What firm to buy a washing machine

At CES 2015 LG demonstrated by something unusual - double washing machine with a pair of openings for loading clothes. The first tradition is at the front, and the second... is pulled out of the tray, as a shelf. LG claims that the lower part of today may be purchased separately, it is compatible with any modern washing machine company. It is tempting sounds compartment for washing delicate (ladies) underwear, delivering difficulties women. What firm to buy a washing machine after such a declaration LG? Conclusion as to save space and to win in volume, is obvious.

Washing machine LG and Samsung

These yuzhnokreyskie firms compete in different areas of home appliances, is divided between the cell phones segment, televisions and other things. Only with cell phones turned gaffe when Samsung sales share fell just a few percent. South Korea is now reigns supreme among washing machines.

Washing machine Twin Wash System

Washing machine Twin Wash System

New technology at CES 2015 called the Twin Wash System. Are pleased to announce that for a number of years in a tailored Korean characters feykovye game called Twin, the term means a lot. It becomes clear that the main character is hidden behind the front door and stood in the left tray. The use of Tween - cleanliness in the house.

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The new washing machine will come - it is not known when - with the Turbo Wash technology. This option is implemented by two injectors injects detergent directly onto clothes. Due to the method detergent effect to the maximum. The new gadget is now connected to the general rights to a home Wi Fi and can be controlled remotely. We believe readers informed about the project in Taiwan to cover their territory computer wireless network. such a washing machine for such land in handy.

Activator washing machines LG

On the manufacturer's official website we can see a dozen twins activator models with capacities from 4.5 to 14 kg, already being sold in the United Arab Emirates. We remind you that in the latter case, the left compartment is used for washing, is in the right spin. Unlike typical models: the activator is located on the bottom, thereby becoming available technology firm LG - 6 movements of care. Vozmzhno understand the passion in the UAE to the model described above, the water there is in the uncommon here manage to be great save.

Activator washing machine

Activator washing machine

It is available on the English-language version of the site (plus, in washing machines Twin) mentioned 6 movements of care, which the Russians have not been deciphered. Just put before the fact. For foreigners painted action. Let's see how hand washing options that are appropriate for a particular case, realized automation. I take this opportunity to acquaint our readers with the option.

  1. Filtration (Filter). Special techniques linen aligned along the walls evenly. As long as the drum rotates, two injectors evenly watered clothes detergent solution. This helps to quickly and evenly impregnate the whole load. Similarly manually dipping movement.
  2. Rolling (Rolling). Due to special algorithms laundry drum rolls on the bottom, and fully submerged. This greatly reduces the noise due to the absence of bursts. It corresponds to a manual washing quiet.
  3. Stepping (Step). Underwear reaches the dead point at the apogee of the trajectory on the drum top, then falls straight down. This technique reduces the number of pleats. Similarly, hand-washing, when we take out and throw underwear sharply down.
  4. Scrubbing (Cleaning). Due to the smart drive underwear starts to dance in a circle on the bottom of the drum. This allows the powder to dissolve as much as possible and saturate clothes, cleaned off the dirt. The name comes from washing on a grater, when three of the linen surface of the drum motor t.
  5. Swing (Rotation). Linen moves almost eight, performing a double loop the loop. Loading gently rubs against the drum, simulating a gentle hand washing.
    Washing clothes in a washing machine

    Washing clothes in a washing machine

  6. Tumbling (tumbling). The traditional washing machine movement when the drum is just cool clothes rolled turn by turn. Imitates hand wash in the usual style, without too careful attitude.

Similar words option 6 movements of care is explained in the foreign LG website. The independent German Institute has conducted a study of two types of LG washing machines:

  • with the option 6 concerns movements;
  • without options 6 movements of care.

The result is predictable. When the half load function is effectively 4% of the tank capacity to 7 kg, 8% of the tank capacity for a 12 kg. When fully loaded trend continues, the impact is increased by as much as 9%. Draw conclusions, decide for yourself.

In addition, such models:

  • better drying laundry after washing;
  • Take care of your clothes (a study carried out after 30 wash cycles);
  • reduce time for otstiryvaniya;
  • better to saturate the laundry water;
  • quickly rinse.

Of course, supposed to remember that describes not quite machine, some of the findings can not be applied to products in the Russian market, but the 6 movements of care provide tangible benefits.

Fuzzy Logic technology in washing machines Samsung and LG

In washing machines, LG and Samsung Fuzzy Logic function (fuzzy logic, a play on the phrase fuzzy logic to emphasize respect for the undergarment) acts approximately on the same scheme. Before and after rinsing the laundry is weighed, giving the equipment due to the difference in weight of the wet and dry clothes to estimate the amount. The specific algorithm is able to slightly vary. sense technology: washing machine consumes water, according to the measurements. Of indicators depends on cycle. The degree of contamination is required to identify a person by hand, loose in the tray more or less powder.

Fuzzy Logic function is capable of much, but not completely replace the human equipment. Machine as possible helps to save water, electricity and cycle times. The main duty - dosed - rests with the owner.

What will please the washing machine Samsung

If LG provides the user with 6 movements of care and improved drum downloading Big-in without increasing the size of washing machines, Samsung is appealing to the listed innovations:

Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung Washing Machine

  1. Diamond Drum covered pyramids. Extremely smooth, openings located on the tops. As a result, when the spin cycle starts, the fabric is trying to sink down, move out places down, but does not sink holes. This greatly reduces the friction of the water, the attitude to get the most gentle laundry.
  2. Heaters washing machines Samsung demonstrate ceramic coating. It is a passive material that does not react with the hardness salts. As a result of the best manufacturers of household appliances and managed to reduce the surface temperature, and deposition of scale block.
  3. In washing machines are surge protectors, but Samsung promises that their own equipment to work steadily. By smoothing the voltage jumps wear underwear in the washing process is much less. The technology is called Volt Control. According to statements of Samsung equipment will maintain its operability in the range of 185 - 400 V voltage. Even buying a quality washing machine from Belarus - known protection devices - not so smart will provide stability.
  4. Already talked about the silver coating refrigerators, Samsung is now introducing the metal in the washing machine. Due to technical solutions killing germs and bacteria even without boiling. Option demanded. To save energy, it is recommended to wash at a temperature of only 60 degrees, in these conditions, the maximum efficiency exhibits most of detergents for washing machines.

Said would be enough to solve the problem, which company to buy a washing machine. We discuss industry leaders. Find out which firms that produce produce, easier to Yandex-market, where the product is assembled with the vast Russian market. It is convenient that the cards are characteristics, there are a number of offers from stores selling. Periodically manage to stumble on the action. Permissible to save on the purchase of a washing machine.

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