Washing machines Ardo: TOP-6 best models, reviews about the brand, the pros and cons

Italians know a lot about household appliances. Ardo’s washing machines are made by them as compact, maximum functional equipment. In this case, it is focused primarily on those who do not want to overpay.

Ardo equipment is reliable, durable and quite affordable. Let's talk about the merits of the brand and get acquainted with its best models.

The content of the article:

  • Features of the choice of Ardo brand styralok
    • Washing machine tanks
    • Features of the drum unit
    • Security and safety systems
    • Electronic Brain Technology
    • High quality wash
  • The best representatives of the model range
    • Place # 1 - Multifunctional 55FL127LW
    • Place # 2 - Low Noise 55FL108SW-R
    • Place # 3 - vertical washer TL148LW
    • Place # 4 - Compact Model Ardo TL128LW
    • Place # 5 - TL107SW low cost vertical
    • Place # 6 - Stylish 55FL108SW
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the brand
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of the choice of Ardo brand styralok

The company Ardo first declared itself in the 30s of the last century. At that time she specialized in the production of scales. Thirty years later, the company released its first washing machines, which determined its further development.

Selective control of several machines from the lot is required. It is carried out before shipment. Samples are tested for reliability, working out the wash cycles in various conditions. All new models come into production only after a series of tests for safety and quality.

Components and materials are monitored for compliance with specified characteristics. It is not surprising that the quality of Ardo equipment is confirmed by several certificates of international standard, including ISO 9001.

In our country, products manufactured under the brand name of this brand have also been certified and received the Rostest mark. At the same time, their cost remains quite budget, which is particularly pleasing in combination with high quality.

Ardo Washing Machine

Machines under the brand Ardo are distinguished by high quality, functionality and compactness. However, their cost is relatively small. The manufacturer prefers to work only in the average price range.

The brand pleases its customers with a wide range and attractive design of household appliances. Particular attention in the development of washing machines is paid to the reliability of their design, the quality of washing, energy saving and ease of use.

Ardo brand washing machines are known as compact, functional, reliable and at the same time inexpensive equipment. They have a number of features that favorably distinguish them from products of other manufacturers.

Washing machine tanks

An important element of each washer is a tank. Ardo often uses two types of such products: stainless steel and enameled steel. The latter are made independently according to a special technology.

In the production process, the workpiece is subjected to high-temperature processing at 800 ° C, which guarantees good sintering of the substrate with enamel. As a result, the product is well protected from corrosion, therefore it lasts much longer.

Metal tanks are good because they allow you to warm the water for washing as quickly as possible, but they also give excessive noise when the machine is running. They cool down too quickly.

Ardo’s engineers have proposed an original solution. They developed a combined type tank that combines stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic parts. As a result, the product heats up quickly. In this case, the plastic does not allow it to cool for a long time, which reduces power consumption.

In addition, it absorbs the noise produced by a working device. Despite the fact that plastic has a smaller than metal life, the combined tanks serve for a long time and seamlessly.

Washing machine tank

The tank of the washing machine can be made of metal or plastic. The Ardo company developed its own kind of heat-resistant plastic, which Eco-Carbon called

The original design of a company called Eco-Carbon is used as a heat-resistant plastic. It is strong, durable, lightweight material. He successfully passed all tests. Then it began to be used not only in the combined parts, but also for the production of tanks of budget washing machines.

Features of the drum unit

Unlike canisters, machine drums are made only from stainless steel. This is associated with significant loads that the element undergoes during the washing process.

Ardo puts on his machines high-quality devices with holes of standard sizes.

Cell drum in competitor washers

Cellular drums, which are most carefully washed underwear, are not installed on the equipment of the Ardo brand

Security and safety systems

The manufacturer is responsible for security issues, therefore it installs several such systems in its products at once. One of them is overflow protection.

If the tank is full as a result of a breakdown in the bay system, it is activated and removes water from the machine. At the same time, owners of electronic equipment will be able to see the error number on the display.

Washing machine display

The display of the Ardo washing machine is informative. The user can see here everything you need to know about the process of washing or drying. If a problem occurs, an error number is displayed.

Washers Ardo equipped with protection against overheating of water. The tank is equipped with a temperature detector, which is monitored by the controller. It stops the operation of the heating element if the heating has reached a critical point.

To protect sewage pipes, which are most often plastic today, hot water is diluted with cold water before draining from the machine.

The door lock of the operating device is set. Open it intentionally or accidentally impossible as long as the drum moves.

Ardo machines are equipped with an advanced balancing system. It “spreads out” the laundry before spinning as evenly as possible, which minimizes drum drift and vibration. This significantly extends the life of the linen and equipment.

Electronic Brain Technology

Relatively recently, washing machines were equipped with the likeness of the electronic brain, called Easy logic. Due to its presence, user functions were reduced to loading dirty laundry and selecting a program.

The unit independently weighs the loaded portion. Based on this, determines the required amount of powder, rinse aid, etc. The user will be notified about the time it takes to complete the cycle.

Ardo Washing Machine

The operation of an intelligent washing machine is very simple and convenient. The unit independently weighs linen and selects the fastest and most economical mode

After that, the machine starts up. Easy logic chooses the best for the consumption of energy and water cycle. In addition, she closely monitors the process of washing and the quality of the necessary operations.

Another embedded system Janus enables the machine to carry out self-diagnostics, during which hidden and obvious faults are detected.

High quality wash

The Ardo brand is distinguished by its consistently high washing quality. Most models have a washing class of A, A + and higher. This is due not only to their design features.

Machines are equipped with technology Eco ballresponsible for the effectiveness of the use of detergents. The system controls the flow of powder, using the minimum amount needed for the operation.

The washing solution of the desired temperature is continuously fed to the laundry through the holes in the drum. The work programs are selected so that things are uniformly soaked with soapy water and experience delicate friction, like hand washing.

The Eco Ball system tracks and rinsing, responsible for the complete removal of detergents from clean laundry. Thus, the powder is consumed as economically as possible, and the quality of washing remains at a height.

The best representatives of the model range

The company's products are presented in various price ranges. In fairness it should be noted that basically all cars belong to the middle segment. Consider attractive options from different price groups.

Place # 1 - Multifunctional 55FL127LW

This is one of the inexpensive, but at the same time quite functional frontal models. It is designed for a maximum load of 7 kg, which in itself is not bad.

The machine is quite compact, its depth is 0.55 m. At the same time, it has the energy efficiency class A +++ and washing A.

Ardo 55FL127LW is equipped with 11 basic programs, which is enough for almost all occasions. Among them are delicate laundry, wool, synthetics, cotton, etc.

For those who have a multi-tariff meter, a delayed start is especially relevant. This machine offers options from 1 to 8 hours. The maximum number of revolutions of the centrifuge - 1200 per minute.

This is far from the limit, but quite enough for the bulk of the laundry.

One of the most budget and at the same time quite functional models. Well suited for those who appreciate the quality of washing and not chasing trendy twists.

Despite the fact that this is a budget model, the device has some advanced features.

Among them, the possibility of reducing the washing time, additional rinsing, easier ironing, setting the number of revolutions of the spin.

The device is equipped with an electronic type control. The tank is completely made of eco-carbon or thermoplastic.

According to consumer reviews, the most problematic parts of the model are bearings, which eventually begin to crumble, and the gland.

Place # 2 - Low Noise 55FL108SW-R

This frontal model is quite rare for Ardo 8 kg load, so it can be installed in the bathroom of a family of several people.

The energy consumption level corresponds to class A +++, washing class A, spin - C. The latter means that the car squeezes out at a maximum speed of 1000 revolutions per minute, which is sufficient for very dense things.

Model 55FL108SW-R is equipped with a delay timer that operates in the extended range from 1 to 8 hours. Its weight is 67 kg, which is enough to put out energy when the machine is running.

This washing technique can be attributed to low noise. It produces about 77 dB with a functioning centrifuge.

It is a budget model with good functionality. A significant drawback is rather long washing and rinsing cycles. For example, a full cycle on the program "Cotton" lasts about two hours, rinsing - almost an hour.

The device works with 11 standard programs, makes it possible to postpone the spin and use additional rinsing.

Of the significant drawbacks, it is worth noting the great depth of the model, which is explained by a good capacity. It is 55 cm, and this is a lot for small bathrooms.

Place # 3 - vertical washer TL148LW

Functional washing machine vertical type. Maximum load up to 8 kg. Energy class of the device A +++, washing A. These are worthy characteristics for the model.

Ardo TL148LW well washes laundry and spends a minimum amount of energy. Spin operates at a speed of 1400 rpm, leaving less than 50% residual moisture. This is quite enough even for very dense fabrics.

Thanks to the bulk tank, the car has a rather impressive weight. However, this is not bad, since a significant mass helps to reduce noise and vibration.

The unit is equipped with electronic control. It has leakage protection, delayed start function and 14 washing programs. Among them, a delicate mode, protection from excessive creasing of the fabric, washing in cool water and others.

Vertikalka from Ardo is equipped with 14 washing programs. This is quite enough to choose the appropriate mode for any laundry.

There is also a self-cleaning pump, foam control system, automatic drum balancing. Of the significant shortcomings can be noted one - the lack of a special program for washing things from denim.

Place # 4 - Compact Model Ardo TL128LW

Premium class machine with vertical loading. The quality of washing level A, energy consumption A +++.

The maximum drum load for the TL128LW is 8 kg of linen. This is a very good indicator, which is quite enough for a large family.

The model is equipped with electronic control, there is an LCD display, which displays the necessary information to the user.

The device pleases with its compactness. Its dimensions are 40x60x90 cm. There are 14 different washing programs, so for each type of linen you can choose the most suitable.

Advantageous advantage - spinning, the speed of which can be adjusted. The maximum value that can be set on it is 1200 rpm. It is enough even for denim.

The advantageous difference between the model is the presence of intelligent control and an LCD display on which you can see all the necessary information about the operation and condition of the machine.

There is a delay timer, working in the range of up to 8 hours, a program of washing sportswear, built-in systems to control the amount of foam and imbalance. The tank is made of Eco-carbon, the noise level when pressing and washing is average.

Feature of the model - the user can set the temperature of the wash. Their disadvantages are worth noting that the lack of protection from children, which does not affect the operational properties of the device.

Place # 5 - TL107SW low cost vertical

The budget option is quite functional machine with loading vertical type. TL107SW has A washing class and A + for energy consumption. Standard Values ​​for Ardo Technique.

Ardo TL107SW, like all verticals, is quite compact. Its depth is 0.6 m. In one cycle, the device washes no more than 7 kg of dry laundry.

This model has electronic control, is equipped with a system Soft opening.

In the arsenal of the model 14 programs for washing, including:

  • standard;
  • preliminary cycle;
  • delicate;
  • fast mode;
  • others.

There is also an additional rinse, easy ironing, hand washing and in cold water, which is somewhat less common.

The maximum number of revolutions of the centrifuge is small, only 1000. But for most fabrics this is enough. Unless dense materials will be insufficiently wrung out.

Due to the design features of the machine with a vertical load, they are more often equipped with a centrifuge with a smaller number of revolutions. This model has a spin speed of 800 rpm.

Noise machine during operation can be assessed as average, closer to low. The body of the equipment is protected from leakage; systems for controlling the amount of foam and imbalance are installed.

Of the significant shortcomings of the model, only too long work cycles can be noted.

Place # 6 - Stylish 55FL108SW

The functional equipment of the front type is distinguished by a stylish design, good capacity and compact size. At the same time, the power consumption in 55FL108SW is minimal.

So, the machine belongs to the appliances having energy class A +++, while the washing efficiency class is A, and the spin quality class is C (this is not the best indicator for this kind of equipment).

Of the advantages should be noted impressive maximum load. It is 8 kg, which is rare for Ardo. Dimensions of the washer 60x55x85 cm, weight - 68.5 kg. The machine is equipped with an intelligent electronic control, there is a text backlit display.

Spin speed adjustable. Maximum - 1000 rpm. The equipment has 11 programs for washing, as well as a number of special programs, with the help of which you can shorten the washing time, wash jeans and much more.

There is a delayed start timer for 8 hours. Of the disadvantages of the owners usually say not very convenient control panel.

Advantages and disadvantages of the brand

Any car, unfortunately, can break. Ardo is no exception. True, practice shows that this happens quite rarely. The main reason for this is high quality components and assembly units.

Therefore, on the territory of our country since 2006, the warranty repair period has been extended for all Ardo brand washing machines.

Service of the machine Ardo

In Russia, all Ardo cars have an increased warranty, which is three years. Service centers of the company are present in all cities of the country, so there are no problems with the purchase of spare parts or repairs from users.

This means that in the first year of service replacement parts, as well as the departure of the master is free of charge. In the second and third year you will have to pay only for the part, its replacement and the invitation of a specialist are free.

At the same time you need to know that the service centers of the company are located in almost all regions of Russia. Therefore, problems with the maintenance and purchase of spare parts should not arise.

Actually one of the most significant shortcomings. Most of the Ardo models are designed for a small load. The manufacturer positions its cars as compact, functional and inexpensive equipment.

This promise is fully fulfilled. Brand units are designed to load 3-4 kg of linen, rare models can hold 5 or 6.

Ardo Large Capacity Washing Machine

Initially, the brand was focused on the production of compact washing machines with a small load. Today in the Ardo lineup, large-capacity equipment increasingly appears.

For this reason, cars are inconvenient for use in large families. Rather, they are designed for 1-2 people.

It must be admitted that the company corrects this deficiency and expands its model range. Recently, machines began to appear on the market with a load of 7–8 kg.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

We get acquainted with the main modes of washing from Ardo:

The video will help determine the desired characteristics of the washing machine when choosing the optimal model:

Comparative review of different models of Ardo:

The buyer who went to the store for a new washing machine should be well versed in models and brands. One of the worthy choices is a car from Ardo. The company produces a wide range of reliable, high-quality and compact products. Ardo brand washers are focused on the average price range without loss in quality and functionality..

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