What are the things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes?

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Many things are characteristic exclusively of the Russian person. Foreigners, getting into the houses of Russians and seeing unexpected objects, fall into a stupor. After all, this is not found in their homes, and they have not seen it at their friends. Let's see what Russian houses have that foreigners don't have.

what surprises foreigners?

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  • What are the things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes?
    • Solid soap
    • Zelenka
    • Lace tulle
    • Tea-set
    • Slippers
    • Package with packages
    • Cereals
    • Activated carbon
    • Coasters
    • Carpets on the walls

What are the things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes?

Of course, citizens who come from other countries will not show their surprise when they see an unusual object. Most foreigners are very reserved and have remarkable restraint. But at the same time, there will be no limit to their surprise, because they have not used these things for a long time or have never used them at all in their everyday life.

Some of the things on the list were used earlier in other countries, but with time and the development of technology, foreigners completely abandoned them.

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Solid soap

The cherished block, which is solemnly laid out on a special stand in our bathrooms, cannot be found in the homes of residents of Europe and America. There, people have long abandoned such an addition.

In the homes of Americans, you will find soap with an antibacterial effect for all parts of the body, but in a liquid form. Americans have not bought soap bars for many years. What is laundry soap they have no idea at all.

solid soap

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Children brightly painted with green paint are a visiting card of Russia. We are used to disinfecting wounds with this particular green substance. In other countries, they are sincerely surprised why paint these terrible dots on your body with an indelible composition.

Residents of Italy, for example, use colorless substances like chlorhexidine, mercury chlorine or ethyl alcohol instead of greenery. In their first-aid kits, you will not find either iodine or green stuff.

Lace tulle

The entire environment for foreigners is built on comfort and practicality. They sincerely do not understand why curtain the window with a translucent material through which the space of the room is visible.

In other countries, the curtains are closed exclusively at night. And they usually do this with sashes, like shutters, or dense blinds. During the day, windows are usually open, and no one is embarrassed that what is happening can be seen from the street.


Several tea nations are known in the world. Everyone knows that in China and England the tea ceremony has been elevated to the rank of a special event. This is the time for self-awareness and maximum relaxation. But in Russia they love tea just as much.

In our homes there are always "ceremonial" tea sets, which are solemnly exhibited at all home holidays. Foreigners do not understand why they should store dishes if they are not used for their intended purpose.

Of course, the tea service is not a Russian person's trick. But still, only in our country this set is given such importance.


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Old, shabby slippers will be offered to you in almost every Russian home. It is customary for us to take off your shoes after coming from the street, because the sidewalks are dirty everywhere. The cleanliness of the streets abroad is carefully guarded, so they do not need to take off their shoes when they come home.

If foreigners take off their shoes at home, they prefer to move around in socks. In Russia, however, slippers are presented in a large assortment. There are summer and winter models, as well as original pairs, with different finishes and prints.

Package with packages

For decades, Europe and the United States have been trying to monitor harmful emissions. You rarely find plastic bags in stores. The vast majority of purchases are packed in paper bags, which are then easy to dispose of.

In Russia, everything is completely different. Our people are accustomed, going shopping, endlessly acquire plastic containers, and then put them all in one, keeping them in a secluded corner of the kitchen.

The habit is harmful and strange for residents of foreign countries. But Russians cannot be persuaded. They continue to collect packages, hoping that they will come in handy soon and will be at hand.

package with packages

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Europeans do not like cereals at all, and buckwheat is the national dish of Russians, which residents of other countries cannot eat and do not understand how we do it. They prefer vegetables and other side dishes, but refuse cereals as much as possible.

By the way, storage of cereals in European countries takes place in factory packaging. Plastic dishes are completely banned.

Activated carbon

The mineral is used as an absorbent throughout the world. But in America and Europe, the pharmacy will sell you cute pink capsules or white pills that are not at all like the harsh black rounds presented on the shelves of our country. In Russia, people don't need disguises.


In the recent past, they were used everywhere in order not to break expensive glass glasses. After the appearance of strong mugs and other utensils, cup holders were no longer needed. But many Russians still feel a special attraction in this household item and prefer to drink tea “the old fashioned way”.

It is fair to say that we have recently practically abandoned the use of a cup holder.

cup holder

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Carpets on the walls

The northern peoples and African countries have a tradition to hang the skins of killed animals in their homes. But they do it, rather, for additional warmth than for beauty. In our country, carpets on the wall have long been considered the main decoration of the home.

Today, cities have practically abandoned this "decoration" in favor of modern design. But in villages and settlements, carpets on the walls still occupy their "honorable" places.

There are a lot of things that surprise foreigners in Russian homes. There are also iron doors, cotton swabs, incandescent lamps and much more. Foreigners encounter this exclusively in our country and are sincerely surprised at the impracticality and closeness of the Russian nation.

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