Repair gas stove with his hands

Repair of gas stoves with their own hands is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. However, criminal liability is not yet available if an accident happens, anticipating trouble. The town of Volgograd one wise guy started to vent combustion cylinder. 4 people died. Authorities have classified the case, following Article causing death by negligence. Gas service wizard are entitled to do the replacement of equipment to perform maintenance work. Actual starting podvodkami, completing the transition to a different type of fuel. We give below a few recommendations, no user manual, a common methodology.

Apparatus gas cookers with electronic ignition

Darina, Hansa, Ardo - so different and at the same time the same. Repair of gas stoves Hephaestus as two peas reminds repair Ariston; gas cookers composed typical nodes. It suffices to consider only device to realize the circuit. Stock up guide to properly withstand the pressure of the gas. When properly configured, the flame smooth, blue. Orange flashes reveal an imbalance of the fuel mixture. If incorrect settings flame failure occurs (especially characteristic carob oven).

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Read reviews of the portal VashTehnik concerning gas instantaneous water heaters, gas stoves independent repair will seem like child's play! Do not be his own, and to clean the unit as possible. Clean master will candles, combustion sensors burners, sometimes nozzle. Inside the gas stove a lot of interesting things. Harness the proper cleaning of equipment should be understood that see inside. Under the table, a gas cooker:

Repair gas cookers

  • Burners. Often attached to the table gas stove bolts. Each burner includes a cover, deflector, injectors (nozzles). Under the table is not rigidly attached to each suitable steel or copper pipe, fixing is conducted like an American. It will take approximately 13 key to shoot products. Easy to clean, if that pounded inside. Beware rip head, thread - will have to change. After assembly, check the tightness obmylivaniem. The procedure consists of applying the foam to the disputed sites.
  • Along the perimeter of the cooking zone two candles. One serves as the ignition (due to the piezoelectric element or the electronic circuit), the second thermocouple is included combustion control circuit. Distinguish simple enough. The high voltage spark ignition wearing ceramic caftan to spark struck not below a predetermined level. When flowing arc seen: discharge tongue licking the hotplate body. Gas cooker with electronic ignition master outlet is properly grounded. Beware apply eyeliner water, connectors, filled with metallic threads. When installing from the riser pipes are separated by special seals. Failure to comply with the rules easily trigger an explosion in favorable situations. We wrote more, we remind once again. Candle with a thermocouple wearing bronze caftan conducting heat. The faster cool semiconductors, potuhni flame protection will reliably, shuts off the gas.

gas burners

  • Often under the table stands collector. Thick pipe from which goes to any burner hoses. gas flow controlled solenoid valves. The number is usually equal to the number of burners. When other flame attenuation burner will burn. The expediency of the decision may be challenged, but it's done. Each solenoid valve comprises an inductor. A thermocouple heats appears EMF (tens of millivolts), the retaining device open. Full activation order: turn the gas regulator, push. Click the button pezorozzhigom or electronic circuitry makes the complex procedures of self. Fixed handle being held. Warming thermocouple EMF produced starts, the solenoid valve is held open due to phenomena Seebeck open. It should go out the gas, the sensor candle cools, the gas supply will be interrupted. Process inertial believe not far day, flame ionization detectors will be used in gas stoves, allowing protection work instantly.
  • Similarly the gas distribution manifold within the reinforcing plate. Run up to every single electrode ignition high-voltage wires. Another way to distinguish thermocouple: sensor to two cores stretch, thinner cross-section. The breakdown spark goes to the housing, the second ignition is carried out once. Lishis stove ground, gain the chance of electric shock. Possible deaths - an additional reason to trust the professional installation. The collector is connected via connectors. There is protection against improper orientation of the plug, sometimes confuse easily. When you open the burners spark will slip in another divider. Not only pleasant, possible flame Firebolt.

Self Repair gas cookers

  • If the charge is formed by an electronic circuit inside you find a simple thyristor, diode, capacitor, fuse. Powered diagram fed charge capacitor followed splash energy spark gap spark. Repair electrical ignition gas cookers concerns listed elements. It is easy to notice the problem. Burned elements of black or similar color.

Adjusting the gas stove to another gas

Gas is endowed with two important characteristics:

  1. The calorific value of defined composition. Higher methane content below parameter. Natural gas calorific value is predetermined deposit natural resource extraction.
  2. The pressure caused by the gas type. Liquid required above. In the main typical value is 13 mbar. Parameter ensures correct operation of the solenoid valves, injectors, burners.

Installing electric ignition

At too high pressure gas burns incompletely, appear soot orange flames. The system may not work properly. 'Ve encountered with the instructions, it is recommended to use the gearbox to get the balloon 13 mbar. There are probably limited. Not for nothing two cylinders put in parallel is recommended. Note the main gas - in fact, the liquid supplied via the gearbox. It is pumped from the tanks in the vessel, from which supplies the house. Vyznat wiring diagram of the house in the community. Found natural gas circulated centrally having a smaller value, the pressure, heating value. It is understood that the pressure is 13 mbar. Aspect to be considered during the installation and repair of the gas stove.

The reason to call the professionals to install and configure - masters know the parameters. Of course, a person with a certificate also aware of local conditions. Now imagine what would happen if unknowingly connect the equipment correctly! This gas, leave the jokes. Especially it concerns the provinces, where the neighboring houses can have a different connection. It is recommended to buy a set of replacement injectors for different gas pressures. We describe the process of handwritten bore nozzles, mentioned: the law forbids to carry out revision. Unsafe operation. Before buying, check with gas service parameters, the store will wonder whether the equipment is suitable. Not too late to do the next time cleaning inquiries. Not the fact that everything is done correctly.

How to adjust the jets. Changed size of the central opening. Less pressure, the hole is taken over. Must be maintained verticality and balance, otherwise the gas will veer to one side, leading to the accident. It is appropriate to recall that, in the old Soviet gas stoves jets are hidden deep inside. burners unusual design. Between the nozzle and splitter located tube with a pair of ears, attached to the frame. Frames for every two burners accounted for one. Pairwise pipe ears mounted within the housing. At the lower end the cup is placed with the nozzle is inserted into the upper distributor. Gas cooker works by jet. Propane and butane are heavier than air.

The peculiarity is that in front of the nozzle tube with a radial cut. I need to unscrewing without using a long socket wrench, a hexagonal nozzle. In modern gas stoves jet worth under fire. Different arrangement improves traction, discourages ordinary people hunt to climb into the stoves. Repair gas stove with your hands - is a dangerous business.

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