Life in America: what Russian women lack in American kitchens

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There is little surprise for a modern Russian woman. And kitchen gadgets for us are as easy as shelling pears, we own them at a high level and even cope with some novelties with a bang. In addition, many of us remember cooking devices from the Soviet era. However, we can get confused if we find ourselves in the kitchen of another state or even on the territory of another continent.

Some of our compatriots, having moved to permanent residence in the United States, tell us what familiar and standard items for us you will not find in the houses of American housewives.

The content of the article

  • Washing machine
  • Water heating tank
  • Heating batteries
  • Door
  • Curtains
  • Drainer
  • Electric kettle
  • Teapot
  • Oilcloth on the table
  • Water filter jug
  • Plants on the windowsill
  • Breadbox
  • Beaker
  • Jar with Kombucha

Washing machine

In Russia, many residents try to install this type of equipment in the bathroom, if the area allows it. In extreme cases, you can often see an automatic machine in the kitchen, but this will not surprise anyone - much easier than without it at all.

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But in America, there are no washing machines in the kitchen, in principle. They are installed either in a utility room, or in a basement or garage, or even use the services of public laundries. But the latter institutions are rather the lot of either bachelors, or owners of rented housing, or those who live in a small house, where there is simply nowhere to put the equipment.


Water heating tank

During the reign of Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev, houses began to appear en masse in cities, where gas water heaters were installed in the kitchen. Moreover, the size of the room itself did not matter at all - to establish a point. But in the United States, it is customary to place a water heater in a basement, although there are exceptions in this country.

There are times when the water heater is generally located in the closet in the bedroom. Our women do not understand such a system, because it can be put at least in the corridor, but the bedroom ...


Heating batteries

In America, decentralized heating is still more popular, when the air is heated with gas or electricity, and then disperses around the apartment thanks to air vents. In this case, the heat source can be located in the storeroom, basement, garage. District heating, like ours, is extremely rare.



American cuisine is not just a separate space. Sometimes it is one spacious room that serves as both a dining room and a living room, and often a hallway. In the best case, the zones will be separated from each other by an arch, shelving, a transparent partition or a bar counter. But the door to the United States is rarely seen.



There is dense window decoration in American homes, but mostly it is hung in the bedroom, living room or nursery. The maximum that an American hostess can afford in the kitchen is small curtains that play only a decorative role. Sometimes they are just blinds.



The thing for Americans is absolutely unnecessary, and maybe completely incomprehensible.

If the US resident has enough money, then the dishes will be dried for him by the dishwasher or a housekeeper. Otherwise, they do the same as we do - wipe the moisture with a dry towel.


Electric kettle

In general, you can buy everything in the USA - any equipment. And an electric kettle as well. But Americans don't use this handy device.

Basically, the people of the country have good alternatives:

  • they can heat water in a microwave;
  • pour from a cooler (which is often used);
  • install a dispenser that is set to continuously deliver hot water.

By the way, the unpopularity of the electric kettle has another good reason. The fact is that almost any device is designed to operate on a 220 V network, and in the USA the maximum voltage is much lower - 110 V. It is unlikely that an electric kettle will pull work with such indicators. You can, of course, buy equipment that matches these parameters, but then the water in it will heat up for a long time, and electricity in the United States is not a cheap service.



Americans are very fond of different drinks, but the most popular is coffee. It is for this reason that you will always see a coffee machine in the kitchen, but tea-making utensils are unlikely. However, you can still find a French press in American kitchens.


Oilcloth on the table

The maximum that Americans are capable of is to cover the table with some kind of festive tablecloth on the occasion of a special celebration. In ordinary life, he is not covered with anything.

By the way, the oilcloth on the table is an echo of the Soviet period, but not the American one.

Water filter jug

Residents of the United States are very critical of the quality of the consumed liquid, but you will not find a filter jug ​​in their homes. Usually they install special systems under the sink, when already purified water flows from an additional tap.

Another option is purchased bottled water.


Plants on the windowsill

In Russia, even if you don't really like indoor flowers, you still put something on the windowsill: a small cactus, unpretentious begonia, useful chlorophytum or other plants. We also like to grow our greens on the windowsills: from dill to balcony tomatoes.

Perhaps our American friend would have taken note of this, but there are no windowsills in their kitchens.



Square bread is especially popular in America - perfect for sandwiches. And they simply store it in the closet in the kitchen.



Our Russian women immediately notice one peculiarity. They are terribly lacking a measuring cup, which helps so much when preparing certain dishes, where a specific amount of different products is required.

Even for comparison: our recipes are often described in milliliters or grams, while in America everything is measured with spoons and glasses (moreover, special ones, not table or dessert ones).

Jar with Kombucha

To be honest, once the infusion of kombucha was to the liking of Americans, and even enjoyed popularity for a while. This is not only delicious, but also wildly healthy.

However, now they also love him very much, however, they insist on the miracle potion not at home - in the supermarket you can find a drink of a slightly yellow hue. It is not cheap and is called a rather strange word - kombucha. For some reason, the American women refused to insist on it at home.


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