IKEA products that will be a great gift for the New Year

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IKEA is a popular store in our country. This place attracts buyers who have decided to buy gifts for family, friends and colleagues. This demand is easily explained: the goods here are of good quality, original and stylish. At the same time, the prices are democratic, affordable for everyone. Today we have prepared an overview of products that will be a great gift for celebrating the New Year 2021.

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  • Textile catalog
  • Table setting
  • Gifts for children
  • Live plants
  • New year lighting
  • Festive treats

Textile catalog

Fabric presents are a common type of surprise in our country. IKEA will find lovely winter aprons for cooking with themed prints. The price immediately catches the eye in the catalog: it is affordable and does not hit the wallet.

A gift option is a tablecloth or a runner on the dining table. They are selected for the company kitchen towels and napkins. The present will be more expensive, but it looks gorgeous if presented correctly.

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Table setting

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A large selection of dishes will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful tinted red champagne glasses with high stems - who doesn't want to have one? Plates and bowls to match, as well as various little things such as napkin holders, menageries and trays help to create a festive atmosphere and give a little comfort to those around you.

The cost of products varies from 180 to 600 rubles. However, we recommend that you look not only at the New Year's catalogs. The classic furnishing of the kitchen space is full of various utensils and sets of dishes that will come in handy in every family.

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Gifts for children

A wide selection of stuffed toys, and this year IKEA has completely revamped its furry friends assortment. Here you will find dinosaurs, bears, panda, the beloved shark, dogs and even the finger theater. All of them are incredibly soft and will please any child.

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Wooden toys are a classic that will never go out of style. Locomotives, cars with swap bodies, construction equipment and other models. All of them are made of environmentally friendly material and will last for many years, delighting children of all ages.

For creative kids, a section with goods for drawing, modeling and other arts is suitable. Here you will find unique and inexpensive pencils, markers and various tools for creativity. The little ones will surely love the box with the multi-colored stamps. Markers, looms and origami paper, choose what your child will like.

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Live plants

Most women love to care for natural flowers. To give them the desired present, visit the section of the IKEA catalog "New Year's Plants and Pots". There will be trees for decoration, as well as additional accessories in the form of flowerpots, stands for wood, vases with floral fragrances.

Also, don't forget about the main houseplants section. The supplier offers a large selection of flowering mini-plantings, which will look great as a gift for the upcoming New Year.

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New year lighting

Different garlands, LED candles in the original design, table lamps and lampshades in the shape of a New Year's star will not be superfluous. All of this is easy to find in the decor and lighting section.

Such a gift suitable for people who do not need anything. The garland will be a great addition to the coniferous tree or decorate the space by the fireplace or window.

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Festive treats

This is a favorite section for those with a sweet tooth and lovers of Swedish pastries. Here are beautiful tin boxes with Christmas decor, filled with traditional gingerbread cookies. Also on sale are delicious chocolate bars in themed wrappers.

If you prefer to make your own treats, you can separately purchase beautiful boxes and pack your own food in them. The gift is complemented with traditional Swedish drinks.

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The assortment of goods on the website of the largest store is extensive. Looking here, you will definitely find what to give family and friends. Moreover, the prices are pleasant and varied.

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