7 weird living habits of royalty

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Members of the royal family, like any other person, have their own quirks that relate to everyday life. Some of them are quite funny, some are a little strange. However, one should not forget that even kings and queens, dukes and princesses are also living people, therefore they have every right to their quirks.


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  • Perfect laces
  • Exceptional hygiene
  • Worn out shoes
  • Closed windows
  • Outfit numbering
  • Hook for handbag
  • Attitude towards gifts

Perfect laces

Usually, when we want to come into conflict with some request addressed to us, we ironically exclaim: "Aha, now, I'll just stroke the laces!" With us, this means that, of course, we will not do anything.

But the servants of Prince Charles put a completely different meaning in such a saying, because he loves to have his laces ironed. And every day.

And His Royal Highness also requires that the stopper for the bathroom is always in the same position, and when he goes to wash, there should already be toothpaste on his toothbrush. But not just pasta, but exactly 1 inch slice. Probably needless to say that the temperature of the water in the bath should be within certain limits.

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Exceptional hygiene

And again, Prince Charles. In general, he is the main crank in the royal family (in the best sense of the word).

Hygiene of His Highness is a cross between bigotry and... bigotry.

The prince changes clothes five times a day. Although it is likely that this is required by the royal protocol (but it is not certain). When he arrives in the room, the attendants are already waiting for him, whose duties are to give Charles clothes. However, this is not his biggest quirk.

According to the butler, who no longer works for them, and who participated in the creation of the documentary "In the service of kings: the wrong side ", the prince is so serious about hygiene that he carries with him a separate personal seat for toilet bowl. True, in the family itself, this was categorically denied.

Worn out shoes

Queen Elizabeth II has a special person in her service. Apart from the fact that they have the same shoe size, there is nothing in common. It is he who wears out any new pair of shoes for Her Majesty so that she does not rub the royal feet. However, Elizabeth II still spends a lot of time on her feet, participating in all sorts of events and social events, so uncomfortable shoes will be completely inappropriate.


Closed windows

Naturally, airing is constantly carried out in Buckingham Palace, and such an oddity concerns only some of the windows. The reason for this is very simple: the building must have an impeccable appearance, especially from the side of the facade, and open windows can ruin the whole aesthetics. They are allowed to be opened only at certain times.

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Outfit numbering

Any outfit of Her Highness is numbered. Moreover, it is even registered in a special magazine, which will indicate exactly where, when and where Elizabeth II wore it. This is done for a simple reason: so that a woman does not appear at some event in the same suit or dress.

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Hook for handbag

A fancy hat and a small handbag are the main accessories, without which the Queen of England cannot be imagined. And there is the first detail is purely aesthetic in nature, but with the help of the second, the queen also gives certain signs.

It is rumored that no money, no wallet, no mobile phone can be found in a woman's bag. But there is always lipstick, reading glasses, mints, a fountain pen and... a little hook. It turns out that you need it in order to attach to the table and hang the bag on it. And then the servants only have to observe: the bag on the hook - the queen is happy with everything, on the floor - it's time for everyone to disperse, because Her Majesty became bored.

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Attitude towards gifts

During grand events and meetings, monarchs are required to accept various gifts and presents, but in the future they are prohibited from using this in public.

They say the truth: "The rich have their quirks!" Whether this is a whim or a requirement of the royal protocol is not entirely clear. True, who cares, how many times Prince Charles takes a shower and how the queen wears her shoes. We can only wonder.

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