Important things in case of an emergency

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Living in the modern world, we do not think at all about finding food, water and electricity. All this is present in abundance in our homes. But it is worth thinking that all the benefits of civilization can disappear at the same time, panic seizes. In order not to succumb to worries you need to be thrifty and have several important things in the house. They will help you feel confident even in an emergency.


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  • What is included in the emergency safety stock?
    • Food products in sealed packaging
    • Stove
    • Tools
    • Medicines and first aid kit
    • Radio
    • Sources of fire
    • Self-defense means

What is included in the emergency safety stock?

People who live in calm volcanoes or in areas of frequent flooding know the importance of always have a bag with the necessary documents and things on hand, which often help to survive. In the middle lane, dangerous cataclysms do not happen, but this does not mean that one should not prepare for emergency circumstances.

A collapse of a house or an explosion in domestic gas is also an emergency. Therefore, such an "emergency suitcase" is necessary in every home.

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Food products in sealed packaging

Take care of a safe supply of food that does not have to be cooked on a fire. These can be canned food, dry biscuits, jams in cans, pates, and other nutrients. The main thing, so that they have a long shelf life, in an unbreakable, tightly sealed container and ready to eat.

Don't forget about instant foods and drinks. Noodles, instant potatoes, coffee, tea and cocoa will help you survive the cataclysm.



Ideally, this should be several gas cylinders and a portable stove on which you can cook or heat water. but in case of emergency, a small burner is also suitable. It will provide some warmth and help warm the mug of water.

Modern manufacturers offer compact models with a well-thought-out chimney system. They can be used in any room and even provide room heating.



It's not just about the standard set of every self-respecting man. Make sure you have tools in your home that can needed when clearing rubble and rescuing people. Among them:

  1. Car jack.
  2. Shovel.
  3. Scrap.
  4. Long and strong rope.
  5. Saw.

For your own safety, get a safety helmet and several pairs of heavy gloves.


Medicines and first aid kit

Every home has a medicine case where everything is loaded. There must be a separate case for an emergency. Into it stack painkillers and antipyretic drugs, remedies for colds and flu, bandages, plasters and disinfectants, eye drops, substances for the stomach and intestines, from poisoning.

An excellent addition will be a water disinfectant.



Connection with the outside world - important component rescue operation. To listen to information, you will need a conventional portable radio receiver. Stock up on batteries for it. The device must catch AM and FM waves.

You need a mini radio to send the signal.

As an alternative, experts advise purchasing a GoTenna device. It will allow you to create a wireless network using your smartphone, in which you can communicate without the help of a satellite.


Sources of fire

Portable light bulbs, headlamps, matches, lighters, dry fuel. All this will come in handy in case of an emergency. To charge phones and other devices, Get a battery that is wind-charged or sun-charged.


Self-defense means

Even kitchen knives or gas cans will do here. But if possible, purchase a traumatic or gas weapon. It will help to cope in the event of an attack. A bat, hammer, or other heavy object will also work as a weapon.


Be sure to build a similar strategic stock in your own apartment. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. The main thing - check the expiration dates of food and medicine regularlymaking a timely replacement.

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