Samsung Washing Machines: Top 5 Best, Reviews, Review of Styralock Features

Samsung is one of the world's largest manufacturers of various household devices. Samsung washing machines are equipped with proprietary technologies, have their pros and cons compared to competing models.

A wide range allows you to choose a device that technical requirements and functionality meets the desires of the consumer.

The content of the article:

  • Main technical parameters
  • Modes of operation and functionality
    • Standard wash cycles
    • Special and additional modes
    • Unique technologies from Samsung
    • Constructive solutions and useful features
  • Pros and cons against competitors
    • Positive sides
    • Negative points and shortcomings
  • Popular models in the Russian market
    • Model # 5 - Samsung WF8590NLW8
    • Model # 4 - Samsung WW65K42E00W
    • Model # 3 - Samsung WW7MJ42102WDLP
    • Model # 2 - Samsung WW80K42E06W
    • Model # 1 - Samsung WD806U2GAGD
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Main technical parameters

Models with horizontal loading of things have unified parameters of height (85 cm) and width (60 cm).

In depth, Samsung divides cars into two classes:

  • narrow (45 cm);
  • full size (55 or 60 cm).

The maximum mass of items to be loaded for narrow cars ranges from 6 to 8 kg, and for full-size ones - from 9 to 12 kg. Devices with a drying function can wash up to 8 kg in one cycle, and dry up to 6 kg of things.

Models with horizontal loading offered for sale in Russia are assembled at various factories owned by the corporation:

  • narrow washing machines are produced in Russia at a production facility located in the Kaluga region;
  • full-size shipped from China, Korea or Poland;
  • Dryers are manufactured in China.

Most components for washing machines are produced in China.

Popular in the CIS manufacturer of washing machines

Washing machines from Samsung are quite justified in the popularity of the CIS countries. The manufacturer is included in the top three most well-known suppliers, the equipment has been tested in practice.

Their quality is quite high, as the production facilities belong to Samsung, and the process itself is robotic. The same applies to the assembly - no complaints about the new devices in large numbers is not fixed.

Frontal washer from the Chinese company Samsung

Samsung Corporation offers an extensive range of full-size and narrow washing machines, built-in and free-standing units, equipment with various functional capabilities.

Washing machines in a version that provides for vertical loading of things are not produced at a plant in the Kaluga region.

Delivery directly from abroad leads to an increase in the already high price due to customs duties. Therefore, Samsung does not sell them on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Dimensions of Samsung front washing machines

When calculating the free space in which the washing machine will be installed, it is necessary to take into account its protruding parts and the dimensions of the opening door

Modes of operation and functionality

Regardless of the degree of pollution and the origin of stains, modern washing machines should cleanly clean various types of fabric.

Samsung has developed for its models a variety of modes, the study of which is necessary for effective washing. Also, the devices are equipped with functions that facilitate the consumer to control the process.

Standard wash cycles

Depending on the type of material, you can select suitable wash cycles for it. They define the order of work, which, according to the manufacturer, is best suited for such fabrics.

Manufacturers of clothing and linen on the labels place special characters by which you can determine the permissible for them indicators of temperature, drum speed and type of detergent

Manufacturers of clothing and linen on the labels place special characters by which you can determine the permissible for them indicators of temperature, drum speed and type of detergent (+)

Modern Samsung washing machines have the following standard modes:

  • Cotton. Apply for products made of cotton, as well as towels, tablecloths, shirts and underwear. Washing time depends on the load of the drum.
  • Cotton (economical). It differs from the previous mode by a lower power consumption due to a decrease in the actual water temperature.
  • Synthetics. Used for washing shirts, T-shirts and blouses made of polyester, polyamide or other similar material.
  • Wool. In this mode, it is recommended to load no more than 2-3 kg (depending on the type of machine) and use neutral detergents. The work is designed for the careful handling of things to prevent their shrinkage and deformation.
  • Linens. Apply for washing duvet covers and sheets.
  • Kids' things. The mode is characterized by high water temperature and long rinsing for reliable removal of detergent.
  • Delicate fabrics. Apply if necessary to clean things from silk and other fine fabrics that are usually recommended for hand washing.
  • Outerwear. Used for washing sports things from elastic materials such as spandex. There are restrictions on the amount of download.
  • Dark things. The operation mode is characterized by additional rinsing and shortened spin times.
  • Jeans. Apply when washing clothes from denim. The mode provides an additional stage of rinsing.

If necessary, you can manually change the basic parameters, such as water temperature, the time of the various stages or their intensity.

Linen sorting box

To sort the laundry before washing it is better to use special boxes. This will reduce the risk of accidentally mixing things with different types of fabric.

Special and additional modes

Samsung washing machine models have special modes that complement the basic cycles, which are designed to remove specific types of pollutants:

  • active sport - earth, grass, sweat and cosmetics;
  • hygiene - sebum and blood;
  • kitchen and dining room - food stains;
  • casual wear - any type of stain with little pollution;
  • movable children — food, dirt, ink, and other persistent pollutants;
  • gardening - grass, dirt, sweat and sebum.

The inclusion of the prewash option allows for a separate short cycle before the main program is turned on.

Another option is intensive soaking. Within 30 minutes, things are soaked in an aqueous medium using aeration, which improves the penetration of detergent into the contaminated tissue. This feature is not available for all standard modes.

Accelerated wash mode allows for 1 hour to wash out everyday items such as underwear and shirts. The “quick wash” option allows you to clean lightly soiled clothes on the condition of a small amount in 15 or 30 minutes.

Control panel washing machine

When you turn on the quick wash mode, you can independently adjust the water temperature, the number of rinses and the drum speed during spinning

There is a way to separately perform rinsing and spinning, including the same mode. Often it is used as an addition to the main cycle when using a fabric softener.

You can change the number of rinsing procedures for the current cycle. You can also disable spinning, which is justified when washing things from easily-damaged tissues.

When using the “easy ironing” option, the number of revolutions is automatically reduced during the spin cycle. This contributes to the fact that linen is not crumpled. However, at the end of the wash cycle, it remains wet.

Dashboard with drum cleaning

In the Samung lineup there are models with automatic drum cleaning, the essence of which is to conduct a normal cycle, but at high temperatures and without laundry (+)

After the number of cycles set by the manufacturer (for most Samsung models, the value is 40), the “Eco Drum Cleaning” indicator lights up.

This means that using a separate cycle, it is necessary to disinfect the drum and remove residual detergent from it. To do this, run this mode in the absence of things in the tank.

Cleaning takes place at the expense of hot water and high rotational speeds. The manufacturer does not recommend using detergents and disinfectants because of the possible deterioration in the quality of further work.

Unique technologies from Samsung

“AddWash” - Samsung's exclusive technology that allows you to add things after the launch process. To do this, you need to pause the washing machine and load a small amount of material through a separate hatch in the door.

This makes it possible to wash forgotten things in the general cycle or add them only for rinsing and spinning. Also, this technology allows you to pour air conditioning directly into the drum.

Door for adding linen

Add a large volume through the additional door will not work. This was done intentionally, because otherwise the quality of the washing of already loaded clothes will suffer.

The option to turn on the foam generator with the patented name “Eco Bubble” promotes the penetration of washing powder into the structure of any fabric.

Allows you to properly wash things at low water temperature, which are used to save energy and prevent shrinkage of the material.

Foaming function

The device, which ensures the production of active bubbles, ensures perfect washing of pollution of any degree of complexity, is used to put things in order from all types of fabrics

The washing machine can be connected via wi-fi to the installed program “Samsung Smart Home”.

After registering the device, you can access its functionality using a computer, laptop or smartphone. This is useful when exploring the capabilities of the apparatus or, for example, when starting the wash cycle remotely.

You can also set up a notification about the status of the process. This allows, if necessary, dozagruzki linen not to miss the start of rinsing or spinning.

For modern models it is possible to use technology. “Smart Check”, which will help identify the problem of the washing machine.

To do this, you need to download the program to your mobile device. “Samsung Smart Washer”, direct the camera of the smartphone to the panel and get all the information about the malfunction.

Using a smartphone to detect errors

To read the error code, the camera of the smartphone should be directed to the control panel screen. If, for reasons of glare, reading is not possible, then you need to turn off the light in the room

Technology control parameters of electricity “Volt Control” tested by Samsung on many types of home appliances. It allows the device to operate at a network voltage from 165 to 275 volts.

When the current reads out of range, the power is blocked, which significantly reduces the risk of electronics failure.

After voltage stabilization, the operation of the washing machine resumes from the stage of the cycle, during which the failure occurred.

Built-in washing machine brand Samsung

At voltage surges in the electrical network, the unit stops working independently, after stabilization of the standard current parameters, the machine resumes normal operation

At high rotational speeds, as a result of centrifugal force, water is removed through the holes in the drum. If the linen closes the hole, then the fabric slightly pulls into it. Therefore, the effect of “zastiravaniya” and the formation of pellets on the fabric of wool or cotton.

Drum “Diamond Drum” has a smoothed relief surface, on the tops of which there are holes for draining. Have specification “Diamond Drum +” they are located in the recessed part.

Due to the uneven surface, the underwear advantageously does not cover the holes, therefore their diameter was made significantly smaller than that of the “smooth” drums. This leads to a reduction in tissue damage during the spin cycle.

For the newest models, the drum is performed according to the technology “Swirl Drum”, which functionally fully repeats “Diamond Drum”, slightly differing only in design performance.


“Diamond Drum” drums have a four-sided rather than six-sided structure, like the classic “honeycomb” surfaces from other manufacturers. However, this does not affect the quality of their work.

Constructive solutions and useful features

The drum balancing technology “Can Balance” functions by moving loads in the direction with a smaller mass fraction of linen. Powered by built-in sensors that respond to an imbalance.

Ceramic TEN practically does not promote the formation of scale, which is a common problem of its metal counterparts.

This greatly increases the energy savings in heating water, and also eliminates the need for periodic maintenance of the heater, which is a very labor-intensive operation.

Washer with vibration protection

A number of models of washing machines from Samsung are equipped with a vibration protection system, which is hardly felt even at high spin speeds. Lack of vibration significantly prolongs the operating time of the unit

Vibration Prevention Technology “VRT +”. There is a distribution of things on the surface of the drum, which allows you to normalize the load at high speeds in the spin mode.

Aqua Stop protection interrupts the water supply in case of leakage as a result of depressurization of one of the nodes.

There are two types of protection:

  • Incomplete. When the hose breaks (the most likely cause of leakage), the material near the supply tap expands and blocks the flow of water.
  • Complete Additionally install several digital sensors on the bottom of the washing machine. When they react, the water is automatically shut off.

On all models there is a function "child lock". When it is activated, all buttons are locked, except for those that are involved in the combination to start this function, as well as the power on and off relays.

Buttons to activate the panel lock function

In order to activate the “child lock” function it is necessary with the machine turned on and the door closed for 3 seconds, hold down the two buttons, which are located to the left and right of the sign

The time delay function allows you to calculate the start of the start of the cycle in such a way as to end it by the time specified by the user. This is convenient in the absence of the owners of the house - they do this so that wet things do not lie long in the washing machine before they arrive.

Pros and cons against competitors

Production of parts and assembly of household appliances in each large company is put on stream and takes place according to the same type algorithm. Therefore, all models of washing machines from Samsung have common differences from analogues of competing firms.

Positive sides

The Samsung Group has its own high-tech components manufacturing facilities. Therefore, the quality of e-filling their home appliances is at a high level.

Such common problems of control boards as aging of capacitors or undercutting of conductors and breaking of conductive circuits happen much less frequently than among competitors.

Vast experience in the production of video devices, laptops, printers and mobile phones allowed us to create an intuitive interface for washing machines.

Despite the abundance of programs, additional modes and technological solutions to understand the functionality of the device is quite easy.

Samsung front panel design

The control panels of Samsung washing machines are quite informative and intuitive, regardless of the class and cost of the machine.

Control through the touch screen is a light touch of the fingers. And to start the washing process it is necessary to press the button with an accent on for 2-3 seconds. Such a simple solution eliminates the accidental launch of the machine when the program is not configured to the end.

The maximum drum speed for spinning for narrow cars is 1000-1200 revolutions per minute, and for full-size ones - 1400-1600. This allows you to remove moisture from well-washed things.

If it is necessary to wash clothes from easily damaged tissues, the speed can be reduced by the user to a value of 400 revolutions per minute, or this stage can be canceled altogether.

The advantages of a large tank

Samsung has a large enough tank, especially for full-size models: the maximum weight of dry laundry that can be placed for washing is 12 kg. Ease of loading and unloading is ensured by the large diameter of the door

In earlier models, the effect of strong vibration was observed. However, with the introduction of “Can Balance” and “VRT +” technologies, Samsung devices began to show almost exemplary stability even when operating at maximum speed in spin mode.

Negative points and shortcomings

One of the main complaints about the Samsung-made machines is the increased noise level, especially during the spin phase.

The reasoning about the “super silent motor” remains a marketing ploy, since the main buzz comes from the drum. However, it should be noted that this sound is uniform.

With the presence of small children in the house, he does not interfere with their sleep. A more significant problem may be sound signals about the end of work cycles, which, however, can be turned off.

Sound level specified in the technical documentation

The technical manual indicates the sound power level in decibels that the washing machine emits when operating in different modes. It is necessary to trust these values, but not assurances of noiselessness on advertising leaflets (+)

Quite often there is a problem associated with leakage of the bunker and damage to the drain system. Repair of this malfunction is rather complicated if the cause is not a small object (for example, a button) getting into the drain system or pipe.

In general, Samsung units are pretty easy to repair in case of malfunctions - almost all washers are removed error codes on the scoreboard, on which, then, you can determine the fault.

By energy efficiency, some models with drying are classified as “B”. This is not a very big minus for Russia, since the cost of electricity is much lower here than in Korea.

The price of models produced at the plant in the Kaluga region is comparable to competitive models. But the cost of full-size models from Samsung is slightly higher than that of other manufacturers who assemble similar devices in Russia.

Full-size front model Samsung

The cost of a washer depends on the capacity of the washing tank, a set of functions, the degree of protection of the unit. A considerable part of the price is made up of customs duties and transportation costs of equipment delivered from abroad. Therefore, Kaluga products are much cheaper.

Popular models in the Russian market

The rating of models of washing machines from Samsung was carried out according to their representation. in large stores selling appliances and subject to the average rating according to users.

The ranking is based on the study of consumer preferences and opinions of owners of washing machines of the specified brand.

Model # 5 - Samsung WF8590NLW8

The washing capacity of the machine is designed for the reception and “maintenance” of 6 kg of laundry in a dry state.

The unit does not indulge the owners with an abundance of various programs and sensory control circuit, but rarely creates problems for owners, which is justified precisely by simplicity and reliability associated with it command device.

The main parameters of the washer:

  • dimensions - 60x45x85 cm;
  • loading type - frontal;
  • drying is not;
  • the display is;
  • water consumption - 48 l;
  • protection against leakage / children - partial / is;
  • tank - plastic.

The machine wipes in the normal and abbreviated mode, rinses in a standard and increased volume of water, effectively removes stains.

The program includes the functions of gentle washing and processing of children's clothes. There is a blocking device against the introduction of the hands of young researchers into the process, although there is only a body for dealing with leaks.

In terms of energy saving, the unit is assigned a class A +, it is pressed at 1000 rpm. The compact washer can be embedded, for which it is necessary to remove the top panel. It does not know how to dry and consumes quite a lot of water.

Model # 4 - Samsung WW65K42E00W

The new version of the washing machine will cope with washing 6.5 kg of dry laundry without any problems. At the disposal of its potential owners are 12 programs and a miniature hatch for carrying out reloading in case some of the things are not placed in the washing capacity in a timely manner.

Technical characteristics of the unit:

  • dimensions - 60x45x85 cm;
  • loading type - frontal;
  • reloading - is;
  • drying is not;
  • the display is;
  • control / from smartphone - electronic / is
  • water consumption - 39 liters;
  • protection against leakage / children - partial / is;
  • tank - plastic.

The machine washes with the usual and increased speed, rinses in a standard, increased and reduced volume of water, conducts soaking, performs prewash.

The automatic machine puts in order things from dark and delicate fabrics, erases children's things and removes stains. There are functions for steam treatment and active bubbles.

The narrow model is popular among owners of small-sized housing, demanded by young parents, because blocked from children. The tank unit is made of plastic, which for the better changes the price.

However, the class according to the energy saving criteria is only A and there is no effective protection against possible leaks (case only).

Model # 3 - Samsung WW7MJ42102WDLP

The narrow model washes up to 7 kg of linen, offers users 12 programs, is equipped with a display, on which shows information about operations performed and hints that appear when errors occur in work.

Technical specifications of this washing machine:

  • dimensions - 60x45x85 cm;
  • loading - frontal, up to 7 kg;
  • bubble wash - is;
  • drying is not;
  • digital display;
  • control / from smartphone - intelligent / no;
  • programs - 12 pcs;
  • protection from leakage / children - no / is;
  • tank - plastic.

The machine performs the normal and accelerated wash cycle, rinse in the traditional and increased volume of water.

Tidies things from a variety of fabrics, processes the outer and children's clothes, removes stains of any degree of resistance. Bubble wash and blocking protection against children is included in the functionality.

If desired, the washing machine can be built into cabinet furniture. She has a “decent”, but not the highest indicator on energy saving, in total А ++.

It squeezes out, developing at the same time 1200 rpm, but does not dry. In addition, the machine is practically not protected from possible leakage.

Model # 2 - Samsung WW80K42E06W

Inexpensive representative of the Samsung lineup is pleased with economical water consumption with energy and confidently attracts an impressive list of useful options.

The model is equipped with an automatic drum cleaning function and eliminates odors thanks to the “steam supply” option. The tank from plastic, capacity is calculated on 8 kg of linen.

Characteristics and features of this model:

  • dimensions - 60x45x85 cm;
  • bubble wash - is;
  • drying is not;
  • digital display;
  • control / from smartphone - intellectual / is;
  • protection against leakage / children - partial / is.

The machine offers 14 different programs, performs numerous operations, inherent in the status of premium-class washers. Although such is not with its price tag.

In addition to a variety of modes for washing and rinsing with a spin, it also diagnoses breakages, erases wool and downy things, processes products with active bubbles.

The stylishly designed unit takes up a lot of space, which does not frighten fans of impressive technology. On energy saving it is very economical - the class is A +++, it will be pressed at 1200 rpm.

The only negative is that only the body protects against leaks.

Model # 1 - Samsung WD806U2GAGD

The flagship line is headed by a full-size washing machine with a dryer. The leader of user surveys is able to qualitatively wash 8 kg of laundry and dry 4 kg.

The unit is equipped with a plastic tank and a drum with a unique structure that optimizes the result of washing. It offers consumers 10 programs.

Characteristics of the WD806U2GAGD washing machine from Samsung:

  • dimensions - 60x45x85 cm;
  • bubble wash - is;
  • drying - yes;
  • digital display;
  • management is intellectual;
  • protection against leakage / children - partial / is;
  • body color - gray.

A smart machine makes its own diagnosis of emerging and already occurring failures. Signals of violations in the performance of work are recorded by the sensors and transmitted to the display.

On the same miniature screen all the characteristics of the operations carried out by the equipment are displayed. And the definition of breakdowns, and the machine can be controlled via Wi-Fi.

Erases the model of sportswear and outerwear, bedding, puts in order things from fabrics that require a delicate attitude. Deletes spots, makes preliminary soaking if necessary.

The models are not assigned the highest class in terms of energy saving, this is just A +. Spin also does not belong to the category of the best, it is carried out at 1200 rpm.

As it is supposed to the Samsung camera, the equipment is protected from the participation of investigative researchers, but only the body will fight with an emergency or light leak.

This automatic machine with the drying function of the considered Samsung brand is most often bought among this type of machines.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Instructions for use of Samsung machines, familiarity with the programs and the specifics of the first launch are presented in the video:

What exactly should be considered, selecting the optimal washing machine for home use. About this next video:

Samsung washing machines are popular in our country because of the quality work, the availability of innovative features and original technical solutions. Minor flaws are present, but they do not spoil the overall impression of the company's models.

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