What to buy a heater for larger homes

Source selection criterion heating home appliance should be power - need to determine how much KW should produce a device for the comfort of the consumer. In this article, devoted to the choice of heaters in detail stopped on the issue of heating power calculation!

Important! People take for a large private home gas boilers, but the best choice because of cheapness - boiler to heat the house with wood or coal.

a home heater

a home heater

How to estimate the power required to heat

Any house built on the project - at home in the northern latitudes warmed better. Identical in appearance, houses differ inner content. Due to the different "stuffing" houses heating power is kept constant - 100 - 200 watts per sq. m. for even the northern regions. You must take into account the climatic conditions and the location of a specific construct - with increasing latitude soil growing electricity consumption.

There are regulations, according to which the temperature of the premises should comply with the prescribed documents. In normal climatic conditions the iron temperature, even Soviet, the battery should be 70 degrees Celsius. Based on this condition, designed windows, doors, walls, floors. Battery task - to satisfy the need for heating to room temperature does not drop below the norm.

For clarity, the correct calculation of the required power will give an example: Apartment in the middle zone, an area of ​​50 square meters, the battery temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.

In the middle zone should be taken to calculate the power of 125 watts per sq. M. Multiply the size of the apartment to the required capacity - means for an apartment will need 6.25 kW. Normal, comfortable, to stay human in the room temperature is considered to be 20 degrees Celsius. Conventional cast iron, produces 70 - a difference of 50 degrees. Moreover, from this value depends on the differential power (6.25 kw). If the difference is 30 degrees, as in our case, you need a heater, which consumes not less than:

N = (50 - 30) / 50 x 6.25 = 2.5 kW.

convector home

convector home

So powerful instrument to get difficult, but if a few rooms, an excellent solution for heating will purchase three convector capacity of 850 - 900 Watts. Why priority for convectors? Let's compare:

  1. The low-power convector operates continuously. Purchasing three or four instrument cumulatively consume 2,5 - 3 kW, will provide constant heat in the apartment, without overloading the power meter.
  2. Oil heaters work differently. Power output is strongly dependent on the heat sink area (number of sections). The instrument gives the total temperature not higher than 70 degrees Celsius and runs until the oil warms up. In this hard to get a heater capacity of less than 1.5 kW. This means that the total consumption will amount to three copies of 4.5 kW, which threatens constantly beaten out plugs.

The best means of heating will infra-red heaters. In addition to the heat returns the user saves more - heating lamps have some coverage area. lighting sector, as well as the specific power per square meter, is highly dependent on the height and the device model:

When choosing a convector heaters and oil believed that by compensating for the temperature in the room will be 20 degrees Celsius. If such conditions are created only in the right places, at the battery will be 5 degrees less. This will increase the impact of heat by 10%. Let us use the iron a little more efficiently. If happy, place the infrared heaters at the ceiling.

lighting sector is highly dependent on the height, as well as the specific power per square meter. As in this case to consider the power, why just talking about the benefits and cost savings. A good example for calculating the power of infrared heaters 50 serve The above-meter apartment consisting of:

  • the bedroom where the computer is programmed;
  • kitchen;
  • bathrooms.

Bedroom. Bed and computer, you can light up a lamp power of 50 watts per square meter. Now: 300-watt infrared lamp to provide a comfortable atmosphere (heating and lighting) enough bedrooms.

Heater Lamp

Heater Lamp

Kitchen. Lighting and heating spaces around the kitchen table to the bedroom will give a similar 300-x wadded lamp. By adding the two figures already obtained 600 - 800 Watts.

Bathroom recommend taking baseboard heaters with protection against water ingress. Bathroom, the smallest in a standard apartment, able to warm even the 200-watt infrared lamp. It turns 1 kW for an apartment.

This method is more economical than the other heating - heaters would consume 2.5 - 3 times as much as oil heaters and worse. Infrared heaters do not dry air - warmed first horizontal surface, spreading heat.

Which to choose a heater

After calculating the heater power to heat your home you need to determine the model of the heater. Manufacturers, forming the price, governed by no capacity radiator, and the additional and service options as well as the safety class.

Example: typical vetroduvka costs 200 - 300 rubles, and ceramic heaters Bork owners manual - from 5000 rubles. The difference in the helix and with a protective coating, and a fall protection, and automatic control of the microclimate and marketing policy. Advanced models are able to clean the air, charged with negative ions space - useful for the office with a PC.



Price sometimes is formed in accordance with the purpose and place of deployment. Insulate a garage or shed quite cheap vetroduvka help - we need only follow the rules of fire safety - to keep the unit open. Business person in the office need silence and comfort - quiet, well and quickly heats the air to a comfortable temperature heater. In the nursery, if resources permit, it is perfect convector with air humidification.

Search heater

Shopping trip has not been canceled, but this option is familiar to many. Talk about a more modern and advanced search method - through the Internet. Search through Yandex-market - an ideal option. type "heater" in the search box Yandex-market. The side of the column heater options have more options - options for filtering (model, price, manufacturer, options, etc.) Thus, the initial stage of the search is completed. Then in Yandex dial model and look for the point of sales.

Dacha, considering the passion thieves take away the good, it is better to heat the relatively cheap models. Oil radiator for heating a country house - the best option - a heavy, do not steal and safer vetroduvki. Heating street arbors or porches practical use heaters for liquid or gaseous fuels - heat guns, and infrared lamp.

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