8 simple everyday things that many do not know how to use

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Ever wondered why a wine bottle has a curved bottom? Or what does the number 57 mean on cans of Hines sauce? Today I will talk about this and 10 more things that many people do not even know about the correct application.

The content of the article

  • Deepening the bottom of the wine bottle
  • Hole in the cap from the handle
  • Arrows on trousers
  • Number 57 on Heinz bottles
  • Button on the collar of the shirt
  • Loops on shoes
  • Small hole on the locks
  • Stapler grooves

Deepening the bottom of the wine bottle

Turning over the wine vessel, a person will definitely notice a slight curvature. You might think that it is there only for beauty, but no. This indentation is necessary so that the bottle does not burst when it is closed with a cork. It's just that at this moment the pressure on the walls of the vessel is very great. And such a depression allows you to evenly distribute it. By the way, in sparkling wines it is somewhat deeper.


Hole in the cap from the handle

Children go to school where they need to write a lot. Therefore, the office is primarily made for them. And small children love to drag everything they see into their mouths. And there is a high probability that the baby will accidentally swallow the cap. But he certainly won't suffocate. And all thanks to the notorious hole. It was invented just for such cases. Many products for children have a similar defense mechanism. For example, sticks from Chupa-Chups.

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Arrows on trousers

Nowadays, it is considered a decorative element. But before, they were a necessity. More precisely, they appeared themselves. It began in the 19th century. The trousers were transported on ships to be sold in large quantities. And so that they take up less space, they were pressed. As a result, creases appeared that could not get rid of.


Number 57 on Heinz bottles

Everyone is used to associating numbers with advertising. And, indeed, Hynes built whole PR campaigns on this. The manufacturer is proud of its wide assortment (57 different types).

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But the location of the numbers is by no means accidental. The ketchup in the bottle can get stuck. And to get it, you just need to hit the numbers a couple of times. The number 57 is positioned so that ketchup flows out when tapped.

Button on the collar of the shirt

Now this trend is becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, it is difficult to come across a thing with a button behind, but it is possible. And there are two options for its purpose.

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First, it is used to hang clothes. It so happens that there are no hangers in the house, only a hook. And so that the shirts do not wrinkle, you should hang them on him. And the button will help you to do this.

The second - it is needed so that the tie does not crawl out of the collar. But recently it has only been performing a decorative function. Narrow ties were simply produced much less frequently.

Loops on shoes

Loops can be found on the heel of winter and autumn shoes. Intuitively, many have guessed to use them as a spoon. But this is just one of the purposes of this part.


First, it can be used for lacing. If you pass it through the eyelet, then the shoes will fit better. Then it will even be possible to play sports in it and not be afraid that the laces will be untied.

Secondly, it's easier to dry autumn shoes this way. Can be safely hung on the balcony or on a hook in the house. This will keep the shoes out of the way and dry faster.

Small hole on the locks

Many do not even know about its existence. But there is a small hole next to the key slot. He has two main purposes.


First, moisture accumulates inside the castle. And through this hole, part of it pours out. As a result, it prevents the appearance of rust and the lock lasts much longer.

Second, the mechanism freezes in winter. Then he starts to seize. And through this hole, oil can be poured into the lock to warm it. Then there will be no problem opening.

Stapler grooves

If you look closely, you can see four notches on many staplers. Moreover, they are located at different distances from each other.


So this platform, on which the grooves are located, can be turned. To do this, there is a button at the bottom that will raise it. And then you just need to twist it 180 degrees. If, as a result, the platform does not snap into place, you just need to release the button.

After this ritual, the ends of the staples will be bent outward. You need this in order to fasten the sheets for a while. Quite useful for people who often work with papers.

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