How to wash a stretch ceiling: rules and available tools

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Stretch ceiling washing is a responsible business. A delicate canvas requires a careful attitude towards itself.

According to the rules common to all types of canvases, the ceiling is cleaned with a soft sponge and a detergent: special made of store, or it is allowed to use improvised means, for example, ammonia, soap foam or machine wiper.

Let's consider all the options available in the article.


The content of the article

  • Features of cleaning depending on the type of blade?
    • We wash matte canvases
    • My gloss without streaks at home
    • Features of washing fabric ceilings
  • Available funds
    • Water and alcohol
    • Ammonia hydrate
    • Dish detergent
    • Soap solution
    • Wiper
    • Ammonia
    • EdelWeiss
    • Nouvel
    • Mister Muscle
    • L.O.C. by Amway
    • Care Noir

Features of cleaning depending on the type of blade?

Stretch ceilings are of 2 types: glossy and matte. The second group of canvases, in turn, is divided into satin, fabric and PVC canvases. Each of them has its own characteristics. and differs in structure. This means that the methods of cleaning are different for them.

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The frequency of washing directly depends on the room where the ceiling is installed. In the hall or bedroom it is enough 1-2 times a year. And in the kitchen and bathroom you will have to wash the linen 3-4 times a year.

We wash matte canvases

Matte fabrics have a porous structure. Because of this, impurities are absorbed into the material and become visible very quickly. To clean the surface, you have to go through several steps:

  1. Removing dust. We recommend using a dry cloth. We simply wipe the surface, removing most of the dust. It is allowed to use a vacuum cleaner if it has a special nozzle. But keep in mind that the pipe is kept at a distance during cleaning so as not to damage the thin canvas.
  2. Apply the cleaning agent. Foam soap works best. It cleans stubborn dirt well and is safe.
  3. Wash off the soap. We do this with a soft cloth dipped in clean water. You may have to walk on the canvas several times, removing the remaining foam.
  4. Application of a special composition. This step is necessary when stubborn stains are present.
  5. Wipe dry. The final step is to wipe the canvas dry to avoid the appearance of streaks.

Matte ceilings must not be washed with alcohol-based products. Salmon is also banned.

Experts do not recommend washing the ceiling in a circular motion. This will lead to divorce. The ceiling is washed during the day. Natural light allows you to see all the dirt and get the perfect result after cleaning.

My gloss without streaks at home

Glossy ceilings are beautiful and attract a lot of attention. In order for the surface to be perfect, it must be cleaned in a timely manner. The cleaning principle does not differ from matte and is even simpler. Using soapy water and a rag, we clean the surface, and then wipe dry. The ceiling regains a mirror-like surface and strikes with its brilliance.

Features of washing fabric ceilings

Dry cleaning is preferable for fabrics. Use a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner with a special attachment. They are holding the tube at a distance of about 5 cm from the canvas. If you need to remove a stubborn stain, use a store-bought product. The exposure time is no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, ugly stains and abrasions will appear on the canvas.


Available funds

Manufacturers of stretch ceilings in the operating instructions note that stretch fabrics are washed exclusively with special means. You can purchase them at installation centers or hardware stores. However, practice shows that folk recipes can also clean the ceiling well. Let's consider popular options.

Before using this or that method, evaluate it on a small section of the ceiling. This is necessary so as not to damage the film.

Water and alcohol

Effective streak-free cleaning agent. Due to the presence of alcohol in the composition, the surface dries quickly and shines again with cleanliness. Please note that alcohol only needs a few drops per container. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the surface.

Ammonia hydrate

A toxic solution that is applied pointwise. It perfectly removes stubborn grease stains. You need to dampen a clean, soft cloth with a few drops of the chemical and gently wipe the dirt. After cleaning, the room is well ventilated.


Dish detergent

One of the most effective home remedies for cleaning the ceiling. A small drop of the product is foamed in water and carefully applied to the canvas. Remember that you do not need to scrub off frozen fat like in a saucepan. Very little gel is required.

Soap solution

A universal method for all types of ceilings. Use a soap that lathers well. Mix a small amount with water and whisk. Bubbles penetrate the structure of the material and remove impurities.


Acts on the principle of alcohol, because the composition of the car window cleaner contains ethyl. Ideal for glossy ceilings as cleans quickly and does not leave streaks. Effective against nicotine stains and soot. To create a solution, add a small amount of the product to the water and stir.


To give the ceiling its pristine whiteness, 10% ammonia is suitable. It is applied to a soft napkin and treated with the coating. Note that it does not require rinsing. You just have to ventilate the room well, as the product gives off a pungent smell.



A special product capable of removing even stubborn stains of fat and tomato paste. It includes no toxic chemical compounds and harmful substances. It is completely environmentally friendly. At the same time, it copes with stains at once and allows you to achieve pristine cleanliness.


A budget spray that easily removes any kind of dirt on stretch ceilings and other PVC surfaces. Does not contain harmful substances. Sold in hardware stores at a reasonable price.

Mister Muscle

A familiar, popular tool that easily cleans the ceiling in a kitchen or other room. With its help, not only the PVC surface is washed, but also wash lamps, chandelier. Does not leave streaks.

L.O.C. by Amway

A product with a fresh scent that can quickly remove stubborn dirt from the ceiling. It can even deal with rust stains or liquid glue residues.


Care Noir

Easily removes dirt. It can be used not only for PVC sheets. It is used for cleaning fabric ceilings. Washes away all stains and gives the former shine.

There are a number of proven remedies that have been used by housewives over the years. These include popular substances: Altezza, Premier, Measurement and others. It is important to take into account all the features of the chosen cleaning method and read the manufacturer's instructions. Having a different composition, each of them copes with a different type of pollution.

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