How to make a roevnia with your own hands


All beekeepers meet with such a phenomenon as swarming of bees. It occurs for many reasons. Some experienced beekeepers argue that swarming can not be tolerated. But, if it really happened, then the flying swarm should be caught and for this purpose the beekeepers should be assisted by a special box - roevnia.

In this article, we'll talk about how to make a masterpiece with your own hands from various materials at hand.


Table of contents

  • What is a roevna?
  • How to make a rover for bees with your own hands?
    • Instruction for manufacturing
  • Stem made of expanded polystyrene
  • How to choose a place for installation?

What is a roevna?

Roevnia for bees (trap) is a light box or basket for catching and transporting a flying swarm.

What should be the trap?

  1. Sufficiently roomy for swarms of large volume.
  2. Have a light weight and strength.
  3. With air circulation.
  4. Have a comfortable shape.
  5. In order to secure the trap in various hard-to-reach places, there should be comfortable hooks or a strap.
  6. The lid should not be pressed by bees.
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To date, Butlerov's design is popular among beekeepers.It consists of a frame with hoops on it. They press the wire mesh. The upper part consists of a hinged, tight fitting lid. Hooks for hanging are attached to the side. Trap size:

  • with a diameter of 30-35 cm;
  • height 40-45 cm.

Equipped with tools: a scoop and a roster.

Butlerov's design with a scoop and a printer
Roevni are of different designs and each beekeeper for successful work, before making it, should choose the most convenient.

Plywood and expanded polystyrene are excellent for the manufacture of the pile.


How to make a rover for bees with your own hands?

Since, rovnyu is best done from light materials, the plywood for manufacturing is the most suitable.

It has many advantages. Cheap stuff. Light weight.It is made of natural wood, therefore it is environmentally friendly material, so bees in it will be comfortable. Has strength. There are several types and varieties, differing in cost and thickness and even moisture resistance.

Finished plywood shank

It is worthwhile to consider in more detail how to make rovnyu for bees with your own hands on drawings made of plywood. For manufacturing is used.

  1. Metal grid.
  2. Dice made of wood or pressed plates.
  3. Mosquito net.
  4. Plywood.
  5. Cardboard.
  6. Waterproof glue.
  7. Scissors.
  8. Tools for wood.

Instruction for manufacturing

1 way:

  • Dimensions:
    • the bottom - 35 * 45 cm;
    • side walls (2) - 30 * 45 cm;
    • cover - 20 * 45 cm;
    • front wall - 35 * 20 cm.
  • First of all, cut out the details.
  • Glued all the details together.
  • Make a tray on the side wall measuring 1 * 8 cm.
  • Carry out the air exchange frame.
  • Tightly put a net on it, fastened with shoe carnations.
  • Screw 4 walls into a box.
  • On the inside of the back and front wall attach the hangers. Lower part mow. Here we will place frames with honeycombs.
  • Attach the cover to the bolts. In the lid make a hole. Tighten it with a net.
  • Attach the hooks from the sides.They are needed to attach the trap to the trees.
The lid to the shed should be fixed freely so that it can be easily opened and closed.

2 way:

Block diagram for rovny. Top view, view from the side, side view
  • Cut the side walls.
  • The frame, the rake is 4 cm wide.
  • In the frameto make foldsto establish a framework.
  • On the front wall, cut out the 1 * 1 cm cannula.
  • Assemble the side and end walls.
  • Install cover. Top off the tin.
  • Put ready-made dessert into a dry sushi, at least five frames.
  • To attract bees, rub it with wax or propolis, or mint, or citrus peel.
  • To attach handlesfor easy transportation.
  • To extend the service life, you canproolifit and dye, but it must be done in advance, in time to weather all the smells.

You can also make another form.

Semicircular sword from plywood.

And a visual video, how to make a roevna.


Stem made of expanded polystyrene

Styrofoam is lighter than plywood. Eco-friendly material. It does not start mold. Moisture and airtight, but condensation forms.Requires additional ventilation holes in the hive.High thermal conductivity. Lasting. Do not chew mice, bees and do not peck birds. It's all the pluses of it. The downside is that it is easily damaged mechanically and collapses under the rays of the sun.

It is done quickly and the materials for its manufacture are inexpensive.

It consists of parts:

  • bottom;
  • roof;
  • 4 walls.

To make a soviet you should use the following materials:

  • stationery knife;
  • sheets of expanded polystyrene (30 mm);
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • adhesive Master, PVA or liquid nails;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver.


  • lateral walls (2) - 51 * 35 cm;
  • front and back - 30-25 cm;
  • the bottom is 51-36 cm;
  • the roof is 52-36 cm.

In the sizes, cut out the parts and glue together. For fixing the screws with self-tapping screws.

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In order to close the lid tightly, you need to make a recess:

  • depth, cm;
  • width 3 cm.

Letlet cut in the form of a small square. During transportation, a mesh is attached to it.

Attach a strong tape to the ribbon. With the help of it, the server is installed on the branches.

Advantages of construction:

  • fast and cheap manufacture;
  • has a low weight.

The disadvantage is loose material,so work with it must be done carefully, so that the branches do not damage the case.

Ready-made styrofoam hob

How to choose a place for installation?

Install the roevna should be done in advance, about a week or two before digging.The trap is best attached to the firs and pines.Look at the tree that will be 100 meters from the apiary or forest edge. The optimum height is 5-6 m. To the branches, the rovnya is fastened with wire.

Check the trap every two weeks.If they found out that the family had already settled in it, cover the tray and transfer it to a pre-cooked hive. The trap is reinstalled to the same location. To attract bees, rub it with attractive scents. In stores you can buy special funds "Apiary" or "Apimil".

After the bees have been digested in the apiary, the trap should be disinfected, dried and put away for storage.

It's not too hard to make a masterpiece with your own hands, and it does not take much time. Long winter evenings can be used to make frames and hives. Having made all these adaptations for work on the apiary yourself, you will be assured of their quality and thereby give the bees a comfortable environment, and they in turn will thank an excellent harvest of tasty and healthy honey.

Finally a video on the topic of how to collect a swarm into a rovnyu.

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