Why bloat stove

Most of the operations discussed below, do yourself is not recommended - is simply not allowed. Of operation of the gas service employees. Surprised: why give information. Practice shows that there are people wanting to make their own hands a spaceship. That in the process did not work then, present a thematic review of the heavenly summer... that is, of the gas equipment. Not be regarded as a guide, the instructions. Caution decided to secretly find out why bloat stove. Without causing masters, he began to fight trouble. That troubles do not become more, read a few pages carefully. Soot gas stove... try to understand ...

Another master is like a hurricane. One took 600 rubles, incidentally broken barrel float bowl to finalize the deficiencies of the developer. Second hooves pricked tiles, a waiting grout. (I was warned when racked - blinked, asking what kind of crack?) Select Master thoughtfully.

Tales of gas and gas stoves

Stove smokes, there is a business in the country - it should cause masters service. Specialists refuse to work on weekends, holidays, to prepare an urgent need now, a brief digression problem smoky stoves give.

gas burners

Gas stove smokes - two reasons:

  1. The gas contains excess sulfur impurities giving a dense black smoke.
  2. The gas pressure abnormal. Exceeds the nominal plate, nozzles. Pressure line of houses is small. By default, home appliances designed to operate under these conditions. The most common problem is terrorizing truckers, is connected to the home gas stove bought the balloon.

Poor quality gas cylinder

Bottled gas contains sulfur impurities - free cottager complain Rospotrebnadzor, other supervisory observing organizations. Provide refueling check gas cylinder in the analysis, wrote a statement. Before now make an attempt to complete the work by peaceful means, the conditions of Russian reality increases the chances of confrontation.

Smokes gas stove - the contents of the tank substandard. We are working on the algorithm:

  1. Will have to accept the fact or try to swallow relocate cylinder plate, where soot is powerless to cause damage to property.
  2. Later turn to the organization, filled balloon to explain the subject of excess sulfur.
  3. Seeing the lack of understanding of the seller of the situation, complaining, trying to restore justice.

Having friends who took gas from the organization are advised Friendly, whether gas stove smokes. One head is good, two - better. Courts while away friendly conversation is much more pleasant than to wait in line in silence.

Raising the alarm, accusing the gas supplier, pre-read overview. Perhaps the reason is limited to a misconfiguration of the gas equipment.

Gas stove is not configured as desired

Wanted to ask a special service. Smokes burner gas cookers - pressure at the inlet is too high. Bottled gas in a highly compressed state, can not be compared to the pipeline supply gas to homes.

Burner smokes

Internals burners

Avoiding catching a faint, pondering the idea to climb into the burners, so nothing inside will not spoil, read the following information.

Excluding the old Soviet-era plates, considering the modern kitchen equipment - electric models are supplied with removable jets in two sets. Burners are composed by the following main parts:

  • Divider - form part of the flange sleeve, rugged tower teeth along the perimeter, through which gas is distributed uniformly in a circle.
  • Cover divider. The splitter is covered by the top plate of circular shape. Made of stainless steel, a lot of performance options available today. It does not matter.

Sometimes design is complemented by spark ignition device sticking out the side of the splitter. It acts as a spark ignition of an ordinary car. Electricity ignited natural gas. Near the plug temperature sensor. Similar in appearance, the person who sees the construction of the first time, confuse the two elements. The sensor plate helps to understand whether the gas burns. Extinguished - special solenoid valve shuts off the fuel, eliminating fire.

If you remove the divider, cover, find the jet. Small bolt punched through the axial hole. Passing hat orifice, gas enters the dissector further burnt. Stove smokes - a hole too big. The small hole diameter millimeter notice on the jet. Detail of yellow, made of brass, bronze alloy similar. Workmanship jet, installed properly provide safety living near the smoky gas stove, carefully step by step look at the pitfalls.

Gas stove smokes

Finalization of the nozzle plate smoky

Modern gas stove is equipped with two sets of jets, two sets are applied. The manufacturer is aware of the problem: equipment smokes, passing from the main to the bottled gas. Socket set is complemented by a key, the two types of nozzles. Provide dachnoe equipment smaller holes (0.8 mm).

Note: jet enters crooked, begin to veer to the side of the gas, the household gets a chance to fly into the air. Only a person with straight arms, sharp vision, is able to perform the operation, avoiding damage with the probability so high as to not worry about the consequences.

The second set of jets is missing, there is no possibility to buy - it is necessary to modify the henchmen. We remind you, this is not a guide, and safety tips refuse to invite gas companies. Need a soldering iron, solder, a set of sewing needles, a few hours time.

The first step of the oxide film is deprived of brass, solder sit securely on the metal. Wait a little rush to rosin: take alcohol, gently wipe the nozzle with clean hands. After opening, cap rosin oxide film is torn off, applied a drop of solder, tin engages in the hole.

Emery drop grinds off flush with the cap. It was the turn of needles. Take a little poke through the hole, then - a second, more. Herewith the bore diameter to 0.5 mm (diameter of the needle can be measured caliper) try to spin back jet. Blue flame, devoid of a single yellow tongue, confident, not smoky. The result corresponds to the description of the normal flame - take the second orifice.

Cooking on the stove

The first time is rarely possible. We take out the nozzle, a set of needles expanding hole. After each 0.1 mm try result. Note that the hole is strictly parallel to the axis of the nozzle to the gas stove stands up. Failure to comply will cause bleeding of natural gas, the explosion happens. The first time a gas stove equipped with new jets, the tyranny of continuous supervision.

missing jet

Older gas stoves interchangeable jets deprived. What to do. The gas stove mechanism regulating force flow of natural gas. Try to adjust as needed.

Sam cylinder supplied brass valve with a conical thread can not fully open. Adjust the head angle of rotation of the crane.

Conical valve on the gas cylinder is seated under heating. Therefore, try to screw the gas key detail - a thankless task. Even if there was found a pipe, magnifying the impact of the shoulder. Sometimes, with a valve disorder, let us consider briefly the process of replacing parts special service.

First we verify in a vacuum bottle. Full, avoid touching. Craftsmen ssovetuyut how to fill the balloon, but without us. Thread right. Avoid unnecessary movements. Thread right, conical valve planted under heat. Take hairdryer construction, it is better (less secure) the burner, the valve lift temperature. Thread ultimate joint is relatively easy. Take a new, bought in the shop crane, under heat to spin. First cold screwed on as possible. Heat the burner dokruchivaem until it stops.

Gas bottle periodically collects condensate. Smelly liquid is poured out of the house, where allowed to urban services. Smell unpleasant. Note: when installing the mains gas stoves do not use eyeliner water (plumbing). Incompatible with the electric models of kitchen equipment. The explosion occurs when there is no apparent reason, reason: metallic inclusions liner.

Gas stove smokes, what to do. Enlist the help of the phone call 04, the master will advise the correct number. Read reviews of the portal VashTehnik related issues repair gas stove! Inside the modern models should stop valves, blocking the issuance of the blue fuel in the fire extinction. Old stoves lack of bells and whistles. The only mechanism is the adjustment knob.

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