What is the reason for perishing of perennial lupine and what to do

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Tell me, what is the reason and what to do - I have a dead lupine seedlings perennial. I plant it for the first time, but the shoots have turned out to be weak, growing poorly and gradually disappearing. Maybe I did something wrong?

Lupine is a bright representative of the Bobov family, which is valued by flower growers for a very beautiful flowering and light character. In natural conditions, the plant is able to survive even with prolonged absence of precipitation, so when grown home it will not cause much trouble.

In flowerbeds, you can often find decorative varieties of perennial lupine with a variety of colors. Outwardly, the lupine looks like an erect half-shrub or a small bush with a thick stem, long leaves are attached to it with long petioles, resembling a spread palm with long fingers. During flowering, the bush produces a long flowerpot (sometimes up to 1 m in height) in the form of a brush densely covered with small flowers.

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A characteristic feature of lupine are the powerful rhizome-rods with nodules that go deep into the earth, which transport nitrogen from the air to the soil. Usually, long-term lupines are sown on a bed in autumn. With this method of cultivation, it blooms only the next year.

In order to see flowering in the year of planting, it is recommended to use a seedling method. In this case, lupine will bloom already at the end of summer.

How to grow lupine seedlings?

Seeds for seedlings can be sown already in March. To do this, prepare loose and nutritious soil, mixing:

  • one part of peat and turf land;
  • half of the fine sand.

To accelerate the germination of seeds in the soil mixture, you can also add crushed dry nodules from adult lupines, in addition, pre-soak seeds.

Make grooves, moisten them and lay out the seeds in such a way that the seedlings are not crowded, because she does not like transplant. Top with earth. Before emergence, cover the container with a film. Periodically ventilate and water. Transplant on the bed should be strong, healthy seedlings, when they are formed on 3 of this leaflet. Postpone the transplant is not worth it, otherwise you can damage the long stem root of the seedling.

Cultivating seedlings with white coloring through the seedlings is not recommended, since with this method of reproduction, white color, unlike violet and pink, is not preserved.

Errors in the cultivation of lupine

While observing simple recommendations, it is not difficult to grow healthy seedlings. However, it sometimes happens that young seedlings begin to ache and wither. In what could be the reason, and what to do, when the seedlings of perennial lupine perish?

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Most often, the cause of death of seedlings are inappropriate conditions, improper care or illness, namely:

  1. Increased acidity of the soil. The seedlings develop chlorosis. Alkaline soil must be limed and diluted with peat.
  2. Sharp change of weather conditions. Delicate shoots do not tolerate recurrent frosts, so early planting in the ground may require additional shelter for the first time.
  3. Excessive watering. Since lupine is a drought-resistant plant, watering the seedlings should be moderate. Constantly moist soil can provoke the development of fungal diseases. In case of their occurrence, it is necessary to treat seedlings with fungicides.
  4. Lack of lighting. Seedlings should be placed in a well-lit place, otherwise it stretches. Weak bushes may not survive the subsequent transplantation into the soil.
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When damaging lupine, planting pests must be treated with special insecticide preparations.

Video about growing lupine - from planting to treating diseases

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