How to use a greenway glass napkin: description

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Cleaning your home is often a challenge. Common rags and hygiene products do not always cope with dirt. In recent years, Greenway cleaning wipes have gained popularity. A wide assortment and positive customer reviews win you over to try them in action.

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  • How to use the Greenway glass napkin correctly?
    • Description of Greenway napkins
    • Application features
    • Why does the napkin leave streaks

How to use the Greenway glass napkin correctly?

The range of home care products is diverse. There are rags and discs with a unique structure that remove dirt and polish surfaces to a perfect shine. AQUAmagic fabric quickly absorbs dirt and removes streaks, leaving clear glass.

The main condition for cleaning is the correct use of the tool. Be sure to read the instructions before hygiene procedures.

Description of Greenway napkins

Greenway's eco-friendly home products have been popular for many years in a row. Their napkins and discs are created according to a unique pattern. Ultra-fine and cut fibers provide perfect care for glass surfaces.

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The pile is created by combining polyester and polyamide yarns. There are also microscopic sections dividing the napkin into eight sectors. It is thanks to the special production technology that the dirt is quickly absorbed into the matter and does not leave streaks.

Textiles have a number of advantages:

  1. Removes contamination exclusively with water without the use of chemicals.
  2. Able to absorb moisture seven times its own weight.
  3. Does not damage the glass surface and does not leave dirty streaks if used correctly.

In this case, the shelf life of one product is about two years. This is a reasonable saving not only on consumables, but also on household chemicals, which are no longer required.

Application features

It is important to understand that this napkin is not meant to be "rubbed" but "absorbed". That is why give up the usual manipulations of rubbing with the use of force with a cloth glass surfaces. This will only lead to ugly divorces.

Follow the scheme:

  • moisten a napkin and wring it out well, and if you do not have enough strength, moisten half and roll the fabric into four layers;
  • wipe the glass with gentle massage movements, removing stains with a damp cloth;
  • remove moisture with dry edge until clean.

As you can see, the process of use is as simple as possible. The main thing is to be able to wipe it with a dry cloth with a similar composition and not rub the stains, smearing them even more over the surface.

Why does the napkin leave streaks

As mentioned above, Greenway products leave dirty streaks in case of improper use: if the fabric is not wrung out well or the pressure when rubbing is too strong. In this case, the glass will remain dirty, even after using Greenway products.

Follow the instructions and do not use force too vigorously. This is the only way your glass will shine with cleanliness without chemicals.

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