Taboo gifts: what should not be given to a girl on March 8

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In the 21st century, everything has turned upside down. In Soviet times, a woman was happy to receive absolutely any gift - just a signed postcard was already considered a sign of good manners and was regarded by the ladies as a sign of attention. What can we say about such a generous gift during the Soviet era as a grocery set, when in stores there were rarely anything on the shelves from something like that, and on March 8 a woman could get a small basket with sweets, champagne, a stick of sausage - there was no luck limit.

What about today? Modern ladies are unlikely to impress with a basket, even with the most delicious food. There is sometimes an ironic ridicule among men: "Fur coats and diamonds in exchange for socks and shower gel." Well, one can argue for a long time about the situation that has developed in society. Indeed, in fact, there is no international men's day, but March 8 comes every year, and everyone a male representative rushes to the store to choose for his only one the gift that she like it. And then try to please her, because it is known that there is a list of certain items that girls do not particularly like to receive.

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  • Appliances
  • Kitchenware
  • scales
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Animals


It looks like a banal attempt to kill two birds with one stone: congratulate your beloved and acquire equipment. Especially if you live together. Although the technique is different. Inexpensive toaster, mixer or hair dryer - agree that you can buy them absolutely on any other day and not tie the gift to a specific day.

True, if your woman has long dreamed of something that she herself cannot afford, or there is still no time to go to the store and buy the coveted equipment, then why not?



Pots, pans, a set of plates or salad bowls - all this is considered in most cases as redneck. Although, again, if the girl asked about it herself, then the issue can be considered resolved. And the wolves are fed, and the sheep are safe.



Most women take such a gift as a hint that she is fat. And supposedly the man wants to once again draw attention to her figure, making it clear that it is high time to take care of himself. However, today the scales can be bought even for 500 rubles, and therefore ask her directly, whether she needs them or not, and buy it any other day.


Medical devices

And this is a completely grandmother's gift, especially if there are no health problems at all. Tonometers, glucometers, heating pads, inhalers, irrigators and others like them - do not even consider them as an option. Speaking specifically about this category of goods, then the most suitable will be various applicators, massage mats, orthopedic pillows, inhaler - everything that is intended for personal use. Although it will be useful to ask your lady if she needs it, so as not to listen to the claims that you are burying her later.



This is under the heading "taboo". Never give a woman cosmetics of your choice. The choice of such means is sometimes a whole ritual. Sometimes the girl herself cannot find something suitable, let alone a man who rarely understands the essence of all the inscriptions on jars and boxes. Leave the purchase of cosmetics on the conscience of the girl herself. As a last resort, give her money - she will figure out what she needs.

The only exception can be when the beloved herself asked you about it, and you know exactly what to buy in the store.



Without agreement, it's not even worth trying. First, a person may have allergies. Secondly, he simply does not have enough time to take care of the pet. Thirdly..., however, the first two points are enough. If you donate an animal without discussion and consent from the lady of the heart, then in the end both she and the animal itself will suffer.


Of course, the list could be continued almost endlessly. It is clear that all of us women have a different understanding of what this gift should be - March 8. Personally, I would be glad to have a new frying pan or even, I confess, a tonometer, but someone will be upset when they receive blender, and at the same time will reproach the man every time that this is a hint - supposedly, the woman's place in the kitchen. All this, of course, is individual, and therefore any man, going to the store for a gift, must remember that only he alone knows how to please his lady of the heart.

What do you think is the worst gift for March 8?

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