We cook delicious jam from apricots with bones

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There are many options for making this sweet treat. If you think that jam from apricots with seeds, brewed from whole fruits, then you are mistaken. First you have to process the fruit, then take out the core and extract the kernels from it. It is these bones that give the fruit desserts a unique taste. Perhaps, you will like a more complex variant of the treat prepared from several kinds of fruit. Next, we will tell you in detail how to cook apricot jam from fresh fruits.

Jam from apricots, ossicles and almonds

An original dessert of ripe fruits and nuts can be safely put even on a festive table. Be sure to take our recipe for a note and try it out in the next harvest season.

Ingredients for four half-liter cans:

  • apricots - 1200 grams;
  • almonds - four tablespoons;
  • lemon juice - a tablespoon;
  • sugar - 800 grams.

You can always replace almonds with walnuts.

So, we prepare apricot jam with seeds. First, wash the fruit, cut each into four pieces, and lay the bones aside. Fold the pieces into a deep saucepan, pour them sugar and pour lemon juice. Stir foods and leave them overnight in a cool place.

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Bones split in half and take out the nuclei. Peel the almonds from the peel and dry them in the oven.

In the morning, put a pan of fruit on a strong fire and cook the dessert until the sugar dissolves completely. After that, reduce heat and cook apricots for about an hour, not forgetting to mix them. When the time passes, you will notice that the syrup has become quite thick.Turn off the heat, cool the jam, and then light the fire again. Put the bones and nuts in the pan, mix the dessert. Cook the fruit for another five minutes.

Banks sterilize over the steam. To do this, boil the water, put a grate on the pan, and put glassware on it. Put jam from apricots and ossicles in jars, close them with lids and immediately turn upside down. Cover the workpieces with a warm blanket and do not touch them the next day. When the jam has cooled, it can be transferred to a pantry or cellar.

Sweet jam from fruits with nuts turns out rather thick and has a bright beautiful color. Offer it to your guests for a cup of tea or use it for cooking homemade cakes.

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Video recipe of whole apricot jam

Jam from apricots and cherry plums

A fragrant dessert with a little sour will be enjoyed by adults and children. This time we will prepare jam from apricots with kernels and cherry plum. We are sure that you will appreciate this original recipe and be sure to repeat it in your kitchen.

If you are lucky enough to collect a rich harvest of fruits, then be sure to use our recipe. To prepare a beautiful and tasty treat you will need the following ingredients:

  • fresh apricots - one kilogram;
  • cherry plum - 500 grams;
  • sugar - one and a half kilograms.

Fruits well washed, divide each into two halves and remove the stone. Take a large pot, lay on the bottom of a piece of apricot and sprinkle them with sugar.Top the plum and fill it with the remaining sugar. Leave the blanks in this form for a couple of hours, so that they become soft and have allocated enough juice. If you use unripe fruits, then the time will need to be increased.

Apricot bones need to be split and reach the core.

Be sure to taste the kernels that you plan to use to make the dessert.

If they are bitter, you will have to give up this idea. If you still decide to do it your way, then be prepared for the fact that the prepared jam from apricots and bones will have an unpleasant aftertaste.


Put the pan of fruit on the fire and mix. When the sugar is completely dissolved in the juice (this will happen about 15 minutes after boiling), add purified kernels. Remove the dishes from the cooker and refrigerate the contents.

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How much apricot jam is cooked in the second stage? We recommend to return the pan with the future dessert to the fire and cook it for another ten minutes. Sterilize the jars in any convenient way and treat the lids. Pour the hot sweet mass into the prepared dishes and roll it.

A ready-made dessert can be served to the table with hot tea and fresh white bread. In addition, it produces a wonderful filling for homemade buns or puffs.

We will be happy if you will like the sweet apricot jam. Recipes for the winter, as you might have noticed, are not particularly difficult. Therefore, you can easily implement them if you carefully read our recommendations.

Video recipe of jam with almond bones

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