Preparing the apartment for the arrival of guests, so as not to look sloppy

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The hostesses are always worried before meeting guests. I would like the house to make an unforgettable impression on friends and acquaintances. But the problem is not knowing how our apartment looks from the outside. We have prepared a list of places and things that immediately catch the eye and create the image of the apartment.


The content of the article

  • Entrance door
  • Hallway
  • Scents in the house
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Pet bowls and toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Glasses and mirrors
  • Small parts
  • Poor lighting

Entrance door

This is the first thing that visitors see without even entering the apartment. Make sure the detail is perfect. Get rid of stains, dust and dirty streaks. Do not forget to clean the rug, especially if there is dirt and slush outside.

The door is considered to be the very "clothes" by which they are greeted.


Entering the house, guests find themselves in a corridor. This is the place that helps to form the first impression of your home and of the hostess herself. Necessary to make the person feel that they are waiting for him here and are glad to come.

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  1. Free up space on the coat hanger.
  2. Remove excess shoes or prepare a bookcase for guests.
  3. Sweep and wipe the floors, especially the door, shake the rug.
  4. Stack newspapers and other items in their places.
  5. If possible, put a vase of flowers: it will refresh the space.

Superfluous do not push on the shelves. Stack them neatly in your closet so you don't have to worry if guests accidentally look into the furnishings to hang their clothes.


Scents in the house

Living in an apartment, it is difficult to appreciate the smells that dominate the rooms. But if you have a dog and have recently cooked or cleaned, they are probably not very pleasant. Ventilate rooms, use air fresheners or essential oils. It will be useful to bake a homemade cake. The room will immediately be filled with incredible aromas and comfort.


The second room where the guest gets is the bathroom. He will want to wash his hands and pay close attention to the plumbing, cleanliness of shelves and mirrors. Wipe away streaks from all faucets, disinfect the sink, and replace towels and soap.


Living room

Heading into the hall, your friends will pay attention to visible surfaces. If there are layers of dust and things scattered on them, this is ugly. Even in the absence of time for general cleaning, wipe the shelves from dirt and put everything in place. This will create a certain order and will not allow you to be discredited as a bad hostess.

Prepare a place to relax in advance where guests can socialize and relax.

Pet bowls and toilet

Not everyone loves cute cats or funny dogs. Some find it disgusting to see toys lying around or a used litter box in the bathroom. If your company has such people, clean up all the attributes of your pet and clean the toilet cat, replacing the filler.



The kitchen area, even if it is not a place of future fun, is considered the “face” of the hostess. Take care to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher so that the sink is not full. Wipe down the countertops and cover the table with a clean tablecloth.

Glasses and mirrors

Dirty reflective surfaces attract attention. Before guests arrive, wash the windows from the inside, wipe mirrors and surfaces that reflect light throughout the apartment. Even a small speck can provoke a repulsive impression on the visitor.

Small parts

Guests will not notice the floor that has been unwashed for a week, but a mug left in the wrong place or a hairpin thrown carelessly in the bathroom is a must make you feel like a slob. Do not make such mistakes and put everything in place.


Poor lighting

Add or remove main lights depending on the nature of the party. For comfort, it is recommended to buy candles and turn on spotlights, table lamps. So evening gatherings will be cozy at home.

It's almost impossible to remove everything. Remember this when you clean up the apartment before the arrival of guests. Just make them feel welcome in your territory and provide the necessary comfort.

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