Items that we forget about when cleaning the house

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When doing general cleaning, we try to achieve maximum cleanliness in the house. After completing its mission, it seems that the house shines with sterility and diffuses fresh fragrances. But there is a lot of places that housewives forget about, or do not attach importance to during hygiene procedures. And the pollution in these cherished corners is truly terrifying.


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  • Kitchen sink
  • Bottle openers and corkscrews
  • Toothbrush cup
  • Ladies handbag
  • Bowls and toys for animals
  • Washing machine
  • Dish sponge
  • Air conditioner
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Kitchen sink

Amazing, huh? But, according to statistics, the number of germs inside the sink in the kitchen is much higher than under the toilet lid. It is literally teeming with pests invisible to the naked eye..

This can be explained simply: food leftovers and fat that regularly enter the drain become an excellent breeding ground for microbes.

In addition to surface cleaning, be sure to clean the pipes. To do this, purchase effective household chemicals and disinfect them at least twice a month. Then your family will be healthy.

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Bottle openers and corkscrews

Most people, after opening a bottle or can, send the appliance back to the box. Store them more often with clean forks and spoons. Meanwhile food fibers or pieces of food may remain on the openerthat become moldy.

The researchers noted that even salmonella or E. coli are often found in the devices. To avoid contamination, keep your kitchen gadgets clean. Wash them in soapy water after each use and dry.


Toothbrush cup

This is a real breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Constant humidity leads to the formation of fungus. Only regular washing of the container with soapy water or pouring with citric acid and subsequent drying will help to cope with it.

If this is not done, dangerous bacteria settle on toothbrushes and hygiene products, and then enter the oral cavity when cleaning.


Ladies handbag

This daily attribute of every girl contains not only an unlimited number of small items, but also a lot of microbes. Scientists have found that there are more of them here than on the toilet lid.

They settle there because the bag regularly comes into contact with various surfaces. We put it on public benches, seats in transport, a counter in a store. To avoid getting harmful germs into your home, leave your purse in the hallway. Recommended also wash fabrics once a month and wipe it down regularly with antibacterial wipes.


Bowls and toys for animals

Dogs and cats carry bacteria from the street and settle on their dishes, as well as toys that a person picks up with his hands. Food leftovers in the plates become a favorable environment for their abundant reproduction.

Without fail it is recommended to soak rubber toys in a soapy solution at least once a week. And wash bowls daily, on a par with human utensils, after each meal.


Washing machine

Many housewives are faced with an unpleasant smell that spreads from seemingly clean laundry. This is due to the accumulation of dirt inside the mechanism. During a hygienic procedure things are visually cleaned, but in fact remain dirty and full of germs.

A person carries them around the house and infects other objects and things. To disinfect your home appliance, run a dry wash at high temperatures with two glasses of pure vinegar at least once a month. And after another session without underwear with the addition of soda. The substances will work as antibacterial agents.


Dish sponge

Constant moisture and food particles provoke the reproduction of microbes on it. Its contamination is several times greater than in the toilet. In order not to transfer harmful microorganisms to the dishes from which we eat, disinfect the sponge three times a week. Or just change it to a new one.


Air conditioner

In normal operation, the device captures air and passes it through the filters. A huge amount of dust and invisible fractions gets inside household appliances, settling on grates and fans. Over time, this leads to system malfunctions.

A large number of bacteria get into the air we breathe if the air conditioner is not cleaned in time. Hygiene procedures are recommended to be carried out at least twice a year.


Ventilation grilles

A similar situation occurs with vents and grilles that cover them. A huge amount of dust accumulates there. She accumulates and hangs down like icicles. But the hostess should not worry about the outside.

Microbes literally fall on our heads, infecting everything around us. Rapid reproduction takes place in the lattices, and with air currents they are carried throughout the apartment. We recommend wiping the ventilation openings at least twice every three months.


Keyboard and Mouse

Food particles, grease, dust, dirt, hair accumulate between the keys and buttons of gadgets. It all counts excellent breeding ground for microbes. In addition, they are difficult to clean in the usual way.

Wipe the switched off devices with antibacterial wipes at least 2-3 times a week. This will help to avoid intestinal disorders and allergic reactions that are caused by pests.


The house has a huge number of places where microbes have found an excellent habitat and reproduction. Our task is pay close attention to them and clean them to the maximumto avoid harmful effects on your own health.

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