Review of kitchen scales: "Vasilisa" - model VA-012

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I don’t know why, and I don’t know why, but one morning I woke up with a clear understanding: “I need a kitchen scale!”. Here we need a point, and what I will weigh is a secondary matter. Since I approach the choice of any product very thoroughly (I choose several models, I comb the entire Internet in search of reviews and only then I decide), then with this kitchen device I decided to act strictly according to the verified scheme: model - characteristics (fit or not) - price (suits or somehow in the next life) - reviews (at least 10-15) - in fact, purchase.

But this time something went wrong. I just opened a website, chose the first model of scales, ordered, received, paid. Everything was too fast and somehow, in my opinion, frivolous, or something. This is how Vasilisa, model VA-012, appeared in my life. I just burst in and won a place on the countertop. And now, in order.

The first meeting

So, the scales are at my place. While in the box. I'm afraid to open it, because their price is absolutely ridiculous - 393 Russian rubles. It was scary, because for such a price, I hardly expected something good. But now, the masks (boxes) have been dropped... And this is our first meeting.

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They look very weak, surprisingly too little weight. It seems that they will just fall apart in my hand. But they do not creak, they do not crack, they behave quite confidently. Okay, because you can't judge by clothes, right?

Batteries were included immediately. Standard - AA. Something like Panasonic, but no... If there are children nearby, do not read the name aloud.

Well, okay - good and such. And that is better than without them at all, but here it seems like care, attention from the manufacturer. We put the first plus sign.

So, there is food. I carry it to the kitchen and start testing. In general, after the first weigh-in, everything was like a fog. I outweighed everything I could and could not, got food out of the refrigerator, got out for cereals, started digging in drawers - well, what else to weigh in order to watch the numbers appear on the small screen.

And now objectively.

Yes, the look is a little suspicious. It seems that plastic is the cheapest (although it probably is). But! There is no smell, the buttons work, the functions are also in action - weigh it and rejoice. However, I'm glad. The scales are really good, despite the cost and external weakness.

Since I have never dealt with such devices, I found an interesting thing for myself. In general, the scales are made without a bowl, that is, it is just a platform. When I read information about them, I caught something like “put, drop, put, drop”, which, of course, I did not attach importance to, and then I realized.

Here are our scales.

But I have to weigh the oranges. I will not build a castle here, so I put a container on top. And (how interesting) the bowl weighs 135 grams.

Now we press the "Reset" button.

And we have zero again on the screen. Cool 🙂

Well, now my oranges. It turns out that the market did not deceive me. They cost 70 rubles / kg. I paid 98 rubles for them. Everything is correct.

Well, then the soul rushed to heaven ...

Package weight - 500 grams

Package weight - 280 grams

Either the scales are lying, or the manufacturers have put too much ...

I understand that this no longer surprises many of you, and you just roll your eyes, they say, "I have never seen a scale, or something wild," but I will not tire of repeating: "I NEVER HAVE WEIGHT!" (here is a cry of despair).

Additional items include an indicator of a low battery level and an overload of the scales, a choice of a unit of measurement, an auto shutdown.

Perhaps, for those who attach great importance to scales in the kitchen, this model will not work, but for beginners it seems to me - what you need. I don’t regret the purchase, I’ll go weigh something else.

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