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The quince is a hybrid of apples and pears. The fruit resembles a mixture of these two fruits. Cheese is a quince is impossible because of the dryness and astringency. But after the culinary processing it can be said that jam from Japanese quince is the most delicious recipe and a real treat, as the fruits become soft and sweet. To assess the taste of fruits - they are baked and cooked.

There are many recipes for desserts. We offer several of the most popular and most delicious.

Classic and most delicious jam recipe from Japanese quince

For the preparation of delicacies, all you need is sugar and the fruits of quince for one kilogram of each ingredient, and also for water. The rest is just patience:

  1. The first thing to do is to thoroughly wash the fruit, since the skin of the fruit contains fluff. You can remove it with a brush. Washed fruit is dried with a towel or outdoors.
  2. Each fruit is cut into quarters and the core is cut out.
  3. Cut the quince in a clean pan or basin, pour sugar, cover with a clean towel and wait a day.
  4. As a rule, this time is enough to quince the juice, which is necessary for the dissolution of granulated sugar, after which the contents of the pan can be cooked. Pour into sugar quince, dare water, put on fire, wait for boiling, reduce fire to a minimum and cook for 50 minutes, remembering sometimes stirring, so that the jam is not burnt.
  5. It is necessary to control the color of the treats and the consistency.

The readiness of the jam is determined by its consistency. If it resembles honey, then you can start to twist the cans.

Jam from Japanese quince for the winter with lemon

In winter, you want something sweet, but at the same time, something useful. From quince and lemon, you can cook a very delicious treat - jam, cooked by prolonged languor. This recipe is interesting in that when cooking, lemon is added. If desired, you can add spices, for example, cinnamon, vanilla. These ingredients will add spice to the dish.

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To prepare a treat, you need a kg of quince fruit. At this amount you need to take 1 kg of granulated sugar. Also it will take half a lemon and a half liter of water.

Cooking process:

  1. First, prepare the fruit. Ave carefully washed, relieving the plaque, lemon is covered with boiling water and cut into circles.
  2. In the tank, connect the water and sugar, put on the fire and cook syrup from them.
  3. Ivy fruits are cut into halves, the tails, the core are removed and cut into small slices.
  4. When the syrup is completely ready, wait for it to boil and lay in it the cut quince and lemon mugs. The fire is set to medium intensity and boiled for 10 minutes.
  5. After the fire, reduce to a minimum and cook jam for 45-50 minutes.
  6. The finished jam is poured over cans and rolled up.

Readiness of the jam is checked by shade. As soon as it acquires a reddish color, the cooking is stopped.

Jam from Japanese quince wedges with spices

Below the proposed recipe is very interesting in its taste. It is noteworthy that jam is prepared without sugar. You will need, kg of ripe quince fruit. Liquid consistency will be given by water, which is required, l. Sweetness is provided by the addition of honey. It will take 160 ml. Kislinku will add one small lemon. But the piquancy of taste is achieved by adding two asterisks and one vanilla pod.

Even if you chose the most delicious jam recipe from Japanese quince, you will get a delicacy only if you choose ripe, but not overripe fruit.

Stages of preparation:

  1. The fruits of quince are thoroughly washed, peeled, cut into two halves and the core is removed with seeds. The cleared pulp is cut into slices to taste.
  2. In the container, where the jam will be boiled, pour the water in the required quantity. There also put the spices (the vanilla pod should be crushed), as well as the cut half of the lemon. When the contents boil, cut the quince into the pan.
  3. Cooking quince jam follows a moderate fire for 2 hours with regular stirring.
  4. When the allotted time expires, the container is removed from the fire, spices are taken out with the lemon, poured in honey and thoroughly mixed until homogeneous. The cooled jam is sent to the refrigerator for 12-18 hours, and then boiled again.
  5. The packaging for the spill as well as the lids are sterilized. Spilling a hot jam in them, roll them up and wrap them in a blanket, having turned them upside down.
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Jam from Japanese quince with apples

We offer a little variety of taste and prepare quince jam with apples. On, kg of quince will require the same amount of sugar and 1 kg of apple fruits. We cook a delicious dessert:

  1. Preparing for this recipe jam from Japanese quince, you should take the fruits with a bright skin. They are thoroughly washed. For confidence, you can use a brush.
  2. Each fruit is cut in half and the seeds are removed. Purified halves cut into small pieces.
  3. Apples are also washed, freed from the core and finely chopped. Cut the fruit into a deep container, pour sugar, and leave for a while for the appearance of juice.
  4. The capacity is put on the fire and cooked until all the sugar melts and the fruit becomes soft.
  5. Ready jam is poured over sterilized jars and rolled up.
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We offered you a lot of options. We are sure you will find the most delicious recipe for jam from Japanese quince. Ready dessert can not only be served to tea, but also used as a topping for ice cream, baked goods, curd desserts.

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