Cool things from the USSR, the purpose of which may not be guessed

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The times of the USSR seem to have ended not so long ago, and many of us still remember this era with special nostalgia and indulge in pleasant thoughts about the past. Some of us even keep things from those times, including appliances, household items that were quite popular in the Soviet Union.

Previously, many inventions perplexed foreigners, today modern youth may also be surprised: what are these objects for, what are their functions. We have prepared a selection of some of these unexpected little things in this article. Do you remember them?

The content of the article

  • Pedometer
  • Perfume spray
  • Desk calendar
  • Microphone
  • Stocking stitch lifter
  • Triangular bottle


Yes, the Soviet Union had its own pedometer. True, outwardly it was radically different from modern gadgets.

The device is mechanical, instead of a liquid crystal display, there is a digital indication. The Zarya pedometer was produced at the Penza plant and weighed only 91 grams. The device had to be worn only vertically. Usually it was hung on a belt as close to the leg (any) as possible. When the person moved, the mechanical gadget responded to the push and read the steps. The maximum number of steps is 99,990.

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Perfume spray

Surely many of you remember how our mothers and grandmothers took a bottle of perfume, put a couple of drops on their wrists, and then rubbed the perfume. But in exceptional cases, it was not necessary to do this. At some point, a special perfume pear was created that could be attached to the bottle. By the way, not only women, but also men used such a thing.


Desk calendar

It was an unusual but highly functional device. Looking at the dial, one could find out not only the date, but also the day of the week, the temperature in the room. Some models of the "Moscow" calendar were supplemented with stands for stationery. It is not surprising that such a cool little thing was often bought as a gift for a birthday, housewarming, or a professional holiday.



This microphone was outwardly completely unremarkable, and at first glance it is generally difficult to understand what kind of thing it is. Try showing the photo to your teen and ask him what he thinks about it. We are sure the answer will surprise you.


Stocking stitch lifter

Today we sometimes throw away these torn stockings without regret, but in the Soviet Union they were a scarce commodity, and women then could not afford such waste. That is why it was customary not to sew up stockings, but to “repair” with such a tool.


Triangular bottle

Let's remember... In the USSR, all bottles were the same. Any liquid products, from milk to gasoline, were poured into them. However, this did not cause any irritation, inconvenience, or questions in anyone. Thus, the leadership of the USSR saved well on the production of glass containers, since it was believed that the production of different bottles was useless.

However, in the late 1940s, massive vinegar poisoning was noticed. Moreover, both in children and adults. It turned out that many people simply took the first bottle and drank from it, believing that there was lemonade or water. And they swallowed vinegar. Later, a reasonable decision was made to release it only in triangular bottles in order to exclude poisoning. On some of these containers they even made a warning: “Dangerous!!! Use only diluted! "


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