cup of warm liquid.

Many housewives try to regularly saturate the house with this astringent scent, thus disinfecting the room. This sugary smell also drives away insects:

  • flies;
  • mol;
  • ants;
  • aphid.

The uniqueness of the drug is that it restores the cells. It is used as a rejuvenating and healing agent. A wide use of clove oil has in dentistry, because it has a regenerating and disinfecting property. Impregnated cotton ball is recommended to treat wounds. The main components of the product heal tissues, and also treat:

  • pulpitis;
  • parodontosis;
  • stomatitis.
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Some scientists have confirmed that an oily substrate removes acute or aching toothache. The spicy elixir has a calming effect on the nervous system. With its help, millions are removed:

  • voltage;
  • fatigue;
  • dizziness;
  • stress.

Do not use the concentrated product in its pure form. Always need to dilute its base (sunflower or olive).

To the tremendous properties of carnation essential oil is the improvement of blood circulation, as well as the removal of inflammation on the skin.Acne, acne, bruises and peeling will be a thing of the past.Suffering asthma, tracheitis and bronchitis should be taken either with concentrated ether or with preparations containing this vegetable fat.

Pantry recipe

A magnificent aroma and tart taste of carnation will make a successful batch for any pickles and delicious sauce. It is seasoned with fried or stewed meat, particularly game, as well as fish dishes. A few more drops are bred in alcoholic and simple drinks. If in cooking, oily spices are added to the eye or depending on preferences, then in cosmetology, everything is different. Each separate procedure for the use of essential oil, saturated with volatile organic compounds of cloves, has the following dosage:

  1. Bath. Pre-4 drops should be dripped on sea salt, in milk or honey, and then diluted in a full bath with warm water.
  2. Dental treatment. On a 15 ml base, 6 drops of oily liquid.
  3. Anesthetic. Two milliliters for a teaspoon of honey.
  4. Oil burner. Four drops in a container.
  5. Massage. 3-5 ml for the whole body, and for the back one or two are enough.
  6. Healing of cuts and wounds. Dilute 30 ml of oil in a glass of water. This lubricate the damaged area three times a day.
  7. Disorder of the intestine (stomach). Mix 1 part of the drug with 2 hours. olive oil.
  8. Aroma. A day is enough to drop two drops into a clay tank.

It is forbidden to use such spicy flavors to people during a period of intense nervous system excitation. They are also contraindicated in hypertensive crisis.

It can be safely mixed (1-2 drops) with a hand or face cream to remove acne and acne. Biologically active ingredients, included in clove oil, improve the circulation of the head, so are effective for hair growth. If you undergo a ten-day course of therapy (interval between procedures - 3 days), then you can improve the condition of hair bulbs by 100 times. To prepare a mask from this miraculous elixir, you should take the oil:

  • carnations;
  • juniper;
  • rosemary;
  • jojoba (this is the base, which means you need 30 drops).
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All other components have an equal number of 5 drops.For a basis it is possible to take essential oils from an almond, a peach, olives or the germinated seeds of cereal crops. The mixture must be rubbed either overnight or 2 hours before taking a bath. It is good to wrap your head with a plastic bag, and on top with a terry towel (knitted cap). The result of this experiment will be strong, shiny, silk and thick strands.

Clove oil is used to narrow the spores. You need to take the ether of geranium, cloves and sage (one drop), and then grind with yolk. Apply for 20-40 minutes. Rinse off with hot water. After softening the skin with cream.

Such a complex application of clove oil has a beneficial effect on the body systems, and the unique properties of components and minerals - on the speed of the main processes of life. The result is health and beauty!

A video about the properties of carnation essential oil

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