What household items are better to change more often than people think

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If you do not change some things in time, then you can do great harm to your own body. In all products, one way or another, microbes accumulate. However, there are such items that many change much less often than required. Today we will talk about them.

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  • Towel, toothbrush and washcloth
  • Pajamas, bedding and pillows
  • Other troubles

Towel, toothbrush and washcloth

These accessories are not combined together by accident. All of them are in direct contact with a person, and are also used to cleanse something. That is why it is doubly important to monitor their condition and refresh them in a timely manner.

It is advisable to wash towels that are used for the body at least once a week. And even more often for hands and face - every two days. Often it is in them that the cause of various skin rashes lies. It is advisable to buy new ones at least once a year. Guests should use a separate towel to keep them clean. You can even buy disposables to save time on your laundry. Kitchen utensils, among other things, should be straightened and dried to prevent germs from accumulating inside. It is also recommended to update them every other day, because they come into contact with the dishes.

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But the toothbrush can be surprisingly used for a longer time: as much as three or four months! The fact is that the bristles begin to deform and remove plaque worse. This is simply inconvenient and interferes with thoroughly brushing your teeth. In addition, numerous bacteria move to the brush - as a result, it turns from useful to harmful.

The washcloth can be changed every two months, but it must be washed after each use. The thing is that dead skin particles remain on it. If nothing is done about this, its effective service life will noticeably decrease.

Pajamas, bedding and pillows

Often people don't even think about how rarely they change sheets or pillowcases. But in vain, because the sleeping human body continues to work and secretes various particles. On the pillow, blanket, pajamas - everywhere there is a piece of the owner in the truest sense of the word.

Experts advise to wash bed linen at least once a week. And this is only for those who sleep in their clothes and do not forget to take a shower. Others need to update their bed several times more often. Buy a new one annually.

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Pajamas should be washed after two uses. But practically no one thinks about it. According to statistics, sleeping clothes are freshened at best once a week. A large number of microorganisms accumulate on them, so it needs to be updated every two to three days.

Over time, a lot of dust, mites and other unpleasant things accumulate in the pillow. Therefore, it is advisable to completely change it every two years, so as not to harm your health. You can also give your pillow to a cleaning company. However, even in this case, it will have to be replaced after five years.

Other troubles

Well, for now, rather briefly about other things that should be refreshed as often as possible. The first in line is a hairbrush. It is advisable to change this hygiene item every six months. It leaves behind tangled hair, bacteria, dust or dandruff. Washing will not save you 100% from them.

Disposable razors can be used more often, no doubt. However, no more than seven times. With each new use, more hair, dirt and cells are added to the shaver. This is why it is important to disinfect the blade before use.

Kitchen sponges should be changed at least once every two weeks. They come into contact with food, and they are also in a humid environment. There are always enough microbes for them. It is also advisable to dry the sponge after each use.


It is better to renew slippers once a year. They are constantly in contact with moisture, whether it's sweat when it's hot, or a wet floor when cleaning.

Brush replacement - every three months. If the model is especially expensive, you can have it cleaned. The reasons are pretty obvious - there is just a sea of ​​germs in the toilet.

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