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Pear is extremely delicious and healthy fruit and keep it fresh for a long time, therefore it is better to preserve it. A compote made from pears for the winter is a simple drink that can be cooked. It is important to know what positive and what negative qualities such a pleasant and popular fruit possesses.

What is important to know about the pear


  1. Thanks to its composition, the pear will perfectly help in the fight against muscle pain after exercising.
  2. The composition of the pear includes pectin, which has a positive effect on the digestive system and helps it to function fully.
  3. If you make a broth based on pears, then it can be used for medicinal purposes, namely to combat the fever of the body.
  4. If a person has a cough, he can eat a boiled pear, which will ease the condition and allow you to forget about the cough for a while.
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  5. With constipation, it will be useful to drink compote from pears or eat a pear cooked for this compote.
  6. In the fruit there is a lot of fiber that improves the work of the intestines, removes toxins from the body and helps to normalize the bile secretion.
  7. For those who have diabetes, it will be useful to eat pears, as their composition can reduce blood glucose levels, and also has antibacterial properties.
  8. With gastritis, pears are quite useful in the course of the chronic process, since their composition has an astringent effect and the ability to improve the work of metabolic processes in the body.
  9. In pears, there are many different vitamins, microelements and fiber, so they are excellent help those who want to lose weight and in addition to bringing in the body of nutrients, quickly and easily they satisfy hunger.

Possessing such a variety of properties, compote of pears for the winter is very useful!


  1. With such diseases as pancreatitis, pears are contraindicated - can cause a severe exacerbation of the disease due to the abundance of fiber.
  2. If there is an exacerbation of any disease of the intestine, then pears can not be used, because because of their composition they can provoke a severe deterioration of the condition.
  3. Pear can bring significant harm to the body if it is consumed with heavy food or if it is consumed with plenty of water.

It is better to refuse pears on an empty stomach or after a dense dinner. Fresh pears are heavy food.

One of the most popular drinks in the winter is compote. The variety of fruits and berries, the possibility of their combinations make it possible to make drinks for different tastes. How to prepare a compote of pears for the winter? Simple recipes are described below.

Do not take over-ripe pears for cooking compote. The pulp will quickly boil and make a cloudy drink.

A drink that refreshes and saturates the body with vitamins in the cold season is a cooked compote made from pears for the winter. It is necessary to taste both adults and children.

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There are different options for cooking pear compote for the winter. You can safely take on one of the recipes of this wonderful drink!

Simple compote of pears for the winter

To prepare it you will need the ingredients:

  • pear (medium size) kg;
  • water, boiling water 3 l;
  • sugar - no more than 3 glasses.

For compote it is better to use dense unrestricted fruit without dents. The most delicious is a drink made with fresh home-made pears.

The process of making compote from domestic pears for the winter:

  1. Pour the fruit into a large container. Rinse them thoroughly.
  2. Nail each pear with a fork.
  3. Rinse the can with soda or laundry soap. Sterilize it in one of the ways. For example, by holding over the steam. Also it is necessary to boil the lid.
  4. Fill the fruit in the jar. Pour them with boiling water for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the water back into the pan. Add sugar, cook the syrup over medium heat until boiling.
  6. Pour hot syrup into the jar and roll up the jar.
  7. Cover it with a towel.

If the pear skin is very dense and tough, then it is better to cut it. Otherwise, the drink will not get the maximum taste.

Compote of pears for the winter without sterilization

To save time and effort, you can make compote according to a shorter version - without sterilization. Such drinks taste and benefit not inferior to canned, but they have less shelf life.

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On a 3-liter jar, prepare:

  • pear (not large) kg;
  • water - about 3 liters;
  • sand sugar - 100 g;
  • acid lemon to your taste

The process of preparing compote from pears without sterilization:

  1. Wash the pears thoroughly.
  2. Cook in a saucepan with water over medium heat for 10-15 minutes after boiling.
  3. Wash and sterilize a 3-liter jar.
  4. To fall asleep pears.
  5. In the water from under the pears add lemonade and sugar. The resulting syrup is brought to a boil.
  6. Pour the syrup into the jar and roll it and then turn the jar lid down.

Delicious and aromatic pear compote for winter is ready! Now you can enjoy the taste of a beautiful pear compote!

To give the compote a more intense shade, you can add plums, apples, cherries, rowan berries, black currants, raspberries, viburnum.

Pear compote with citric acid

Citric acid helps make compote less luscious.

In the middle of the pear lies its beautiful smell. Boil separately the inside of the fruit, strain and add to the syrup. The drink will turn out very fragrant!

To prepare this compote you will need:

  • solid pear fruit;
  • sugar - not more than 300 g;
  • lemon juice (citric acid) (1 h. a spoon);
  • some vanillin or cinnamon;
  • mint.

The process of preparation of pear compote for the winter with citric acid:

  1. Wash pears, cut in half. Damaged skin is best removed. Tear off the tails and cut the core.
  2. To the pears are not darkened, put the sliced ​​pieces into sour water or sprinkle them with lemon juice.
  3. Prepare the jar and lid.
  4. Pour the pears into the jar and immediately pour boiling water for 7-10 minutes.
  5. Pour the water into a saucepan, bring to a boil and refill the can for 10 minutes.
  6. Pour the water back into the pan, then add the sugar sugar, a little mint, vanillin. Boil.
  7. Pour the syrup into the jar. Add the lemon.
  8. Roll up the jar with a lid, cover it with a blanket and then leave it for the night.

Do not keep pears too long in water, they can lose their useful properties.

Compote from a pear duck for the winter

Wild pear varieties have medicinal qualities. From them you can make a delicious drink.

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Main Ingredients:

  • wild pears - not more than, kg;
  • water l;
  • sugar (sand) - not more than 300 g;
  • lemon (citric acid) - 1 hour. a spoon.

The process of making compote from the pear pear for the winter:

  1. Sterilize the jar.
  2. Fill most of the cans with pre-washed pears.
  3. Dissolve sand sugar in water and then bring to a boil. In the jar, pour the resulting syrup.
  4. Leave the jar covered with a lid for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the water back into a saucepan and boil again. Pour into a jar and leave for 5 minutes
  6. Repeat step 5 again.
  7. Add the lemon acid and bring to a boil.
  8. Pour the syrup into the jar and roll it up immediately. Put upside down, cover the coverlet and allow to cool in this position.

A compote of aromatic pears cooked for the winter will quench your thirst, will energize and give you the necessary vitamins in the cold season!

Pear is a sweet fruit. So do not be hard on sugar. Need it quite a bit. And if you want the taste to be as bright and rich as possible, then you need to put more than half of the pear into the jar.

Pear compote with honey

This is a simple recipe for compote from pears for the winter, which does not require a lot of time.


  • small pears;
  • for pouring: honey will require 800 g and water 1 l.


  1. Mature solid pears in half cut or into four parts. Cut out the core.
  2. Pour the pears into the acidified water for a few minutes. And then spread out on jars.
  3. Honey is dissolved in boiled water, cool a little and pour the pears into the jars. To sterilize. Store in a cool place.

This recipe with a photo of a pear compote for the winter is simple in execution and it can be made even by the landlady who first decided to make a drink from these fruits.

Pear compote is not only a vitamin drink, it is also a delicious treat. A juicy aroma of an amber pear drink will please with its unmatched taste and will strengthen immunity in the winter. And fruit from compote can easily become an ornament of cakes and desserts from different fruits.

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