Repair of gas stoves with electric ignition

Cheap printed circuit boards that make up the electronic filling of household equipment cost $ 10 rubles. The consumer avoids repairing a budget electric stove with electric firing. The price, exceeding $ 30, involuntarily provokes the occurrence of the thought to save. You visit the amateur radio forum: see. .. Ready-made electrical circuits of ignition devices. Wind up step-up transformers, look for capacitors, solder, smoke equipment at your own peril and risk.

The principle of electric ignition

In contrast to most household appliances, the repair of electric ignition gas stoves makes it necessary to master the technique of replacing resistors. Frequent, ongoing process. Beginners, challenging the feasibility of the event, cause general indignation of members of the forum. They call an amateur the offensive phrases, indulgently explain, inside the high-voltage unit:

  1. High-voltage transformer.
  2. Capacitor.
  3. Diode.
  4. Resistor.

Electrics scheme is flooded with a compound specially, burdock will not climb inside. Scratch, saving blood $ 30.Self-taught ignores the thoughts of the manufacturer about the protection of products against unauthorized access.

The electric ignition unit of the gas stove optionally contains control elements - thyristors, and triacs. It’s a long time to explain the exact principle of operation of the components of electric firing. It is worth noting: the behavior of semiconductor products resembles a key( the faucet is more accustomed to think plumbers).Semiconductor electronic elements are used to control a power line through a voltage amplitude of 5-12 volts.

The analogy of the water valve is complete. A person makes a symbolic effort, opening the valve, releases the utter power of the pump. The voltage of the scanting control electrode reaches the operating point, the thyristor opens, starting the electric ignition circuit. There are two positions: open, closed. Digital microelectronics pure water. Any processor is formed by semiconductor keys - miniature, indistinguishable by the human eye. PCs are considered a logical evolutionary continuation of electronic circuits.

A high-voltage transformer increases the voltage( units of kilovolts) of the output winding; an electric arc illuminates the slot of the burner arresters. Gas is supplied by the pen of the same name, starting the electric ignition circuit. There are other models of devices. Thanks to the spark, the gas lights up:

  • pressing the button, the cook charges the capacitor with a rectified voltage;
  • capacity begins to accumulate electrons;
  • the voltage level of the control thyristor increases, when it reaches the threshold value, the capacitor discharges, warming up the transformer primary winding;
  • electrical ignition circuit output generates a voltage that causes the arrester to trigger;
  • spark ignites gas.

The principle of electric ignition is based on charging a capacitor through a rectifying diode to a certain level. Specific implementations of the scheme vary. Be ashamed to study the textbook of the electrical engineer: to repair the electric ignition of the gas stove with your own hands is easier than a steamy turnip. Know a couple of rules, know how to solder.

Damned Resistor

The mentioned resistor of the electric ignition circuit is more often 3.9 kΩ.Power dissipation is 0.5, less than 1 watt. The size of the tank has been known for a long time( according to the members of the forum) - a pair of fractions above 2 microfarads( the figures are jumps according to the rows given by GOST, it will not be possible to find exactly 2 microfarads, except from the E24 range) with an operating voltage of 250 volts. Radio amateur will not notice. There were times - TVS was manually rewound!

The average person wants to know the sequence of actions. First, it is necessary to disconnect the electric ignition of the gas stove from the voltage source. The second step is extracted electronic, high-voltage blocks. The design is separate printed circuit boards, a single substrate. There are other options.

Start inspection, assessing the quality of the tracks, soldered joints. A layer of conductor that looks like a silver stripe is covered with a layer of varnish. Made to protect the electric ignition circuit from the effects of external factors, primarily moisture. Varnish reliably covers the conductive layer. Is there nail polish at home? Fully fit.

Nagar is cleaned with zero sandpaper, degreased with alcohol, coated with varnish on top. Delaminated, torn paths of the electric ignition circuit are restored.

Example. Torn conductive layer. Both edges are slightly trimmed with emery, tinned, fused with solder. A varnish is applied over the cooled solder, alcohol is applied as necessary. To wipe the PCB, naturally.

Burnt resistor black. The nominal is listed above. It is not forbidden to put an element more powerful. Eyewitnesses argue together: the further process of operation is excellent. Let us give the plate circuit a 9 kΩ resistor. The power of dispersion is better to take equal to greater than the analogous parameter of the original element.1 W will do.

A broken capacitor is visible from afar. Some( electrolytic) swell, swollen keg can not be missed by the attentive master. Regarding the denominations are recommended to ask the members of the forum. Modern labeling of resistors with multicolored rings is more complicated than the alphanumeric inscription. Tolerance expressed in percent.

Repairing electric ignition of a gas stove can be easy. If the transformer windings burn out, you will have to buy a new one. Want to check the location of the fault? For each output, we find a pair that rings. Resistance( use a multimeter) is hundreds of ohms. There were "legs" hanging in the air: rather, a problem with the installation of a transformer. Rewind occupation is not easy. The open spaces of the network will provide valuable information. The core of the shape of the letter Sh is used. The primary turns of the dozen are to be dealt with in the secondary winding.

In addition to electronics

After examining the printed circuit boards of the gas stove, pay close attention to the state of the button. A control panel element that triggers the spark gap ionization process. The contacts of the electric ignition button are powered by a voltage of a centralized network of 230 V. Brass contacts in the event of a short circuit of the circuit easily melt the welding arc. It is recommended to clean the site, check the operation of the switch with a multimeter( ringing).

A product capable of withstanding operating voltage. Electrical ignition will not work worse. At times, installation is accompanied by technical difficulties. The button does not fit the installation dimensions of the case. Modify the file.

The main thing is to correctly unsolder the cross, the necessary spare parts are often sold separately.

Each burner is equipped with a candle, a combustion control device( thermocouple).Electric ignition of a gas stove is a little different from an ordinary car. Do you want to check the serviceability of an electric ignition candle in a gas stove? Turn off the gas. Remove the reflectors, the dividers of each burner( round things that form the tongues of fire), see. .. When you press the ignition, the products give a good spark.1 candle broke? The cause of the electric ignition breakdown of the gas stove was found.

The combustion control circuit is composed by a thermocouple( arbitrary type of temperature sensor).Sometimes, electric ignition works 100%, gas refuses to burn. The point rather in this site. Team tract blue fuel closes. A well-beating spark of a gas stove is powerless to set fire to air devoid of a combustible mixture.

The electric ignition unit is equipped with 4 or 6 outputs, the reason for the need for a specified number of contacts is ignored. We believe 1 pair is involved in the oven, grill. Current trends oblige the manufacturer to produce models a la Two in one. A gas stove with electric ignition of the oven is convenient: you will find models where the opportunity is not realized, and those where you will have to modify the scheme of a copper dwelling. It will take her husband's help.

Our own schemes

We will be ashamed to call electrical circuits for igniting a gas stove difficult. Radio amateurs make it easier. They etch the Getinax board, solder the necessary elements. The original composition of the electric ignition of the gas stove provides a ready-made transformer, a button, discussed above.

An experienced engineer can usually improve this given by the manufacturer. The Internet leads a curious scheme of electric ignition of a gas stove, formed by a triac, striking a simple one.


Electric Zanussi gas stove with electric firing will make you forget the appearance of the matchbox. So say the official representatives of the company. The segment of the business class is products Gorenje( Slovenia).Despite the abundance of brands, almost a complete list belongs to the concern Electrolux( headquarters in Stockholm).The category refers mentioned Zanussi. Audiov's Audi

, Volkswagen DSG, S-Tronic experience, one wonders how the electric ignition systems of gas stoves differ in the presented apparent diversity. The second thought, creeping into the head - there will also be a division into models of premium class and budget brands by brand names.

When purchasing, check the availability of the electric ignition option of the oven. Not everywhere the function is implemented. Sometimes something may have to be finalized. The average price of gas stoves varies in the region of $ 400, Bosch, Ariston and Gorenje are knocked out of this range. What is so attracted to the buyer.

Among the budget models we will meet Hansa, Nord and Zanussi mentioned above.$ 240, and equip the kitchen with a real electric-heated gas stove. Not expensive at all!

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