What if the onion in the garden turns yellow and does not grow?

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In my family everyone likes bow - like green feathers, and the very bulb. Always harvested a good harvest, but this year the onion turned yellow and almost did not grow. Tell me why the onion in the garden turns yellow and does not grow and what to do about it?

Onion is a widely popular plant that is grown by all truck farmers. Even if the site is very small or it's just a flower bed, bow lovers will still find a place for a couple of bow rows. And in this case it is especially important to get a good harvest. After all, quite often onion in the garden begins to turn yellow and does not grow, so you need to know what to do if this happens before the harvest season.

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Reasons for yellow onions

Yellowing onions in the garden in the middle of summer threatens to lose the crop, therefore, in order to properly deal with the problem, first you need to establish the reasons. Onion feathers can begin to change color in the summer as a result:

  1. Defeat by pests.
  2. Diseases.
  3. Errors in the care.
  4. Weather conditions.
  5. Lack of nitrogen.

If the onion stops growing or its yield is reduced, the reason may be lack of watering.

Onion rescue in case of pest infestation

Among the variety of pests onion, the following species prefer to eat:

  • onion moth;
  • nematode;
  • onion fly;
  • secretlyhabitant;
  • thrips.

To prevent the defeat of onions by these insects, it is recommended that they be planted every year in a new place. You can return to the first bed only after four years.

In order not to divorce the onion fly, the onion should be planted as early as possible and not far from the carrot. Fill the rows with onions with a mixture of pepper, wood ash and tobacco dust. Top dressing is carried out at a time when a dandelion is blooming. To fight the already settled flies bulbs (but not feathers and beds), pour salt solution at a rate of 200 g per bucket of water.

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From emerging onion moths and secretive thistles get rid of by the method of complete removal from the site of the remains of the upper shoots of onion and deep digging of the area immediately before freezing.


To the bow is not yellow due to damage to the nematode and thrips, before planting it lower for 10 minutes in hot water.

With their aroma, pests seared between rows of onion marigold and marigolds are frightened off.

Prevention of diseases of onions, leading to its yellowing

For the prevention of fungal diseases that cause yellowing onions, before planting it for 12 hours laid out under direct sunlight for warming. Planted bulbs should be poured with a solution using copper chloride (1 tablespoon) and laundry soap (1 tablespoon) per bucket of water.

To plant the onions are not damaged by the rot of the bottom, onion beds can not be done in the lowland.

Correction of errors in the care of onions, which caused it to turn yellow

To prevent yellowing of onions as a result of mistakes in care, you should ensure that it is properly watered. For irrigation, use only heated, standing water, watered strictly under the root, avoiding washing the soil on the bulb. In water for irrigation it is possible to add mineral fertilizers.

One month before harvesting begins, watering should be stopped.

What if the onion turns yellow through the weather?

When there is a lack of precipitation in dry summer, onion beds should be watered more often. And in the period of prolonged rains it is better to cover the plantings in the greenhouse.

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How to prevent the yellowing of the pen from a lack of nitrogen?

In cases where both watering is correct, and diseases with pests are not available, and the onion still turns yellow, the reason may be a lack of nitrogen. In this case, the onion must be supplemented with a nitrogen fertilizer (special complexes or humus).

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