The need to calibrate water meters and its correct conduct

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Checking the cold and hot water meter is an important procedure. Inspection provisions are enshrined in law. The owners of the living space must do it without fail - within the time frame determined by the resource suppliers. Violation of the date or refusal to pass will result in penalties.

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  • Why do you need to check the meter?
  • When is it held?
  • Who conducts?
  • Verification scheme

Why do you need to check the meter?

Individual metering devices show how much water you and your family members consume per month. This figure fits into the receipt and only the resource used in fact is paid for. This is relevant in the case when the verification of meters is carried out in accordance with the rules approved by law.

The owner of the home is subject to fines if the deadlines are violated or a refusal to verify is announced.

In this case, a recalculation is made, and the tenant is not able to pay for the amount of water used. From the 1st day of the month following the period when the master was supposed to come, the payment is calculated according to the average. It is far from real numbers and is capable of severely undermining the financial position of the homeowner. This practice is valid for the first three months.

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From the fourth month after the missing verification and further, the amount increases. Now, not only the standards are applied, but also the increasing factor of 1.5. This situation is not beneficial to the user.

Verification carried out even with a delay will help restore justice.

When is it held?

When installing the meters, the first verification takes place, and the master in the technical documentation notes when it is necessary to carry out the next inspection. In the future, information is contained not only in receipts for housing and communal services, but also on the website in your personal account.

You can also get comprehensive information by calling the service provider's hotline. It is allowed to inspect more often, but this is not necessary. The main thing is to be in time before the date indicated in the receipt, so as not to incur sanctions.

Who conducts?

Verification of water meters in Moscow deals exclusively with a master from a specialized company that has passed the appropriate accreditation.

When selecting, read reviews about the work, take into account the general experience and characteristics of the masters, as well as the cost of the service.

In addition, specialists must have a portable metrological device. It will allow you to identify problems in the accounting system or confirm the quality of the device. Upon arrival of the master at the address, check the accreditation, paying close attention to the dates.

Verification scheme

After making sure that you need a service, select a company and contact a representative. Specify all the nuances, as well as the day and time of the specialist's departure. On the right day, be at home, meet the master and provide access to the meters.

Also prepare a passport for the device. In the future, the specialist will carry out diagnostics and, if everything is in order, he will issue a document confirming the operability of individual metering devices. It is provided to the management company.

If a problem is found, the device is sent for repair or replaced with a new one.

Certain tariffs for verification are not enshrined in legislation. The price is set as a result of an agreement between the parties, that is, the owner of the premises and the accredited company. If the due date for the inspection of the devices has not yet come, and the companies are already bothering you with various offers, remember that it is not necessary to carry out an inspection in advance. The information is provided to you as an advertisement.

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