Unexpected ways to use a screen in the interior

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Most of us see a screen in a doctor's office when we come to an appointment or for an examination. However, if you think that such a partition is intended exclusively for medical offices, then you are very mistaken.

The screen is able to add some special charm to the interior of the house, add coziness and create a harmonious space. And also it is great for zoning, decorating and masking individual areas in the room. Doubt? Then this article will change your idea of ​​the screen and you will definitely want to purchase such a product. After all, there are a lot of ways to use it.

The content of the article

  • As a curtain
  • For ethno-mood
  • Instead of a headboard
  • As a door
  • For zoning
  • To visually expand the space
  • Instead of a picture
  • For disguise
  • Add textures
  • Add accents and bright colors

As a curtain

If you are a lover of open windows and absolutely do not recognize the use of curtains, then the screen will help you occasionally hide from prying eyes. Moreover, this solution is quite original. You can choose very small options that are placed on the windowsill, or take a closer look at the larger partitions. In any case, the screen will complement the interior favorably.

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For ethno-mood

Ethnic motives in the interior always look unusual and stylish. Perhaps you have a screen, and for some reason it is gathering dust somewhere in the garage or closet. We suggest that you urgently get it and install it in some room. For example, in the bedroom. This will give the atmosphere a little romance, tranquility. And this solution looks incredibly cool.

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Instead of a headboard

If your bed does not initially include a headboard, then a screen can easily replace it. Bright options will look especially impressive - so you can advantageously place accents in the room. However, it should be borne in mind that catchy details are only suitable if the bedroom is decorated in neutral shades.

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The screen also looks very interesting in the children's room. And it doesn't matter how old (or even months!) Your child is. The partition is great for zoning or decorating a space.

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As a door

If you put a sliding screen in the doorway, then it can become a kind of analogue of the door. Naturally, it will not provide sound insulation at all, however, it will visually make the room more secluded and private.

If necessary, the screen can always be folded and removed. This is an excellent budget solution that fits harmoniously into small apartments, where you just want to divide the space, but at the same time leave a feeling of freedom and spaciousness.


In addition, the option of using a screen instead of a door is perfect in those rooms where the living room is combined with the kitchen.

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For zoning

Screen is a great alternative to plasterboard partitions or bulky shelving. In addition, this is also a more budget option. Thanks to her, the prospect of repair and construction of complex structures immediately disappears.

The screen perfectly separates the zones for children in the nursery, with its help you can create two workplaces at once in one room or to differentiate the space into a living room and a bedroom in the case of a one-room apartment. Everything looks quite stylish and at the same time does not hit the family budget at all.

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To visually expand the space

What works best for visually expanding a space? Mirrors, of course. Therefore, use screens with mirrored surfaces to make the room larger. Such a partition can be placed in a corner or attached to one of the walls.

By the way, these models are also great for replacing the dressing table.

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Instead of a picture

Usually, this use case is practiced when there is, in fact, nowhere to put the screen, and it is somehow a pity to throw it out. In this case, it is simply attached to the wall, especially if it contains a beautiful drawing. Such a solution will become the main accent in the room and add coziness and charm to the space.


For disguise

With the help of a partition, you can hide an ugly column, an unmade bed (when guests are on the doorstep), an irregular shape of the walls, and minor flaws in the interior.

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Add textures

Beautiful carved screens are the perfect solution for those who love a spectacular addition to their rooms. In fact, such partitions do not carry a functional load, but they immediately transform the interior and add unusualness and style to it.

Add accents and bright colors

Unusual screens are an excellent interior decoration that will appeal to those people who want to quickly and easily transform the interior of a room. In fact, such a solution is also quite convenient: if necessary, you can immediately discard the changes by folding the screen and moving it away. And when you want bright colors again, put it back on.

A screen is an item that will make any interior more sophisticated and elegant. It significantly transforms the room and at the same time helps to solve various problems without clearly compromising the budget.

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