Cucumber mosaic: signs of disease and methods of treatment

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Good afternoon. Please help me in my misfortune. I live in Norilsk. Has planted cucumbers room this year, well have risen, have started to grow, but after appearance of 4 sheets there were maculae. I read many articles in the internet, but I did not understand what made me sick. Help me please. What can I do to cure my cucumbers?

Judging by the photos of the cucumber leaf, according to external signs, the disease is very similar to the white mosaic. It is a viral infection that affects many cultures that grow both in the open ground and in greenhouse (or room) conditions.

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White cucumber mosaic is the most harmful of all types of mosaics and one of the most resistant to treatment. The virus is difficult to destroy because it has the ability to persist for a long time in the soil, in plant remains and even in tools. In addition, the mosaic also affects plant seeds, retaining its activity for 2-3 years. But even after the expiration of this time, a certain level of infection still remains.

Methods of treatment of cucumber mosaic

First of all, it is urgent to separate diseased plants from the rest to prevent further spread of the infection. Remove the affected leaves and treat the cucumbers with Aktelikt or Aktara.

The tools used to care for diseased plants must be thoroughly disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate.

The slowing down effect on the development of the disease is also provided by folk remedies, such as spraying:

  • low-fat milk (10%);
  • milk-iodine solution (10% milk and,% iodine);
  • tincture of dandelion;
  • decoction of onion husk;
  • tincture of tobacco;
  • weak garlic infusion.
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Causes of the disease

Favorable environment for the development of mosaic of cucumbers grown in greenhouse (room) conditions is:

  1. High temperature in the room (more than 25 degrees Celsius).
  2. Sharp fluctuations in the temperature regime.

The disease quickly spreads to all plantings and in a short time is capable of killing them.

Cucumber mosaic is transferred:

  • through infected seeds;
  • through contaminated soil or weeds;
  • through the inventory by which the infected plants were treated;
  • with the help of pests, in particular aphids.
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Characteristic signs of the disease

Cucumber mosaic often manifests itself in the "young age" of the plant and affects the deciduous plate of cucumbers. Young leaves are covered with white or yellow specks, which gradually increase in scale and completely color the leaf, leaving only veins green. However, the virus can and remains hidden until the time when the cucumber begins to bear fruit.

Folk remedies for the prevention and treatment of cucumber diseases - video

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