Are infrared heaters harmful to health?

Today a specific topic for discussion is waiting for the audience. People, having heard about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation, often confuse the range with the infrared spectrum, seeing a carbon or halogen model in the store, worry that infrared heaters are harmful to health. We will understand.

On radiation

Ultraviolet is harmful. Photons destroy microbes and catalyze the production of vitamin D in the body, but:

  • provoke cancer when immoderately in the sun;
  • causes freckles;
  • burn the cornea, are harmful to the retina.

The idea of ​​raising the question of the dangers of infrared heaters did not originate from scratch. Infrared heaters emit, for example, like a blue lamp for the ear, which warmed in my grandmother’s childhood. As you know, it was impossible to look at the device( damage to the retina).

In unlimited quantities, everything is harmful. With proper dosage of infrared radiation, the wave also kills germs( not as efficiently as ultraviolet radiation), warms up locally lighted tissues, penetrating into the body by several centimeters. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the radiation. It does not hurt to remind: the microwave oven works on the basis of exposure to electromagnetic radiation products. Waves with a frequency of 2.4 GHz permeate through the food, communicating energy. The infrared spectrum acts in a much more gentle mode. If the ultraviolet in the solar spectrum is called dead water for the human body, the infrared radiation looks like a twin of living water.

Under the sun, a person sunbathes and becomes slightly darker, in addition he feels pleasantly relaxed. Infrared radiation increases blood circulation, speeding up metabolic processes. The permeability of vessel walls increases, toxins are eliminated more quickly, nutrients are more likely to reach their destination. This causes the effect of accelerated tissue regeneration, relaxation, relief of nervous tension, cleansing. It is not for nothing that in physiotherapy the infrared spectrum is used in the period of remission after diseases and injuries.

Valuable effect: radiation penetrates into the body and reaches the organs of the abdominal cavity and others. By irradiating the body from various sides, it is possible to have a beneficial effect on the course of processes in the body.

It is not recommended to artificially warm up selected areas of the body to people suffering from heart or other chronic diseases. In the first place, the sternum and head are prohibited. Infrared heater causes a similar heat, it turns out - is harmful. If you fall asleep, pointing to the forehead, good enough.


Are infrared heaters harmful. Ask the nature.

Animals love the infrared spectrum, do not move away from mikatermicheskih heaters. Is it good or bad? The first is allowed a cat into a new house - where it settles down, it is customary to put a bed there, with a headboard in the chosen place. Animals feel energy fields and bypass geopathic zones for three miles. The opinion was expressed that intuition would allow to give birth to healthy kittens, which means to maintain the vitality of the species.

This is interesting! Animals develop instincts for thousands of years. They have long been accustomed to heat, they are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation due to the presence of wool.

Cats behave differently. The animals, on the contrary, go to sleep in negative zones, where they should not be laid down, places will certainly negatively affect their well-being. The normal vigorous cat sleeps there where it is not necessary for a person to sleep.

Cats, according to eyewitnesses, love to treat the owners, laying down on a sore spot. Animals are sensitive to energy fields and radiation, rather than humans, pets can be trusted.

. Dogs also like to warm themselves near mikatermicheskih heaters. Suffice it to recall the picturesque paintings presented by various authors, where a man and a dog are heated by the fireplace in order to ascertain the benefits of infrared radiation. Carries the lion's share of heat, tangible near the open hearth.

Infrared heater does not smoke, does not burn oxygen during operation. Consequently, rumors about the harm of infrared heaters are not without soil.

Types of infrared heaters

Globally, we divide infrared heaters into four types;

  1. Halogen.
  2. Carbon.
  3. Quartz.
  4. Micothermal.

The key property of the types of equipment listed above is called radiation mainly heat apparatuses. The share in the total return is at least 80%.For comparison, the convectors almost do not radiate, the main part of the heat is carried away by the passing air flow. Oil heaters work in a similar way.


As implemented in practice, the property - to radiate. The idea gave the sun. The giant ball heats the Earth by radiation. The radiation passes through a vacuum, enters the atmosphere, partially quenched, reaches the surface of the earth. The air is heated slightly. Warmly receive items. It is cold in the desert at night - the sand does not hold up energy.

Infrared quartz heater works in a similar way. The tungsten coil is called the Sun. The radiation passes through a vacuum and is partially filtered by a quartz glass bulb. Only items get heat from the infrared heater. Transparent walls absorb some of the energy, we observe the phenomenon of convection.

The choice of quartz is justified. There is reason to believe that the crystal better transmits the emission spectrum of a tungsten filament, which lies predominantly in the infrared region, than typical glass. To achieve maximum effect, a temperature of 450-500 ºС Celsius is required. This is done relatively simply in a vacuum, where the heat has nowhere to go.

Halogen Heaters

In this case, the place of the vacuum is occupied by gas. Halogens are called poisons: they kill in small quantities, permanently injure the body. Pure iodine is poison. So accustomed to being treated with an element that is part of thyroxin, it is difficult to believe how dangerous iodine is in its pure form. Deadly vapors of substance.

Halogen heaters use inert gas halides, which are harmless to humans in the amount that is pumped into the heater.

Why do I need gas inside a quartz bulb. There are two reasons:

  1. Vacuum reduces the strength of the flask. The walls have to do thick, reducing the efficiency of the device. At the lessons of physics, photos of a curious experience were demonstrated. The tank was filled with steam and, cooling down, was crushed into a pellet by the pressure of atmospheric air. Thick steel bent like paper. Vacuum is more destructive, in an infrared heater a flask is not from steel, but from glass.
  2. Wise scientists made in such a way that tungsten ions, when they try to leave the heating coil, do not settle on the walls of the glass bulb. Come back, extending the life of the infrared heater.

Carbon Heaters

Carbon helix better, not destroyed by temperature. Such infrared heaters have advantages and disadvantages.

Micatermic Heaters

Mica-covered plates gave the name to a group of household appliances. Details were not disclosed, but 80% of the energy goes into the rays, which will make it possible to classify a curious device as a class of infrared emitters.

Does not burn out the air, has the appearance of a convector on wheels, is protected from all sides by fine-meshed gratings. These infrared heaters are popular with sellers. Buyers are just eyeing. You can not hang on the wall, the size is great, but the return is good.


Suspended infrared heaters on the ceiling is quite acceptable. Convectors and other devices instantly disrupt the circulation of air masses. Household infrared ceiling heaters operate flawlessly and upside down. Light is weakly deflected by gravity. For a long time, it was believed that gravity does not affect quanta, until the study of the movement of particles in the orbital space of a single planet of the solar system.

A typical Ryoland ceiling infrared heater is not much different from a fluorescent lamp. Gives light a dull red hue.

Curious properties of Zebra infrared heaters. The system represents a warm ceiling, the design is similar to a warm floor. Heat comes from above.

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