How men live: photos of real bachelor dens

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Men, unlike women, are less demanding of comfort and coziness in their own home. Moreover, the bachelor's apartment can be seen at once by several signs. Of course, this is a minimum of amenities (from which, however, the guys do not suffer at all) and a maximum of free space. And, of course, non-standard solutions, which could only be guessed by the powers that be.

We will show you what the interior of apartments looks like, where a girl's foot has never set foot.


What is she like - the abode of a bachelor

In fact, a bachelor apartment can look completely different. Sometimes this is a mega-cool project of a designer, where you feel like in a nest - it is so cozy and well thought out. And quite often it is, roughly speaking, halabuda (may men forgive us). By the way, on the social network Reddit, many bachelors share photos of their shelters, protesting decorative things and unnecessary furniture. They have a personal view of the ideal interior. And we can only be surprised that men, in truth, need so little for complete happiness and comfort.

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The apartment often looks very austere. No closet? Then the clothes can be placed directly on the curtains - no curtains are needed!


Folding chairs instead of comfy chairs? But they can be folded and removed if there is no need for them - so there will be more space. You can often see posters on the walls: are they really fans of the people depicted there?



But the most important thing in a bachelor's house is, of course, a game console or a personal computer (and not a simple one, but with several monitors). And let him stand on a very nondescript bedside table or even on a chair - these things are irreplaceable and the main thing is that they are!

The bed deserves special attention... well, or its semblance. Sometimes it's a pull-out couch, but in most bachelor apartments it's just a mattress on the floor.


Sometimes a man lives among cardboard boxes that he did not have time to disassemble after moving (or did not intend to at all), after all, first of all, the monitor, Xbox and some chair are unpacked, where this property, acquired by back-breaking labor, needs put. You can really sleep on the floor.

In general, a bachelor's apartment is like a kind of a separate drawing. He does what he wants, but that is why the interior looks interesting - the main thing is that the owner is comfortable and comfortable. There are very unconventional solutions. For example, the curtain in the bathroom, from which Nicolas Cage was staring at you. Or a drum kit (probably to please the neighbors), a huge TV, fancy lighting - all this looks, to put it mildly, strange, but, apparently, men like it that way. And we do not mind. The main thing is that he be satisfied.

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